Ranking All Of The Baby Pokémon From Best To Worst

Baby Pokemon are some of the cutest characters in the Pokemon universe. Starting with Gen II, this adorable new creatures were introduced to coincide with the new breeding mechanic in Pokémon Gold and Silver. Since then, more baby Pokémon have been added to the universe, birthing several exclusive Pokemon that can only be hatched opout of eggs.

With all these baby Pokémon in the series, it's difficult to figure out which one's the best of them all. Get your Dittos ready and head on the Day-Care Center as we rank all of the cute baby Pokémon from worst to best.

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Chimecho was a strange Pokémon in Gen III; it was a psychic type that was based on a Chinese lantern of some sort. It wasn't particularly useful in battle but wasn't all that common in the wild either. It got a baby Pokémon in the form of Chingling in Gen IV. Chingling probably resembles its evolved form the least, being bright and yellow, more of a bell than a lantern.


Sudowoodo was a memorable Pokémon from Gen II, looking and behaving like a tree, but still being a rock type. Sudowoodo had a baby Pokémon in Gen IV called Bonsly. This baby Pokémon is known for its shy attitude, often crying when it feels threatened or uncomfortable. Bonsly remains a rock type, just like its evolved form, and is extremely heavy. In Super Smash Bros Brawl, fighters could pick it up and toss it for high damage.


Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan were fighting-type counterparts in Gen 1, but they gained two new members of the family in Gen II: Hitmontop and Tyrogue. The latter is a baby Pokémon who can evolve into any one of the three aforementioned fighting Pokémon. By manipulating its stats, trainers can determine which one it will evolve into. A higher attack stat grants a trainer Hitmonlee, a higher defense stat gives them Hitmonchan. Equal attack and defense stats gives them Hitmontop.


Jynx is arguably the most disliked Pokémon from the first generation. Even then, it got a baby Pokémon in Gen II called Smoochum.

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Smoochum is much cuter than Jynx, resembling a Pokémon more than a person. It has big lips and short hair, but it looks like a little fairy. Smoochum has a lot of attitude as well, constantly checking its own appearance and making sure it puts its best foot forward.


Marill was introduced in Gen II, so it didn't get a baby Pokémon right off the bat. Instead, it was in Gen III that Marill received its baby Pokémon, Azurill. Azurill is a tiny mouse Pokémon that is known for bouncing around on its tail. Despite its evolved versions having the water typing, Azurill is confusingly a normal type. It can also be difficult to capture an Azurill in the Hoenn Region, as Marill are the ones usually found in the wild.


Clefairy and Clefable weren't the only Pokémon said to come from beyond the stars. In Gen II, Cleffa was introduced as the baby variant of Clefairy. It resembled a small, five-point star, making it a rare and desired Pokémon.

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This shape has some believing that Cleffa came to Earth on a shooting star. Cleffa is also known for doing a dance in the moonlight that grants great happiness to any who sees it.


The expressive Wobbuffet is a bit of an odd Pokémon, but it got a bit of love too. In Gen III, Wobbuffet was given Wynaut as its baby Pokémon. Despite having a few visual distinctions, Wynaut remains extremely similar to Wobbuffet, having the same expression on its face and being just as charismatic. Wynaut were also found on the mysterious Mirage Island in the Hoenn Region.


Pokémon from all three prior generations received baby Pokémon in Gen IV. Roselia was one of the Gen III Pokémon who got a baby version (named Budew). Budew is nothing more than a little rose bud, walking around on its stubby legs. As a result, Budew is one of the cutest Pokémon in existence, though it can still learn powerful attacks like Mega Drain and Solar Beam.


Magby was a baby Pokémon in Gen II and is the pre-evolved form of Magmar. It's smaller size and cute face made Magmar a much more desirable Pokémon as a result. It appropriately doesn't have the flame body that Magmar does, showing how it still has some growing to do.

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That said, a well-trained Magby can still be a formidable opponent, having powerful fire attacks at its disposal.


Magmar received a baby Pokémon, so it only makes sense that Electabuzz would get the same treatment. Elekid is a miniature version of Electrabuzz, featuring a head that resembles and electrical plug. Despite being a baby Pokémon, Elekid can be quite the fighter. Ash's rival in the Diamond and Pearl saga, Paul, used one for the majority of the anime, and it was strong enough to take on Pikachu.


Mantine was a water and flying Pokémon introduced in Gen II and modeled after a manta ray. It was one of the lucky few to get a baby Pokémon in Gen IV called Mantyke. Mantyke is just a small manta ray without a tail and long antennae that curve upward. It has an adorable face, and makes one of the cutest sounds in the anime. Mantyke can be evolved by leveling it up with a Remoraid in the party.


As if Jigglypuff couldn't get any cuter, Game Freak gave it a baby Pokémon in Gen II in the form of Igglybuff. Igglybuff has a small tuft on the top of its head that will eventually grow into Jigglypuff's iconic curl. Like its evolved version, Igglybuff can use its sing ability to put opponents to sleep.

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However, its vocal aren't fully developed, causing Igglybuff to often get a sore throat by singing too much.


Chansey are famous Pokémon because of their permanent link to Nurse Joy and Pokémon Centers. Chansey got an evolution in Gen II called Blissey and a baby Pokémon in Gen IV called Happiny. Happiny is small and egg-shaped, just like its evolved versions. It holds an egg in a pouch and is very protective over it. Brock captured a Happiny in the anime, which was what set him on the path to become a Pokémon doctor.


Gen IV introduced a lot of new baby Pokémon, and Snorlax got the treatment. Munchlax became an iconic part of the Pokémon franchise, known for its ravenous appetite. What's impressive about how much it eats is that it's quite small; a mere fraction of the size of a Snorlax. Munchlax is still an endearing Pokémon, as May captured one in the Ruby and Sapphire arc of the Pokémon anime.


Pokémon's most famous character got a little bit cuter in Gen II with Pichu. Pichu is essentially a smaller Pikachu (if that's even possible), with a higher voice and cuter proportions. Pichu is known for not being able to control its electricity yet, leading to it hurting itself any time it uses an attack. Pichu was deemed popular enough to become a playable character in Super Smash Bros Melee.


Togepi is often the first baby Pokémon people are introduced to. Despite being a Gen II Pokémon, it was introduced in the first season of the Pokémon anime, and was owned by Misty.

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Togepi doesn't know a whole lot of attacks, and seems defenseless most of the time. However, by leveling it up and having a good relationship with it, Togepi will evolve into Togetic, complete with much stronger attacks.


Mr. Mime is weird yet lovable. However, there's no denying that Mime Jr. was an upgrade in the cuteness department. Having an adorable hat, a round nose, and smaller features, Mime Jr. became one of the most well-known baby Pokémon in Gen IV. Mime Jr was also a crucial part of Team Rocket in the Ruby and Sapphire arc, as James captured one. It would even help with the Team Rocket motto.

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