Accidental Leak Reveals Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition For Consoles

It looks like Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition is coming to consoles if an accidental leak is to be believed.

An accidental leak just might have spilled the beans on a Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition for consoles.

Final Fantasy 15 has been a real big deal for Square-Enix. They’ve managed to take one blockbuster title and spin it off into countless expansions, remasters, and knock-off mobile games. They even made a short prequel movie on Netflix.

OK, so maybe it’s not exactly countless, but there’s been a lot of material to come from that one game. Final Fantasy 7 didn’t even get this much to go with its epic status — although mobile phones weren’t quite as big at the time. And it did get a feature-length sequel film.

Y’know what? Forget it--we’re getting off topic. The point is Final Fantasy 15 is big and it’s still getting bigger. How do we know? Because there might have just been a leak on the British PlayStation Store that showed yet another version of the game.

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What we’re talking about is Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition. This game isn’t particularly new--it was announced at Gamescom 2017 and released earlier this year on Android and iOS. It’s basically like the regular Final Fantasy 15, only with far simply graphics and a bit of a streamlined plot. It gives you all the goodness of the real game without any of the extra stuff that can’t run very well on a mobile phone. And you can save more often since nobody expects you to play a mobile game with save points.

via IGN

However, Pocket Edition was only intended for phones. Now there’s an image snagged by IGN from the British PSN Store that shows an HD version of Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition for PlayStation.

The listing brought up an error when you tried to buy it, and has since been taken down. However, it seems to be a pretty good indication that a console version of Pocket Edition is about to hit consoles, and not just the Switch either.

So far, there’s been no official word from Square-Enix, but this cat is pretty far out of the bag. We wouldn’t be surprised to hear an official announcement in the coming days, and then you get your chibi Noctis on with slightly better graphics than your phone can render. Woo!

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