Turns Out Aim Assist Isn't The Only Advantage Controller Users Have In Fortnite

As the argument over aim assist rages on between various Fortnite players, the game's community now has another inconsistency to sink its teeth into.

Fortnite is no stranger to a little bit of controversy. One of the game's biggest controversies comes in the form of its aim assist feature. Players who use a mouse and keyboard argue that due to aim assist, those who choose to use a controller have a distinct advantage over them. It's an argument that has no definitive answer and probably never will.

Thanks to Redditor Elijahyeur and FortniteINTEL, there is now a whole new inconsistency in-game for Fortnite players to argue about. What's more, it has nothing to do with aim assist. In fact, as you can see in the clip below, the test takes place with aim assist disabled. This potential advantage comes in the form of weapon recoil.

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Elijahyeur demonstrates that when using a controller, there is very little recoil when firing a gun. However, when making the switch to M+KB, there is a noticeable difference. So much so that it takes longer to eliminate an opponent from a distance. FortniteINTEL did a very similar test to confirm the findings and wound up with the same results.

These videos have naturally sent the online Fortnite community into a frenzy. While the aim assist debate rages on, most have come to terms with it simply being how it is. However, this recoil issue is something else entirely, and it's unclear why the difference exists. On the other hand, despite the tests being carried out on two different occasions, there's no proof that it has the same effect in matches.

That's because both tests took place in Fortnite's Creative Mode. There's a very real chance that in an actual match, there is no difference. Trouble is, it's not likely an opponent will stay still long enough for someone to test whether the same recoil issue happens when playing against others. It could also be something that only happens inside structures or even just player-made structures. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that the complaining will continue.

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