Adult Film Star Evelyn Claire Gets Invited On Trainwrecks' Podcast After Twitch Joke

Evelyn Claire Makes Twitch Joke Trainwrecks Bridgett

Adult film star Evelyn Claire took a jab at Twitch and some of their female partners while streaming on the platform, catching the attention of Tyler "Trainwreckstv" Niknam along the way.

In the clip, Evelyn sarcastically remarks that Twitch is "totally about the personality," rolling back to take up a signature pose that Bridgett, a popular ex-World of Warcraft Twitch partner, is known for. Immediately after the joke, Evelyn goes on to say that "See, the thing is – on the internet you can find me full body, ya know? And I feel like Twitch is the place for me just to be shoulders up."

Someone in chat instantly published to clip on r/LivestreamFail, and many in chat talking about how that clip would attract Trainwrecks and that the moment was "squadW" (his signature Twitch emote). Sure enough, he appeared in the chat with an interesting offer.

Trainwrecktstv Podcast Invite Evelyn Claire

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After a moment of consideration, she decided to directly respond to the offer, stating, "Trainwrecks I will take you up on that – that sounds like a fun time! I'd love to join your podcast." He then requested that she follow his Twitter account; She complied, immediately sending him a direct message. While the details aren't 100% confirmed yet, we can certainly expect her to make an appearance on the TrainwrecksTV Scuffed Podcast in the near future.

Although she called out the streaming platform and certain female partners, Evelyn did go on to say, "I think women on Twitch can do whatever makes them happy, as long as it's not against TOS – and if you're offended by what I said..." (insert exaggerated shrug). Trainwrecks himself is not above provocative statements, as he often focuses on controversial topics during his streams – some landing him in trouble.

Evelyn has streamed on Twitch on and off starting around a year and a half ago, but has shown dedication to her channel since the summer, appearing on Rajj Patel's channel, gaining followers steadily, and streaming regularly over the past few months. If the collaboration between her and Trainwrecks does come to fruition next week, Evelyn's continued uptrend is to be expected. Clearly her personality and awareness of Twitch's culture has attracted a following, but considering her "no-f***s-given" approach, she may make a few enemies along the way.

Source: Reddit

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