Forget Blackout - An Alien MMO FPS Is Also In Development

Blackout isn't the only Alien game that's coming. Cold Iron Studios is currently working on an MMO shooting Alien title for consoles and PC.

The year 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the Alien franchise. Later this month will see the release of a new mobile game called Alien: Blackout. Although it's kind of a sequel to the well liked Alien: Isolation, many were disappointed with the announcement. This isn't the only Alien game coming, however. We learned last January that Cold Iron Studios was working on an online shooter Alien game. Since then, there has been no info about this title. Now, in a press release as reported by TweakTown, Cold Iron Studios is still hard at work in crafting the game.

According to the press release, the online Alien game is a "massively multiplayer online shooter set in the Alien cinematic universe for consoles and PC." Beyond that, there is no information. Based on this, it doesn't sound like the game will be ready for release in 2019, although it's still early. Now we officially know that the game will be an MMO. The press release states "consoles," so it'll likely be for PS4 and Xbox One. Hopefully the Nintendo Switch will get it as well.

The big question is how the core gameplay will work. Will we control marines, tasked to hunt down Xenomorphs? That seems to be likely, although it's quite possible that we will control Xenomoprhs and hunt prey. It's also possible that the game will go the Evolve route. In Evolve, four players control hunters, and one player controls a monster. In this Alien game, perhaps some players will control marines/ship crew, while others play as the Xenomorphs. There is certainly a lot of potential with a game like this, bringing together Alien and MMO fans.

Via arstechnica.net

There have been two main Alien games in recent history. First was Aliens: Colonial Marines. Most gamers know about the controversial history of this title. Gearbox Software, along with SEGA, messed up according to many players. Although Colonial Marines was on the mediocre side, there is something fun there for arcade style fps fans. A little over a year later, SEGA released Alien: Isolation, a much more liked game than Colonial Marines. Isolation was praised for capturing the essence of the first Alien film. Perhaps the upcoming MMO game will successfully capture the feel of the action-packed second film in the franchise, Aliens.

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Cold Iron Studios' MMO Alien title does not have a release date. The studio website is currently hiring for work on the game, so if you live in San Jose, California, you may be able to get involved.

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