Actor Joe Manganiello Stopped By A Pittsburgh Hospital To Introduce Dungeons & Dragons To Sick Kids

Joe Mangianello visited the UPMC Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh to teach sick children how to play Dungeons & Dragons.

There was a time when Dungeons & Dragons was considered a satanic game that was being used to recruit devil worshipers. There were also several lawyers who tried to connect Dungeons & Dragons to violent crimes, claiming that the game was responsible for changing the behavior of normal people.

The hysteria surrounding Dungeons & Dragons has faded away and the Internet has allowed the game to flourish in ways that it had never done before, which has included attracting high-profile celebrities to the game.

One celebrity who has been vocal about his love for Dungeons & Dragons is Joe Manganiello, who recently visited the UPMC Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh to teach sick children how to play the game.

The intention of the visit was to inspire a love for Dungeons & Dragons to children who may need to stay at the hospital for a long period of time.

Joe Manganiello and his brother ran a game of Dungeons & Dragons for three of the kids at the hospital using the Starter Set for the current edition of the game, which means that he likely ran them through the opening of the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure.

Joe Manganiello mentioned on Twitter that the group consisted of two barbarians and a rogue, which is a terrible line-up for a starting party, as the lack of spellcasters would have put them at a serious disadvantage. Then again, they're just kids, so maybe Manganiello went easy on them.

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Joe Manganiello is best-known for appearing in projects such as Magic Mike, True Blood, and Justice League, but he is connected to Dungeons & Dragons through shows such as CelebriD&D and Critical Role. Manganiello is a life-long player of Dungeons & Dragons and is rumored to be linked to the upcoming movie based on the game that is due to be released in 2021.

Joe Manganiello also has his own line of tabletop RPG-themed clothing, called Death Saves. The clothing is branded with D&D inspired artwork and writing, but you may need to have actually slain a dragon and stolen its hoard in order to be able to afford any of it.

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