30 Crossover Nintendo Relationship Fan Pictures That Are Too Sweet For Words

Of all the fanart out there, this is some of the best, cutest crossover fanart you'll ever see!

Fanart comes in many shapes and forms, but one of the most popular types of fanart (if not the most popular) is relationships. People love shipping characters together, whether they’re in the same universe or not.

I’ve always loved how creative fanart can be. And from what I can tell, crossover fanart is the pinnacle of creativity. With multiple worlds, characters, and styles to represent, crossover fanart draws out the creative side of fans!

Half of the pictures below depict two Nintendo characters from different franchises in a relationship. The other half expand to other sources that aren’t connected to Nintendo, from video games to movies and shows! I’m impressed with the wide scope of crossover fanart out there that incorporates Nintendo characters.

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do! These artists make absolutely amazing work! I truly envy their skills. I really wish I could draw or paint; if I could, I would love to ship my favorite video game characters together! I guess I’ll just have to stick with writing fanfiction.

These pictures are so incredibly sweet that I can’t convey their cuteness with words alone—but I can try. Or, at the very least, I can speculate on what makes them so sweet and say a little about why I love them so much. Of all the fanart out there, this is some of the best, cutest crossover fanart I’ve ever seen. Enjoy these 30 adorable crossover Nintendo relationship fan pictures!

30 Wait, You’re Not Aerith!

via deviantart.com (LucarioShirona)

In case you didn’t recognize the reference, this image mirrors the scene in Final Fantasy VII when Cloud wakes up in a bed of flowers and sees Aerith kneeling over him. It’s a very sweet scene in which they end up agreeing to a first date.

I love how extensively LucarioShirona turned this piece into a crossover! They could have easily included the Final Fantasy VII flowers but chose cute Pikmin instead! LucarioShirona perfectly combines Zelda’s outfit with Aerith’s—which I imagine is very confusing for amnesic Cloud.

29 This Relationship Seems One-Sided…

via deviantart.com (ss2sonic)

I’ve always been fascinated by the similarities between Pokémon and Digimon, particularly their evolutions. So I could totally picture a crossover world in which Pokémon and Digimon live together!

Even though Pikachu looks uncomfortable, I feel like they’ll eventually get along.

In this picture by ss2sonic, Gatomon reminds me a lot of Amy Rose. She knows exactly what she wants and she’s too stubborn to stop. Sonic gradually falls for Amy; I suspect Pikachu will do the same with Gatomon.

28 When A Beautiful Goddess Hugs You

via pixiv.net (Yurikins)

I’m not completely sure why so many fans ship Lucina and Palutena together, but I’m not complaining! These are two of my favorite characters in the new Super Smash Bros. and they make an adorable couple!

I can’t tell if Samus is embarrassed by public affection or jealous.

Pikachu, on the other hand, is incredibly enthusiastic about this relationship. Yurikins draws a lot of incredible fanart, particularly with Lucina, Palutena, and Pikachu (including a picture of Lucina and Palutena as Pikachus!). Check out their work here!

27 Wolves In Love

via deviantart.com (ss2sonic)

When I found out you’d get to play as a wolf in Twilight Princess, I couldn’t have been more excited. Wolves are my favorite animals! Sadly, that excitement turned to disappointment when Twilight Princess released. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy Wolf Link—but he could have been so much better.

Fortunately, a Wii port of Ōkami (originally a PS2 game) came out soon after Twilight Princess to fill the gap in my life. Amaterasu is incredibly fun to play and looks great thanks to her wolf characteristics and beautiful design.

I appreciate that ss2sonic drew Amaterasu and Wolf Link together as an adorable couple. Considering how stubborn and short-tempered they both are, they could make a great team.

26 Hero Of Ink

via bendaledonethat.com

I’m a big fan of puns and wordplay, so I love Ben Dale’s “Ink Between Worlds” crossover art! Fans love drawing their favorite characters as Inklings, but Ben Dale went the extra mile by drawing an inky Triforce and epic crossover weapons. I appreciate that Ben Dale gave Zelda a massive greatsword-roller; I wish Nintendo would do the same and let Zelda fight alongside Link.

This picture’s actually on a shirt in Ben Dale’s online shop. If you want to buy this shirt or other awesome Nintendo shirts, check out Ben Dale’s site here!

25 You’re My Angel

via pixiv.net (かくれ)

Link sometimes seems like an adult, but he’s actually only a teenager. He and Pit have similar ages, so they would work perfectly as an adorable, adolescent couple! I think they’d work well together: they’re both determined, kind-hearted heroes, and Pit’s talkative charisma complements Link’s silence. かくれ captures those personalities in this cute picture. Link seriously reaches for an unseen object while Pit enthusiastically charges toward it.

I don’t think Breath of the Wild’s Link would have much chemistry with Pit (he’s so serious and angry-looking in Breath of the Wild), but other Links would get along with Pit.

24 Feeling Blue?

via deviantart.com (Nisego)

A lot of fans draw Samus and Mega Man together due to their incredibly similar design! Both characters have blue suits and arm-cannons, and their 2D games incorporate similar shooting and platforming mechanics.

These sci-fi heroes are always so cute together!

Some artists portray Mega Man and Samus as a romantic couple, while others give them a more platonic relationship (which is smart since Mega Man’s only an adolescent). Nisego keeps their relationship nicely ambiguous in this adorable picture. They’re clearly friends, but Mega Man might have a crush on Samus—or he might just be pleasantly embarrassed by her affection.

For more awesome Nintendo fanart, check out Nisego’s homepage here!

23 The Greatest Cosplay

via deviantart.com (Gregory-Misner)

I recently watched Steven Universe for the first time, and wow, it’s amazing! It’s hilarious, beautiful, poignant, and wonderfully progressive. Gregory-Misner does an amazing job drawing Steven Universe’s Sapphire and Ruby with Peach and Mario cosplays. Apart from different colors, Sapphire’s and Ruby’s outfits look almost exactly the same as their original outfits! The outfits are unchanged in many ways, yet we can still recognize that they’re cosplaying as Mario and Peach. I find that really impressive!

For more great fanart (including Pearl cosplaying as Link), check out Gregory-Misner’s page here!

22 And I Thought They Couldn’t Get Any Cuter!

via deviantart.com (TsaoShin)

I wish I had the creativity to come up with something as fresh and adorable as this! Pikachu and Toothless are already adorable, but somehow they’re even cuter when they dress up as each other. I love that TsaoShin went beyond simple costumes and included fashionable clothing—those scarves are awesome, and Toothless’s sweater looks incredibly comfortable!

TsaoShin often includes a beautiful forest in the background of their pictures, and this one works beautifully! The yellow leaves and grass wonderfully complement Pikachu and Toothless’s costume, and the green leaves and grass complement Pikachu’s scarf.

21 Are They Dressed Up For Halloween?

via deviantart.com (DivaOfTime)

I never realized how similar Rosalina and Frozen’s Elsa look until I found this artwork by DivaOfTime. With blue dresses, pale skin and hair, blue eyes, and magical powers, these two princesses are a perfect match!

I appreciate that DivaOfTime went beyond simple cosplay. Instead of merely switching Rosalina’s and Elsa’s outfits, DivaOfTime also turned them into a cute romantic couple. Since they’re holding hands but also smiling for the camera, I’m reminded of a Halloween couple posing for the camera. That’s actually a brilliant idea for a Halloween couple: just dress up as each other!

For more amazing Nintendo fanart, check out DivaOfTime’s homepage here!

20 The Unstoppable Duo

via deviantart.com (TaoPaint)

Samus and Master Chief share a lot in common. They’re incredibly powerful, epic heroes completely encased in armor. They battle aliens threatening the entire galaxy, usually facing impossible odds alone. So I love that TaoPaint threw them together in this awesome fanart! They’re incredible on their own, but together—together they’re unstoppable! I would honestly love a game or video in which Master Chief and Samus work together to stop an alien horde. They’d make an amazing team, particularly if they combined their different abilities into deadly combos.

19 Love At First Flight

via deviantart.com (chikinrise)

I just played Horizon Zero Dawn for the first time and I absolutely love it! The exhilarating combat, intricate lore, beautiful world, and main character make Horizon my all-time favorite open-world game. However, Breath of the Wild’s a close second because it offers incredible puzzles and game mechanics in addition to its fun combat.

I’m sure Aloy wants a paraglider as badly as I do.

I love Horizon, but I sure miss Link’s paraglider. Yet even without a paraglider, Aloy always finds exciting ways to explore the world. So watch out, Link, not even you can outrun (or outfly) Aloy.

For more incredible fanart, including Nintendo fanart, check out chikinrise’s homepage here!

18 Post-Apocalyptic Pals

via deviantart.com (KurtisTheSnivy)

Horizon Zero Dawn and Breath of the Wild are uncannily similar. They came out three days apart and pitted their epic heroes against robotic monsters, evil cults, and apocalyptic forces that previously destroyed the world. So it only made sense when fans started drawing Link and Aloy together.

Charmander is the perfect match for Aloy!

With fiery hair, incredible power, and a short temper, Aloy has a lot in common with Charmander. Snivy and Link have less in common but still fit together, and Snivy’s green perfectly complements Charmander’s orange.

KurtisTheSnivy has a lot of incredible Pokémon crossover fanart just like this! Check out their work here.

17 Is This A Common Ship?

via deviantart.com (kongzillarex619)

I’m always impressed when fans successfully manipulate 3D character models into nice-looking, believable pictures. I don’t know how exactly kongzillarex619 pulled this off, but I love it! Few fans pair Mario and Blaze together, so this fanart feels particularly fresh for me.

I don’t actually know if Blaze’s and Mario’s personalities would mesh well together—but this is fanart, not fanfiction! Now I’m curious what fanfiction exists with Mario and Blaze as a couple. Congratulations kongzillarex619, you’ve inspired me to read even more fanfiction than usual.

16 Snow White And The Seven Pikachus

via pixiv.net (葵)

I don’t know how came up with this picture, but I love it! The seven Pikachus are incredibly cute and simultaneously resemble pets and young children.

I wonder how many of these Pikachus are in love with Snow White?

Like the dwarves, every one of these Pikachus adores Snow White. Some of the dwarves also had a crush on Snow White, so the same may be true for the Pikachus—or not. After all, 葵 didn’t fully transform the Pikachus into the seven dwarves. Can you imagine a grumpy Pikachu? I certainly have a hard time imagining cute Pikachu as a permanently grumpy Pokémon.

15 The Happiest Family

via deviantart.com (SomeJaneDoe)

I love that SomeJaneDoe fully embraces crossover art in this adorable picture! The picture in the background shows that Mario, Peach, Link, and Zelda are close friends. I’m glad there’s no hard feelings despite Peach’s and Link’s relationship.

These two are cute together—and their child is even cuter!

SomeJaneDoe made the perfect hybrid child. The kid looks a lot like Toon Link but with long hair like Peach and a Mario shirt. With such incredible parents, this kid’s going to have an amazing childhood.

14 Robotic Love

via deviantart.com (LadyLitaSparkle)

I never really registered that WALL-E and R.O.B. look nearly identical until I started writing this article. Upon reaching this epiphany, I knew there must be crossover fanart with these two, and here it is! This adorable piece by LadyLitaSparkle shows just how similar these cute robots are.

LadyLitaSparkle could have easily made this same picture without the hearts, so I’m really glad they included the hearts! These two make an adorable couple. I still prefer the WALL-E and EVE ship (those two are so cute!), but I can see R.O.B. and WALL-E hooking up in an alternate universe.

13 Their Outfits Look TOO Alike

via deviantart.com (oh8)

Metroid and Overwatch both take place in the future. They both have advanced sci-fi technology, and many sci-fi media incorporate similar technology and aesthetics. I get that. But still…Pharah’s armor looks way too similar to Samus’s armor! I’m happy that Nintendo inspired Overwatch, but I feel like Overwatch should try a little harder for originality.

But I understand why Overwatch did it: Samus’s armor looks amazing! Both Samus and Pharah look incredible and epic! I think they would make great friends or lovers, and oh8 clearly thinks the same. You can find more incredible fanart of Samus by oh8 here!

12 Anthropomorphic Adorables

via deviantart.com (8-Bit-Britt)

When I first searched for pictures of Spyro and Crash Bandicoot in a relationship, I was not expecting such a large fandom dedicated to their crossover ship! I’m always impressed by fans’ creativity and talent, and these fans have impressed me with their creative eagerness to combine these two characters. I guess the games’ similarities and the characters’ severe lack of clothing must have inspired fans around the world.

Considering how confident Crash Bandicoot normally is, I love how nervous he is with Spyro. It’s adorable! They clearly care very much for each other.

For more adorable Spyro and Crash Bandicoot pieces, visit 8-Bit-Britt’s homepage here!

11 Blondies

via weasyl.com (ihara)

A lot of fans have an…interesting…obsession with turning beloved characters into furries. Ihara is one such artist. But for this picture, ihara added a wonderful twist to their art and the entire furry fandom by making Peach a furry fan!

Nintendo only encourages this fandom. Their Super Leaf literally turns characters into furries!

Fortunately, ihara didn’t go too far with Samus. With only ears and a tail added to her regular outfit, Samus looks like she’s wearing a costume—which I much prefer to full-on furry.

10 Amy Went All-Out!

via deviantart.com (Solisnack)

Of all the Sonic and Nintendo crossover fanart I’ve seen, I found this one the most charming and unique. Solisnack wonderfully combines silly costumes with fashionable clothing. Amy Rose only actually wears a couple “costume” pieces (the Pikachu hoodie and the tail), but her cool, cute clothing fits perfectly with the outfit!

I’ve never seen Pikachu more excited to hug someone.

I think it’s so cute that Pikachu’s literally jumping with excitement! Amy definitely deserves the hug she’s about to receive—that costume’s a piece of art!

9 Happily Ever After

via pixiv.net (「Riko」の漫画)

As Nintendo’s most iconic female characters, Princess Peach and Princess Zelda get shipped together a lot. These two princesses have similar responsibilities and roles (sadly, they’re usually damsels in distress), so fans can easily stick them together as 「Riko」の漫画 does in this adorable fanart.

Personally, I think the princesses are a perfect match!

Zelda and Peach are incredibly kind rulers who care immensely for their people. They’ve got some big differences, but I think that supports their relationship: they complement each other. Besides, their marriage would bring together Hyrule and the Mushroom Kingdom and let these lonely leaders rule together happily ever after.

8 Welcome To Hogwarts!

via tumblr.com (pk-draw)

While Zelda’s always exhibited incredible magical power, Link hardly uses magic. But that all changes today! As students at Hogwarts, I’m sure Link and Zelda will be master magicians in no time!

I wonder if Link now wields the Master Wand?

I’m sad pk-draw didn’t brainstorm wands for Zelda and Link, but I still love this picture. I love that pk-draw included house scarves! Courageous Link has of course been placed in Gryffindor, while wise Zelda is in Ravenclaw. Despite being in different houses, they’re still an adorable couple!

You can view more amazing Zelda fanart by pk-draw here!

7 Nap Buddies

via deviantart.com

My Neighbor Totoro is one of my top five movies and I loved Pokémon as a kid. So I’m incredibly disappointed in myself for not recognizing the similarities between Totoro and Snorlax! They’re both massive, adorable, sleepy puffballs! Admittedly, Snorlax doesn’t look furry in the games or show, but still—I should’ve recognized the similarities.

I love everything TsaoShin’s done with this piece! The dedicated crossover between Totoro and Pokémon is great, and I appreciate the Princess Mononoke cameo. The setting looks amazing; the hydrangeas are a pleasant, gorgeous surprise. Great creativity, TsaoShin!

6 Blossoming Love

via deviantart.com (Hylian-Zora)

I’ve seen a lot of Splatoon and Zelda crossover fanart, but most of that fanart simply turns Zelda characters into Inklings. Few pictures depict the separate, original characters in a relationship—which is why I really appreciate this piece by Hylian-Zora!

I love Hylian-Zora’s classic, cartoony style. I particularly enjoy how both characters’ hair (or tentacles in Inkling Girl’s case) overlaps with their eyes. For more incredible Nintendo fanart (including more cute pictures of Link and Inkling Girl), visit Hylian-Zora’s page here!

5 Clearly Meant For Each Other

via deviantart.com (Jacyll)

Many artists love pointing out Kirby’s and Yoshi’s shared tendency to eat literally everything, but this picture is my favorite. The rivals devise the same strategy, and it completely backfires.

I like to imagine this as the start of a beautiful relationship.

Having your tongue sucked into your rival’s mouth is awkward. But most relationships start out awkward. Who knows: this moment might open Yoshi’s and Kirby’s eyes to how much they have in common.

For more awesome Nintendo fanart, check out Jacyll’s homepage here!

4 The Coolest Couple In The Galaxy

via deviantart.com (Keiboxy2)

In their respective games, Samus and Rosalina are usually incredibly serious. They show motherly love toward certain creatures of the galaxy, but apart from that they’re quiet and determined to defeat the evil forces threatening the galaxy.

So it’s great seeing them happy within each other’s arms!

These two clearly bring out the best in each other. And with cool outfits like that, I’m sure they make a great combative team!

For more awesome Nintendo fanart, visit Keiboxy2’s artwork here!

3 Marth Doesn’t Know How To Use A Net

via tumblr.com (pitarou3)

The Animal Crossing Villagers always look adorable, but they’ve never been cuter than in this picture by pitarou3! I love their childlike enthusiasm for their new outfits.

Marth’s confusion perfectly contrasts with the others’ enthusiasm.

Marth looks rigid and uncomfortable, as if he doesn’t know how to wield anything but a sword. Lucina, on the other hand, couldn’t be happier! With a cute gyroid and an even cuter outfit, Lucina’s ready to enter the world of Animal Crossing! I’m sure she and Marth will build an incredible, cute house.

2 Who Needs A Prince?

via zerochan.net (Yuffie)

I absolutely love Zelda’s and Peach’s dresses in this cute fanart by Yuffie! I appreciate that Yuffie devoted all their efforts to the princesses; the picture looks great even without a background. The golden designs lining their dresses look incredible and combine perfectly with the princesses’ jewelry. The new design on Peach’s sleeves complement Zelda’s Twilight Princess earrings. Yuffie even went so far as to give Peach a small but beautiful ring! Yuffie perfectly combines simplicity and detail into this picture, emphasizing these characters’ great (and surprisingly similar) design.

1 Zelda And Link Fuse Into Zink

via deviantart.com (PinkPrincessBlossom)

The Legend of Zelda meets Steven Universe in this amazing piece by PinkPrincessBlossom. Steven and Connie normally fuse into Stevonnie; here Zelda and Link adorably dance together and fuse into Zink (I made up that name, but it seems appropriate since most Steven Universe characters are named after minerals).

I’m sad PinkPrincessBlossom didn’t include a pink Master Sword.

But I understand PinkPrincessBlossom’s decision. Without the iconic sword and shield, some fans might have missed the Steven Universe reference.

For more adorable Zelda fanart, check out PinkPrincessBlossom’s homepage here!

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