"Abused Games" Twitter Champions Your Well-Loved Childhood Classics

A newly popular Twitter account will make you nostalgic for the video games you might have loved a little too much in your childhood. Abused Games seeks to highlight the fate of games that have been worn down over years of use. This Twitter account searches through online auction listings to find video game cartridges that are definitely not in mint condition.

Although the Abused Games Twitter account was created over five years ago, it's popularity has been growing over the past two months. Abused Games primarily features images of game cartridges taken from eBay listings. Most of these games are missing their instruction manuals and boxes, and in some cases, a few cartridges have no identifying information whatsoever.

via: Twitter.com (Abused Games)

The sellers of most of these titles are adamant that despite their homely appearance, these beaten-up games will still work.

When looking over the different listings put on display by the Abused Games Twitter, it's clear that most of the damage done to these games is on a surface level, but not all of the damage done to these games is strictly limited to wear-and-tear over two (or three) decades of use.

Some of the more entertaining entries include clever vandalism, such as the addition of a beard and sunglasses on this GoldenEye  Nintendo 64 cartridge.

via: Twitter.com (Abused Games)

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Owners of consoles that use cartridges will attest these charming but clunky items can certainly take a beating when compared to games on discs. A common (but heavily debated) cure for a malfunctioning cartridge is simply to blow into it's open end, whereas a disc can be undone by a simple scratch.

Abused Games doesn't actually link the eBay listings with it's images, so interested buyers will have to do the legwork on their own to track them down.

The real success of this Twitter account is that it generates feelings of nostalgia for gamers who grew up in the 80s and 90s.

The squiggly sharpie additions in particular are almost always in the wobbly style of a child's handwriting, creating the feeling that these games could have belonged to your spoiled next-door neighbor who had every console, or the long-lost best friend who stayed up playing games with you for hours. It's even possible to imagine that not so long ago, these well-loved games once belonged to you.

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