Microsoft May Bring Age Of Empires IV To Xbox

Microsoft is considering the idea of porting Age of Empires IV to Xbox One in the future.

Now that Age of Empires IV has been more prevalent since its showing at X019 (and confirmed to not have microtransactions), many are looking on idly as fans wait for a concrete release date. In the meantime, more details have trickled down, including the proposition that Age of Empires IV may make its way to an Xbox console.

In an interview with Stevivor -an Australian gaming website-, Microsoft's Adam Isgreen (creative director) and Shannon Loftis (Xbox general manager) spoke at length about Age of Empires IV. Notably, they discussed the possibility of the game coming to Xbox.

Loftis first assured that the goal is to make Age of Empires IV a great PC game, saying that the first priority is to hone the game for use with the "keyboard and mouse." However, this may be "about to change with Xbox."

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Loftis said that the development team wants to cater to the preferred playstyles of gamers, be they on console or PC. Isgreen noted the wide demand for RTS games on console, which has been spurred thanks to Civilization VI's release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch. He said that once the PC game has been developed and is "wonderful," then the development team will "start looking at other ways that we can show up."

It is true that there is a desire for RTS games on consoles. Games like Civilization VI and Cities: Skylines prove there's a hunger in that market. If Age of Empires IV makes the jump and is successful, it will hopefully show other developers that the console scene isn't one to be forgotten.

As RTS fans await the release of Age of Empires IV (allegedly targeting an alleged 2021 release), they can now play Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition. This version has added a host of new civilizations and added a variety of presentation upgrades. It is currently priced at $20 for standalone release and is available via Xbox Game Pass. If you are wary of a purchase, it might be worth checking out some videos uploaded by streamers to get a clearer idea of how it plays.

Source: Stevivor

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