Activision Trying To Replace Destiny With New IP

Activision is rumored to be working towards replacing Destiny with a new intellectual property.

The game's developers, Bungie, split with the publishing magnate earlier this year and are running the franchise on their own. According to a reliable leaker, the popular looter shooter could have a new game pop up in the spot it's since deserted.

The leaker, who goes by Twitter handle @TheGamingRevoYT, is claiming that Activision is working on 10 new games at the moment, with one based on a third-party IP.

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Per tweets from the aforementioned account, three of the games are Call of Duty titles - excluding Modern Warfare - while another is the third party IP that will fill the void left by losing Destiny.

"This is a direct quote coming from one of my sources: “Out of respect for the hard work from Activision and my friends at other studios, I will keep the names of the projects secret. But… ALL of the studios combined are working on 10 different projects," the Twitter thread reads.

"These projects are NOT ONLY Call of Duty, BUT since you have a cod fan base, 3 of these titles will be Call of Duty projects. This is excluding Modern Warfare. The other 7 are non cod related. I hope this excites fans for the future of what’s to come.

"The Call of Duty developers are branching out beyond Call of Duty. It has been an honor getting rid of loot boxes. Have a good day my friend (:

"*sorry, I was just corrected since we were all misinterpreting this Apparently, 10 different Activision projects have begun across their studios, not just the COD studios. 3 are Call of Duty, one is a new third party IP to replace the gap that Destiny once filled."

This has not been confirmed by Activision and should be treated as just a rumor until then. However, this particular leaker has been on point in the past, having correctly revealed that the Prestige system in Modern Warfare is being replaced with something new.

It would appear that someone with direct knowledge of the company's affairs is letting him in on various developments, so we'll eventually find out if the above is true or not.

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