Dredd, Castlevania Producer Developing Assassin's Creed Anime Series

Adi Shankar, producer of Dredd and Netflix's Castlevania, has partnered with Ubisoft to make an Assassin's Creed TV Series.

The same guy who made the movie Dredd and the Netflix series Castlevania is putting his creative prowess behind a new Assassin’s Creed animated series.

You may know Adi Shankar best from the Judge Dredd remake of 2012, which reimagined the world of Dredd in an even more gritty and bloodthirsty way than it already was. He’s also the guy Netflix tapped to make the brand new animated series for another game franchise, Castlevania.

So maybe it should come as no surprise that Ubisoft decided to partner up with Shankar too in order to bring Assassin’s Creed to your living room TV. But this time, it’ll be anime.

As revealed on Shankar’s Facebook page, he’s delighted to work with Ubisoft on translating the rich Assassin’s Creed universe into an animated series.

“I’m happy to let you guys know that I’ve selected my next project! I played the first edition of Assassin’s Creed the year I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dream. At that moment I knew absolutely no one in the industry and could never have imagined that one day Ubisoft would ask me to take the world of Assassin’s Creed and create an original story set in it as an anime series. If anyone tells you not to follow your passion in life they are wrong.”

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With the big reveal of Assassin’s Creed Origins at E3 this year, the franchise is coming back in a big way. It’s been nearly 2 years since the last game, Syndicate, which was received positively after the disastrous release of Unity. EA decided to relent on their one Assassin’s Creed game per year quota and ensure that Ubisoft had the time to make a quality product, and so far it looks like Origins will fit the bill nicely.

This isn’t the first time Ubisoft has tried to make the jump from game to the big screen. 2016’s film adaptation of the series was universally panned by critics and fans alike, proving once again it is virtually impossible to make a good video game movie. With the flop of the Assassin’s Creed film, Ubisoft Motion Pictures division seems to have decided to change things up, giving the keys over to an unconventional young director to see where he takes it.

His best-known film may be Dredd, but you may also remember Shankar from his work in a series of short films. Called “Bootleg Universe” films, each short reimagined an intellectual property in a new way. Perhaps the best of them was the 2015 Power/Rangers, which imagined a universe in which the Power Rangers lost and Earth was overrun by alien invaders. He even managed to snag Battlestar Galactica star Katee Sackhoff for that one, and it was all the rage on YouTube.

Castlevania comes to Netflix just today (July 7), so you’ll have a first-hand look as to how Shankar does at turning a beloved game franchise into animation. So far the news is promising, so here’s hoping that Shankar does great work with Assassin’s Creed.

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