This Crazy Adult Game Has Been Tearing Up The Steam Charts

It's 2019, pornographic videogames are a thing. They have been for a few years now, actually.

Maybe you've gone through a title or two, but you're still likely to have many questions if you dare play Breeders of the Nephelym. The game is available for free on Steam (somehow!), and the terms "adult," "NSFW," or "mature" all put together probably would not do justice to it as a description.

According to the official description on Steam, Breeders of the Nephelym is "an immersive beautifully erotic 3D adventure centered around catching and breeding the Nephelym, an enigmatic race of monster-human hybrids with an overwhelming desire to mate."

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Yeah, that doesn't do it justice either when you've seen the things we've seen.

The erotic title is making waves on Steam right now and the reviews have been overly positive, unsurprisingly.

The devs would have you know that you'll hardly stray far away from "highly erotic pleasing material." And, get this, you could also control when climaxing happens.

"This game never forgets that its primary objective is to present you with highly erotic pleasing material. It's a hentai game first, and an adventure game second," the description adds.

"On that note, every Nephelym breeding combination will have its own two-phase (penetration and climax) sex animation. You can control when the climax happens. There are a large variety of Nephelym, ranging from ripped and fit to fat and well-curved. All have been given "interesting" genitalia to make for unique breeding animations. There are currently a few known species, but more are certain to be discovered."

via Steam

If you were hoping to find any sultry imagery here, we're sorry - but you could check it out here for yourself. You're going to need a Steam account so the site knows you're old enough, but you could also find some gameplay vids on YouTube.

It's not all racy, though. The devs claim that there's deep lore and a good story behind the beautiful, mysterious world.

And if you're concerned about loading times - we imagine these can be quite annoying if you're playing a pornographic game - there's no such thing where Breeders of the Nephelym obtains.

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