Aeolis Tournament Preview: Multiplayer Madness

If you're looking for a fast and furious action-packed multiplayer title then Aeolis Tournament needs to be on your watch list.

Beyond Fun Studio's Aeolis Tournament is a quirky multiplayer game with easy to learn mechanics and whimsical graphics. It allows players to take control of a wind blaster and use it in competitions against their opponents.

The mechanic is simple — but surprisingly versatile — and is implemented well across the different game modes. Facing off either individually or in teams, players can join in one of three different challenges, each of which is fast, furious and fun.

Blast Your Way To Success

Aeolis Tournament's gameplay revolves around the use of these wind blasters. The controls are easy — you simply move and fire your wind blaster in order to blast anything in your path. Each of the three mini-games I had the chance to play has a different focus and strategy required for success, but they all use the same basic mechanics, meaning once you've mastered the blaster you're good to go.

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The first game puts you on an island where you simply have to blast others off the edge with your gun. Be careful though as others can also gain points if you fall!

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There are also two sport-based games. The first sees players team up to score goals against each other. Each goal will result in the ball being changed for another. There are several types of ball and each reacts differently when blasted.

Finally, explosive dodgeball brings a whole new level of chaos as cannonballs are launched at you and players must quickly blast them into their opponents before they explode.

Different parts of scenery also react to the blaster and each game uses this mechanic differently, adding another dimension to the quirky game line up.

How It Plays

The game has a good level of customization. Every match time can be changed, from between one minute to five minutes, going up in thirty-second increments. You can also change the number of players from two up to eight, in even numbers. Finally, you can adjust the difficulty of any CPU characters filling in the gaps in your line-up.

There is also a tournament mode that sees players compete in several random games, earning points that are totaled up at the end. This is the heart of the game and the mode most people will likely end up playing.

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If you've got friends who play, there are local co-op and multiplayer modes available. While we could not test these modes, this is undoubtedly a game that will be excellent to play with friends and is good for all ages.

A Feel-Good Frenzy

If you're looking for a fast and furious action-packed multiplayer title then Aeolis Tournament needs to be on your watch list.

The wind cannon mechanic is quirky and fun, giving a very even playing field. While different characters have different stats in terms of speed and movement, everyone uses the same cannon which creates a different feel when compared to other multiplayer brawlers.

Less is most definitely more here with the game keeping things simple, while still being great fun to play. It took me a while to master the mechanics but the more I played the more I enjoyed it.

Once you've got the hang of how each game functions, the game is quick, easy, and very engaging. It would be fantastic played co-op on a split-screen tv and for this reason, I'm glad to see it's also coming to Nintendo Switch at some point in the future.

For the moment keep an eye on Steam, where you'll soon be able to play with your friends using your keyboard or virtually any controller linked to your pc.

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