A-Mei-Zing: 20 Surprising Overwatch Fan Pairings

Overwatch is a game with lots of characters with rich backstories, so it makes sense that fans would try pairing them up.

Overwatch has been around for over a year now, and it is still insanely popular, with around 35 million people around the world playing it. And it is easy to see why the game is performing so well in the sales department.

The game offers well-rounded gameplay, a bunch of fun maps and objectives to play through, online play so that you can practice the idea of teamwork with your friends or complete strangers, a complex storyline, etc.

But probably one of the biggest reasons for the game's popularity would have to be the characters you play as in the game. With a pretty big roster of characters that offer their own unique abilities and backgrounds, the game offered many different options for fans of the game to enjoy.

And while there is much interaction and intersecting storylines between the various characters, none of them are implied to be in a relationship of any sort. Which I kind of like. Because why complicate a story by having the main cast dating one another? All we need to know is there are heroes trying to save the world and there are villains trying to create chaos and destruction. Keep it simple, you know?

Of course though, because the internet exists, there was bound to be people and communities online who would want to "ship" romantic relationships between various characters in the game. And there are quite a few different pairings (shocking, I know).

Here are 20 shocking Overwatch fan pairings.

20 Those Who Snipe Together, Stay Together

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Even though Hanzo and Widowmaker are both snipers who take down their targets from ranged distances, the two characters are very different from one another. Hanzo was destined to become an assassin since birth. His father was the leader of the Shimada Clan (an organization of criminals and assassins), so Hanzo was trained all his life to become a master bowman. Widowmaker, on the other hand, did not choose the life of a killer. She originally was a ballerina, but she would later become kidnapped and brainwashed into a highly skilled assassin. Hanzo also has emotions and compassion, as exemplified when he left his life with the Shimada Clan after he was forced to kill his brother, which left him with feelings of sorrow and regret. Widowmaker differs because the brainwashing treatment left her virtually emotionless, so she shows no mercy for her victims. Despite these differences, the two snipers are still shipped together, probably because they both appreciate each other's skill in hitting impossible headshots.

19 East Meets West

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Japanese and American cultures come together with the shipped relationship between Genji and McCree. What connects Genji and McCree is the fact that their characters are a mixture of the past and future. What I mean by this is that Genji is a ninja and McCree is an old-fashioned cowboy, and ninjas/cowboys are not as prevalent in modern times as they were in the past (and no, just because you wear a cowboy hat or own a samurai sword, that does not make you either of those things). Genji uses shurikens and his sword just like ninjas from Japan's past. McCree uses his six-shooter revolver rather than a more advanced weapon because he is similar to cowboys during the Old West era. But, the twist is that both characters also are futuristic. Genji has a cybernetic body that improved things like his reflexes and movement. McCree also has a robotic-looking arm that does... something? Nothing has been confirmed about McCree's arm, but I do know that cowboys of old would not have a robot arm! So, I could see this pairing ultimately working since they are both robotic caricatures of the past.

18 Blossoming Love Down Under

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If the two Australian criminals based out of Junkertown were to fall in love, it would essentially be the Overwatch version of the infamous Kevin Costner film, The Bodyguard. In the movie, Kevin Costner is a bodyguard who is hired to protect a pop singer, and they become closer in the process. In the Overwatch story, Junkrat hires Roadhog to be his personal bodyguard to protect him from bounty hunters and and other criminals. So, it would not be unlikely for the two to form an intimate bond, especially because they are spending so much time together committing crimes and wreaking havoc everywhere they go. Honestly, I think that these guys would make a perfect couple, especially because they both have a shared love for crime sprees and hurting people. How romantic!

17 Pharmercy 4Ever

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In the game, a popular strategy is pairing Pharah and Mercy together to terrorize the enemy team from the skies. It is called the "Pharmercy" combo, which also gives the two a great pet nickname for their shipped relationship. Both Pharah and Mercy compliment each other in the game with their abilities, so these two as a couple makes sense because they balance each other out so well. Think about it! Pharah would be the reckless risk-taker who would provide excitement and protection for Mercy whenever they are flying around in the sky, while Mercy would be the responsible one who would use her medical skills to make sure Pharah does not get seriously hurt as a result of her aerial stunts. Everyone wins!

16 The Bunny And The Frog

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In the Overwatch lore, Lucio and D.Va are big fans of each other's work. D.Va enjoys the music that Lucio creates and she even says in the game that she bought his album, while Lucio is a fan of D.Va's skills as a professional gamer. So, with all of this mutual admiration between the two, it would only make sense that they would be together, right? They are both famous, so they could be a celebrity power couple in the Overwatch universe, similar to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in real life (they are still together, right?). Plus, think of the dates they could have! Lucio would be able to serenade D.Va with his catchy music, while D.Va could take Lucio for rides in her mech suit, although the suit looks like it's built for one which would make for a more intimate experience.

15 Junkmetra Would Be Capable Of Causing Much Chaos Together

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I never considered the possibility of Junkrat and Symmetra being together previous to viewing images online, but now that I think about it, they definitely deserve to be together. The only reason I say they this is because they would both be considered too dangerous and destructive to be in relationships with other people. I mean, both of these characters are known for their deadly (and annoying) traps that they both love to set for unsuspecting victims. Junkrat has his irritating steel traps for characters to get caught in so that he can blow them up with his concussion mines, while Symmetra has her obnoxious sentry turrets that will catch enemies by surprise and end them quickly if they are not careful (especially if its the dreaded "Car Wash" setup). With both of them having a mutual love for setting up rage-inducing traps for careless opponents, for the sake of everyone else they should just be together for real.

14 The Hammer/Heal Connection

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I'm actually surprised that Reinhardt and Ana are not actually together in the Overwatch story. They are both two of the original founding members of the Overwatch strike team, which means that they have had team chemistry since the very beginning. As well, both of them are the oldest Overwatch members by a large margin, with Reinhardt being 61 years old and Ana is 60. So, think of them as a pair of adorably overprotective grandparents. Between Reinhardt's chivalrous mentality of jumping in front of bullets for Ana (granted it's with a massive shield, but it's the thought that counts) and Ana's selfless ability to inject Reinhardt with performance-enhancing drugs and sleep darts (both essential when you get older, I imagine), these two Overwatch elders deserve to retire into the sunset together.

13 Former Foes Are Foes No More

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Forgiveness would have to be key for a shipped relationship between Tracer and Widowmaker to work. A key moment for Widowmaker making her mark as a deadly assassin was when she was sent to eliminate an omnic monk/leader, named Tekhartha, who advocated for peace between robots and humans. During Tekhartha's public speech, Widowmaker was setting up from a great distance to snipe and assassinate the omnic monk, when out of nowhere Tracer blinks in and tries to thwart Widowmaker's plan. After a big fight, Tracer ultimately fails as Widowmaker successfully shoots and kills her mark. To add insult to injury, she also damages Tracer's chronal accelerator and flees the situation. I mean, if I were Tracer, I would be holding a lifelong grudge against the person who killed someone I was supposed to protect and then destroyed my very complicated piece of time-travel technology, but maybe that's just me?

12 The Relationship Between These Two Robots Is Anything But Cold

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A fan pairing between Zenyatta and Orisa makes a ton of sense (besides the fact that Orisa is 1-month-old, which I'll rant about later), and not just because they are both robots! First of all, both characters have caring personalities. Because Zenyatta is an omnic monk, he tries to help those who are experiencing pain mentally with his wise words and enlightened teachings. An example of this was when Zenyatta helped a struggling Genji make peace and come to grips with himself after he was given a mechanical body in order to save his life. Orisa, on the other hand, exudes an almost mom-like quality in terms of how she is very nurturing and caring for anyone in danger. As well, both robots are protective in their own ways. Zenyatta is looking to protect robots and humans from themselves as he tries to spread his message that both sides should make peace with each other. Orisa also will not hesitate when it comes to protecting the citizens of Numbani and ensuring that they are not harmed by any potential threats. Honestly, if these two became a pairing, they would be the most selfless couple ever!

11 Maximum Charm!

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Zarya and Mei definitely have a "Yin and Yang" kind of dynamic when it comes to their theoretical relationship with one another. The reason for this is because they are the ultimate representation of a "brains and brawn" couple. Mei is the brains because she is a climatologist who built her own climate-manipulation machine that she wears in hopes of solving issues to the world's ecosystem. Zarya is very noticeably the brawn, as you could probably tell by her appearance. This is because Zarya originally was a weightlifter/bodybuilder who was so strong that she was supposed to represent Russia in world championship tournaments, but that was before she decided to use her strength and become a soldier to defend her country from the Second Omnic Crisis war. On top of this, in the game Zarya's energy barrier allows her to walk through Mei's chilling abilities unaffected. This means that Zarya can ultimately be close to Mei and not have to worry about freezing to death, which is probably ideal.

10 I Need Healing

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A popular meme in the Overwatch community is when Genji spams the "I need healing" voice line to his healer teammates (which is usually Mercy), even though he is a highly mobile hero who is more than capable of dashing out of dangerous situations to locate healthpacks. Maybe this meme was onto something? Because maybe Genji is only asking for heals from Mercy, not because he needs them, but because he actually secretly loves her and he is only looking to seek her attention. It all makes sense now! Not even Genji himself can "deflect" that logic. When Mercy is willing to risk her life to provide heals for a literal ninja who should be able to take care of himself, then that's true love right there. That alone is a good enough reason why these two deserve to be shipped.

9 I’ve Got Reaper In My Sights!

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It's hard to imagine a that a fan pairing of Soldier 76 and Reaper would actually come true, given their history. It started out okay in the beginning. The two of them met when they were both enlisted in the Soldier Enhancement Program. While they were both being turned into Captain America super soldiers, they bonded and became great pals. Their friendship carried over when they joined Overwatch, in the beginning that is. Then things took a turn when Soldier 76 was starting to get the public's fame and recognition, which made Reaper jealous because he felt he should be recognized too. To make this potential relationship even more unrealistic, during an infiltration of a Talon base by Soldier 76, Reaper (a member of Talon) would try and kill his ex-pal. Soldier 76 is kind of a grumpy dude, I could not really see him getting over someone attempting to kill him and then starting a romance with that person.

8 Hanzo Hits McCree With His Own Cupid’s Arrow

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I guess the internet just really wants McCree to be in a relationship with one of the Shimada brothers. In terms of the shipped pairing between McCree and Hanzo, redemption is what relates these two together. With McCree, he started out as a member of the Deadlock Gang, where he and other members of the gang would pull off heists to obtain and then sell illegal weapons. During a sting operation, though, McCree and the gang would be captured by Overwatch. Impressed by his abilities, Overwatch offered McCree the chance to join the Blackwatch team, which he accepted. And now he wants nothing more than to make the world a better place through justice. Similarly, Hanzo was was a member of his father's criminal empire. After his father died, Hanzo was ready to be the leader of the empire, but after he was left with no choice to kill his brother, Hanzo felt extreme regret for what he had done. After that incident, Hanzo left the empire behind in order to try and restore his honor. Perhaps it only makes sense that these two continue pursuing their redemption stories together.

7 Fire And Ice

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Why would a pairing of Mei and Junkrat work in theory? Well, have you ever been in a situation where you were too hot/cold and you just wanted to find a way to cool off/warm up in response? I'm sure that both Mei and Junkrat have experienced this too. Mei's specialty is in her ability to freeze her foes and cause temporary blizzards to occur, which is most likely why she is always wearing a large parka. While Mei is the human-equivalent of Alaska, Junkrat opposes her because he loves to handle explosions and detonate them. Not only is this dangerous, but explosions generally tend to generate intense heat, so Junkrat has to be running hot constantly. This is where the two of them as a couple works best, as Mei can cool Junkrat down while he can keep her warm in return.

6 Amping Up The Fist

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I think a lot of us at some point in our lives have found ourselves either falling for or being attracted to the "bad boy/girl/person". There is just something very appealing about someone with an edgy appearance who does not play by the rules. Lucio must have been thinking the same way when he found himself getting together with Doomfist, although Doomfist is about as bad as they come. Between acts of terrorism, killing his master and trying to start wars, Doomfist is probably the baddest villain in the Overwatch story. So why is someone as pure and kind-hearted as Lucio, who is trying to make the world better through his music and freedom fighting, finding himself attracted to someone who is actively trying to promote terror and incite war? Well, I guess the old expression of "opposites attract" explains it, even if both of these characters represent vastly opposing personalities and values.

5 Partners In Crime Become Just Partners

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A shipped relationship between both Reaper and Widowmaker makes a ton of sense, since they both draw parallels to each other in terms of how their lives have gone. Both of them started out as genuinely decent people. Widowmaker was a ballerina who was married to an Overwatch agent, while Reaper was actually a part of Overwatch and was initially fighting to make the world a better place. Things took an evil turn for both characters, though. Widowmaker would find herself kidnapped and brainwashed by Talon to turn her into an emotionless assassin, and she would go on to kill her own husband because of this. Reaper, after an explosion that gave him his powers, decided to leave the life of Overwatch to became a terrorist who works for Talon and wants to kill Overwatch agents. This makes a fan pairing between the two characters possible because they can both relate to each other about how they turned evil by unique circumstances. They both go on evil missions together, so evil sparks are inevitably going to fly!

4 Joint Custody Of The Bird

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First of all, I cannot condone the shipped relationship between Bastion and Orisa. Why you may ask? Even though they are both robots, Bastion is 30-years-old, while Orisa is only 1-MONTH-OLD! If a 30-year-old human were to engage in a relationship with a 1-month-old human, the 30-year-old would probably end up going to prison. Granted, these are robots built by humans, but I'm all about equality, guys! Robots should be expected to uphold the same laws as humans. Age aside, Orisa's protective and nurturing personality would be a solid compliment to Bastion, because whenever Bastion senses any sort of danger (even false danger) it will prepare itself to start firing bullets, which means that maybe Orisa might be able to calm Bastion down and prevent some nasty situations.

3 Symbra Couple Offer Each Other Car Washes and Boops

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I would never have even considered a pairing between Symmetra and Sombra because their goals are so different. Symmetra is interested in creating a perfect world and improving the quality of life for other people, whereas Sombra is more into using her hacking skills to extort and manipulate others for her own personal gain. On the other hand, though, both characters are similar in the fact that they both have technological prowess. Symmetra with her hard-light manipulation technology is able to create objects with the assistance of a light source. In the game, Symmetra creates things like sentry turrets, teleporters, shield generators, etc. When it comes to Sombra, because she is a hacker she is able to hack into different tech and manipulate them to her will. This can be seen whenever she hacks health packs for her team's benefit or even when she hacks heroes who want to use their abilities! Now if only Sombra used her skills for more than what benefits her, then maybe I could see this couple working out.

2 This Interspecies Pairing Is Bananas!

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"Female Human And Gorilla Fall In Love, Decide To Take Their Relationship To A New Level". If you read that headline in real life, you would probably find it pretty weird, and also some choice words would probably come to mind. Now granted, in terms of the shipped relationship between Tracer and Winston, Winston (since he was genetically-engineered) is a hyper-intelligent gorilla who is smarter than most humans. He exudes human-like qualities, like the ability to speak English. But, intelligent or not, HE IS STILL A GORILLA! AN ANIMAL! Meaning for this theoretical relationship to work, the interspecies couple would have to keep their romance a secret from the public since love between humans and animals is illegal pretty much all over the world.

1 Dad 76 And Mother Mercy Are Perfect Overwatch Parents

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A popular Overwatch meme online is turning Soldier 76 into a father figure, known as "Dad 76". He is depicted taking care of younger members of the Overwatch team through a series of hilarious images. The Dad 76 meme has seemingly been embraced by the Overwatch developers as well, with voice lines like "that's 'sir' to you" and "I'm not your father!" being added. Soldier 76 was even given a "dad outfit" with his "Grillmaster 76" skin, where he wears socks and sandals, a BBQ apron that says "Raise The Steaks" on it, etc. Similar to Soldier 76, Mercy is generally regarded as the "mom" by the Overwatch community online. This is probably most attributed to the fact that Mercy usually has to take care of a whole team of heroes who whine about needing healing the whole match (and I'm still waiting on a mother Mercy skin, Blizzard!). Because of their mother and father associations, Mercy and Soldier 76 were definitely destined to become a couple. Let's just hope they don't split up, or baby D.Va will have to experience two Christmases every year.

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