15 Absolutely Terrible Things About The Arrowverse

Though Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow are good in their own right, as a whole the Arrowverse has a lot of huge problems.

When you think of amazing shows on television, a lot of shows come to mind. Perhaps, the shows are on now or they used to be. A lot stand out, but in times like these it seems certain shows are going to get a lot of attention. The CW is a channel owned and operated by Warner Bros., who also happen to own the television and movie rights to DC Comics.

See, unlike Marvel who decided to throw their characters out among the ether and resulted in three different studios owning movie rights for characters essential to the brand... DC kept it with one studio. It worked out well to do this, as it allows them to use any character under the banner they want. Due to this, they can use these characters for live action television shows or movies. Warner Bros. also allowed DC to operate the shows as they saw fit.

Certain stars work better for television, as well as certain groups. This led for them to start Smallville, which ran for a decade on the network. From there, they entered the Arrow series and started to receive massive acclaim for the show. They realized the potential and added The Flash to this and eventually used characters from those shows as well as new ones to start the Legends of Tomorrow series. Not to be outdone, CBS felt they could use a dose of the DC magic and brought in Supergirl. Realizing it would not work, Supergirl moved to The CW last year.

All are under the banner of what is known as "The Arrowverse." All the shows are terrific, however, there are problems within the universe that are quite apparent. Others may not be as big of a deal to some, but we'll explain why they stand out. Check out what we feel are some terrible things about the Arrowverse we feel can be done better.

15 Phones Are Apparently Crazy To Use

While one could understand this if he was involved in a fight with them and they were not answering their phone, this was rarely the case. It made absolutely no sense to see people just show up in person when that was rarely needed. Of course, we do understand that this is a television show and texting would not be as good as talking in person. However, if that is the case, then we should give them a better reason to be there.

For Oliver to just show up to his sister's place, tell her that they were having dinner at his place that night, then leave is by no means something worth telling her in person. While the shows have gotten better about this over the years, where phones are used more often than they were, there is still a problem that needs to be looked into here.

14 The Legends Avoided A Specific Timeline

The only way to destroy the spear was to get the blood of Christ himself. Sara Lance suggested they go to the time of Jesus' crucifixion to get his blood. Meanwhile, Rip Hunter massively protested saying it would be wrong to hurt this sacred time in history. What DC did here was try to avoid this time to not get atheists and other non-Christians offended.

Meanwhile, they did an entire story, proving the existence of the man himself within the universe. So why did we not go to his time and literally stop this entire thing before it happened? Why did the bad guys not go there either? Why would they care?

13 Are Secret Identities Even A Thing Now?

This is not even counting all from Team Flash who know who he is. Obviously we're also adding at least one or more people from the Supergirl universe too. I mean, think about it, this is only Green Arrow, and we're not even discussing Flash yet. In addition, Oliver has been outed as Green Arrow to the public multiple times. At least that would make you think, if it has happened so often perhaps he really is the vigilante. The person with the most secret identity of them all is Supergirl and it is absolutely insane.

12 Oliver Queen Has Had How Many Girlfriends Again?

Well, he manages fine. He has been in a will they/won't they relationship with Felicity Smoak the past few seasons, even breaking up their marriage just for the drama. Even Amell had to tell producers that it seemed to be a bit much to have Oliver be romantically involved with every woman who appeared on the show. Fans love him and Felicity together, but it is constantly having a wedge thrown in the middle of it for little to no reason. It is like we cannot let Oliver be too happy, or else he might smile for once and lose his killer instinct.

11 Supergirl Fight Scenes

However, I don't know what it is about Supergirl... but her fight scenes are often just "blah," to say the least. This not completely the fault of Melissa Benoist, Supergirl herself. She is given the problem of being a superhero that has to have a lot of work in post for her fights due to what is happening for her.

However, it seems annoying to watch the fights because of the major plot holes of her being able to kill just about anyone with ease. The fact that there is simply no interesting fight worth noting you can recall from the show that involves the main star is pretty bad. At least with Arrow, we can recall some memorable fights that were notable to us.

10 Arrowverse's Original Idea Is Gone Now

Now, what are we seeing? Barry is fighting a speedster every damn year... and then we see him always win. The Legends fight the same people that we've already seen beaten and Oliver has to end a man whose on a crusade to destroy Oliver after he kills his no-good father.

The entire premise of the two main shows are gone and it seems we're trying way too hard here. Oliver is protecting the world more so than his city. Flash is facing basically the same big bad every year. The annoyance of this is getting on the nerves of fans. The hope is that they get back to basics in the upcoming seasons, which start up very soon.

9 Time Means Nothing One Week And Everything The Next

Flash is apparently hated by people because they have powers and Diggle is upset he had a daughter that was now his son. Yet the Legends knew of the son in their first season before Barry ever went back in time to mess with the universe, thereby messing with universe time for the fans watching at home. It is an absolute cluster of wrong versus right, and how one thing is seemingly fine and another is wrong. Should tampering with time at all not be universally seen as wrong? If not, it must be universally seen as fine. There is no middle-ground.

8 The Morals Of The Green Arrow

It seems he is okay with killing when he deems it needed, as if he is the judge as well as the jury and executioner. He knows the law and knows what he can and cannot do. But his morals are middle of the road. It seems he is willing to go to that level of deadly force one minute, but yet with similar things happen he seems to be okay with letting people live. This is especially an issue when it comes to the middle of a season opposed to the end of it.

7 We Have Too Many Useless Characters

While the originals and of course people like Sara and Laurel made sense to have around, as well as Thea and their mom... this was not where they stopped. They kept adding characters like Curtis and Wild Dog, who we don't need. This is also a problem in The Flash, with random people being thrown in. We simply do not need the mass amount of people in the show and all their storylines. It seems they only added Curtis to make sure gay people had representation, and Wild Dog to make sure single dads were.

6 Gotham And Batman Exist In The Universe, But Cannot Be In It

It seems odd that all of this is available and we have areas like Bludhaven open, which was the home of Nightwing. Yet we're getting none of the Batman affiliations, even as much as Batgirl or Tim Drake. It seems odd when the Arrowverse could use characters from the Batman world due to the vast importance of these major characters.

5 What Is Up With The Flash Prison?

We've seen how many bad guys go in there now? It isn't like we never see them again either, as some have appeared later. How do they use the restroom? Is there any way for them to get food and water? This is also an isolation system, which has been said to be cruel punishment for even the most hardened of criminals by several human rights activists. Yet we're totally cool with this in Flash?

4 Death Means Nothing, Until It Does

One of the most glaring issues that has pissed every single fan off is that we have the opportunity to go back in time with Flash and the Legends, yet no one thinks to go back and save Laurel? Seriously, no one? Gideon has brought people back with a pulse before. Why can't Sara go and save Laurel after she gets hurt by Damien Darhk, and get her to Gideon to help her? Why can't Flash run her back in time to the Lazarus Pit before it was destroyed? We can't go back to save Tommy? We can't go back to save Moira?

We have a dang ship that can change time or save people, and a man who can too. Come on, guys. This is easy stuff we cannot overlook.

3 Oliver's Random Secrets Get So Annoying

He then somehow came across other random DC characters that he just so happened to know when they first appeared. How the heck is it normal for a man to keep this much crap a secret for this long? One would assume that once he told people of what happened to him, for real, he would tell them of his stints with Amanda and the Russians at least.

The flashbacks are cool and all, and it is great that we see them each week. However, a lot of these secrets we should not be withholding. Like last year, Talia al Ghul comes along and Oliver conveniently left out that he knew her from his past. Sure, we know his time with Nyssa and Ra's, but Talia was never in a flashback or storyline up to that point and now she suddenly had such a major role in his life? Really? We have some consistency issues here.

2 The Reliance On The Same Bad Guys Over And Over

He was one of the three big bads for the Legends of Tomorrow last season. Along with that, we've seen Captain Cold in the bad guy position too often. We thought it would end upon his death in season one of Legends, but that was asking too much. We've also seen Grood far more than we would imagine. Plus, we have seen a supposedly dead Damien Darhk also show up. Not to mention the seemingly endless Eobard Thawne. It would not be shocking to see him again, as death means nothing... until it does.

1 The Movie And TV Worlds Do Not Connect, Yet DC Holds Back

For example, they killed off Amanda Waller and Deadshot right before Suicide Squad was set to come out. They also teased Harley Quinn, but then removed her before she was set to be added to the show. They refused to even think of using Superman until Supergirl's second season, and we have not seen him since.

Batman exists in the universe, but they will not allow him to be used, mainly due to the movies and Gotham show. We are seeing them claim that the universes are not the same yet they remove people or refuse to add them? For what reason? If they are not in the same place then they clearly should be allowed to use anyone they choose to. This means people like The Riddler, The Joker, Red Hood, and other massive villains can be thrown in, which would allow for more variety in the universe.

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