Aladdin Was Best On The Sega Genesis - Here's Why

The remaster/remake hype has officially peaked, ladies and gentlemen.

With the reveal that '90s Disney classics The Lion King and Aladdin are being tweaked and re-released on today's consoles, there's really no need to remake or remaster any other title. We jest, of course, but we are still incredibly excited to get our hands on these. Most exciting is that now have less than two months to wait until we can.

As soon as the games were announced, a long-standing argument resurfaced. Which version of Aladdin was better, the one on Sega Genesis, or the version on Super Nintendo? Honestly, we don't think there has ever been that much of a debate to be had. We are of the belief that the Genesis version of Aladdin was, is, and always will be the better of the two, and here's why.

Swords Are, In Fact, Awesome

Let's get the first and most obvious difference out of the way first. The way in which Aladdin went about defeating his enemies on the respective titles. On the Genesis, the Disney prince wielded a sword, pretty handy. On the SNES, players were required to have Aladdin jump on his enemies' heads in order to thwart them. We know that's how the console's mascot gets things done, but it didn't transfer to this game all that well. In the mean streets of Agrabah, you need more than a flimsy shoe to make your way down the street.

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Bigger, Better, More

Sword in hand, players had a lot more level to explore on the Genesis. 2D side scrollers are all about getting from the start of the level , but games were reaching a point where they didn't need to be as simple as that. As you can see in the comparison video above, players were given a lot more bang for their buck on the Genesis compared to the SNES. Plus, the SNES didn't have the iconic Rug Ride level.  Need we say more?

Sitting Pretty

You'll also likely have noticed from the videos both above and below that the Genesis version of the game appears to be more fluid and detailed. Strange considering the SNES was the more powerful console. Despite having less graphical horsepower to rely on, SEGA's Aladdin was animated by Disney. That's why it is so much better visually than its SNES rival.

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Experts Agree

If you SNES die-hards are still not convinced, perhaps the opinion of one of your own will finally sway you. Not just any one of your own, but Shinji Mikami, the designer of Aladdin on the SNES. During an interview with Polygon in 2014, Mikami admitted that if he hadn't designed the SNES version of Aladdin, he would have bought the game on the Genesis instead. "Animation-wise, I think the Genesis version’s better," Mikami said when explaining the reasons behind not preferring his own version of the game. "The Genesis version had a sword, actually. I wanted to have a sword."

Last but not least, the remake. As boasted in the reveal trailer for the Aladdin and Lion King remasters, multiple versions of each game will be playable. That means we can all play the Genesis and SNES versions of Aladdin and make a final decision for ourselves, right? Wrong. Thanks to Capcom, it will not be a part of the remaster. That either means the Genesis version should be crowned the definitive winner or, annoyingly, SNES superfans will continue to boast it is the elite version due to us not being able to compare remastered versions of both games.

We'll know, though, that they're objectively wrong.

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