Alinity's Cats Have Defecated On Her, Which Experts Say Means They're Stressed Out

The plot thickens when it comes to the issues between Alinity and her cats, with experts spotting signs that her pets are showing signs of being upset and stressed.

It seems that there has been a routine animal-related issue with streamers live on camera recently. First, it was Alinity throwing her cat, and now YouTuber Brooke Houts has allegedly abused her dog. In Alinity's case, despite the incident happening weeks ago, new details continue to arise that don't exactly paint the streamer in the best light.

This saga began when Alinity lifted one of her cats and threw him over her head while she was playing Apex Legends. Since then, another stream from the past has surfaced, during which Alinity feeds vodka to a different cat of hers. PETA has requested Alinity be banned from Twitch, and there is also a petition with the same goal.

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Fans who are understandably concerned about the well-being of Alinity's cats have been going through all of her previous streams with a fine-tooth comb. That's how and why a clip she posted from two years ago has once again been doing the rounds. During the video, one of Alinity's cats poops on her leg. The streamer obviously posted it thinking it was funny, but it might not be as amusing as it seems.

In the video above (at around the 5:33 mark), there is another example of one of Alinity's cats trying to poop on her. Mylo, the cat which was thrown during the live stream. Apparently, this is the kind of behavior cats exhibit towards people they don't like. They will try to poop on them, on their clothes, or even in their shoes.

A report by The Guardian supports this idea, citing that "toileting around the house" is a routine way in which a cat demonstrates that it is stressed. Given recent events and revelations regarding Alinity abusing her cats, it is sensible that her cats are expressing stress by defecating in places cats typically avoid. Alinity has claimed she will be having her home inspected by experts to officially confirm it is safe for her cats and that she is a responsible owner. Even with that confirmation, it will be very hard for Alinity to atone for her actions.

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