All Grown Up: 21 Harry Potter Actors Who Longbottomed

When thinking of the character of Neville Longbottom from the Harry Potter series one is reminded of a helpless boy who is forgettable in personality and can never compete in the big leagues. Immediately after that, though, the thought that enters the mind is how much character development Neville went through by the time the climax of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came by. Neville grew in personality, showcasing wit and courage, but also an immense change in physical appearance as well.

Thus, on the internet there is a term known as ‘Longbottomed’ in reference to those people who could hardly be seen as heartthrobs or beauty queens in the future. The cast of Harry Potter themselves are put into this perspective now that the last film is seven years old. While the majority of the cast were already considered good looking, their characters prevented people from considering the actors as such.

It would take years before these actors could shed the Harry Potter image and be seen as adults in their own right. Some time and distance away from the fans has contributed to this and you’ll be shocked to see the change in many of these actors while some you might not even remember starring in the films.

To that end, here are 21 Harry Potter actors who have ‘Longbottomed’.

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21 Our Forgetful Hero

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The most uncertain object of affection one could think of. Matthew Lewis is the real-world embodiment of his character. The actor was perfect for the role of the meek, unconfident Neville back when he was a preteen in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, based on his short stature and goofy looks.

Matthew Lewis went through a drastic change, leaving girls everywhere fawning.

By the time Deathly Hallows rolled out in theaters, Lewis had become a full-on Hunk. His filmography hasn’t been the most prolific and his only prominent film role since Harry Potter has been in Me Before You. He has been relatively featured in TV roles and has several modeling gigs. You can catch him on the British drama Girlfriends.

20 We Knew You All Along

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Most people reading would have to search far and wide in their memories to recall their glimpse of Genevieve Gaunt in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The actress played the role of Pansy Parkinson for whom she was replaced years later by Scarlett Byrne.

It will be a surprise for people to know she’s been more active than some of the other names in this list. Gaunt has shed the unlikable get-up she was put in as Pansy and is a head turner for sure. She has been busy in the popular British show The Royals and has a few film roles in the pipeline too. Not too bad for someone who was hardly on screen in the Harry Potter series.

19 Ten Points To Gryffindor!

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Luke Youngblood’s current appearance is a far departure from the boy we had seen in the first two Harry Potter movies. The actor is most well recognized for his role as the Quidditch commentator Lee Jordan. Unfortunately for Youngblood, his role was drastically cut short in the films as Lee Jordan was meant to be the Weasley twins’ best friend and was instrumental in the war against Voldemort. Still, he did leave a lasting impression and now we can marvel at the change for the better as far as his looks are concerned.

Simply looking at that jawline should be enough for him to have modeling gigs lined up.

He has grown into a handsome man who has ventured into Hollywood by this point in his career and was recently seen in the comedy series Community.

18 The Fiery Redhead

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There had been something subtle about Bonnie Wright’s performance as Ginny Weasley in her earlier, smaller roles in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban that made people stay aware of her as the character of Ginny would become a central player in the series starting from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. For Harry to fall for Ginny, who was described in the books as a fiery-haired, fierce beauty, Bonnie had to look the part. And she dispelled any doubts by the time The Half-Blood Prince came out.

She left behind the naive persona she once had and grew into a pretty and lively girl who retained the innocence in her facial features. Wright has done quite a bit of modeling work although her filmography hasn’t been the most active since her wizarding days.

17 Miss Patil

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Her role may have been somewhat of a blink and miss scenario, but Afshan Azad will always have the Yule Ball scenes in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to make her part of the Potter fandom. The actress played the role with as authenticity as was required of an Asian girl in a British school. Even over a decade later, Azad claims her role as Padma was a blessing.

The bright lights of fame seem to have gotten to her and she has swayed from religion and family in favor of a relationship with a Hindu man that did not sit well with her parents. Now estranged from them, Azad is reminiscent of a Kardashian personality as she posts glamorous shots of herself in social media. One thing is for sure, she’s definitely grown to be a beautiful woman in her own right.

16 Always Up To No Good

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It may take a moment for you to remember which character Scarlett Byrne played in Harry Potter, but who could ever forget her wildly accurate depiction of an attracted teenage girl lured by a love potion in The Half-Blood Prince? Byrne played Pansy Parkinson, the much-maligned girlfriend of Draco Malfoy at Hogwarts. She reprised the role for both Deathly Hallows sequels as well.

Byrne has matured into a very striking young lady, evidenced by her pictorial in men’s magazines.

She is engaged to Hugh Hefner’s son and did an uncovered photoshoot for the magazine. While it is disappointing she shed her innocence and childhood away, she has captured interest from the industry and will next be seen in the film Skybound.

15 How To Get Away With Looking Handsome

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Alfred Enoch always had been among the cutest cast members of the Harry Potter series in its early years. In the first few movies, his character Dean Thomas has a typical little boy voice but his bubbly smile made him one of notice despite his minor role. Dean was a standout among the background characters starting from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban due to Enoch’s height shooting up.

Since the gap between the second and third Potter film was more than two years, several actors had a change in appearance and Enoch’s struck people the most. He remained one of the more handsome actors on set and since the end of the series, he has been seen in the show How to Get Away with Murder.

14 Everyone's Favorite Girl

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Evanna Lynch’s story was one of triumph the moment she decided to seek out the role of Luna for herself. It is said Lynch had been told by JK Rowling herself that she would be up for the part if she could beat her anorexia issues. Eventually, as fate would have it, Lynch was our Luna.

Luna was a kook throughout but Evanna Lynch has wowed us with her appearance.

Showing everyone just how far she had left her body image issues behind, Lynch has been a mainstay in modeling as she promotes a healthy lifestyle for others to follow. It would seem she had a kinship to Luna Lovegood as since finishing up with the part she hasn’t been active as much as her fans would have liked.

13 The Only Way Is Up

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Christian Coulson was too old to have played Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in the first place. The actor was 24 years old but portrayed Tom Riddle at 16. Perhaps he got the role due to his model-like good looks. Coulson’s voice was also fully matured and had a dominating presence when shown on-screen in the film. Unfortunately for him by the time Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince came out he really was far too old to be playing Riddle again.

Coulson has become even more handsome than before.

Although his presence on screen has been sparse at best, the actor does have a few names to his credits. He was seen in a few films in the past decade but was most notable on TV in the US drama Nashville.

12 His Father Will Hear About This

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Tom Felton never went through a strange phase that almost all teenage boys have. The actor had been the smartest looking lad of all the cast members in the first two Harry Potter movies with his slicked back hair and bad boy persona. Emma Watson confessed the girls on set all had crushes on Felton, including herself.

He grew into his role starting from Prisoner of Azkaban and was a superb foil for the lower statured Daniel Radcliffe as Felton towered over him in later movies, providing further interest to the characters’ rivalry. He can be caught on TV in the popular show The Flash on The CW. Felton has also been in a string of films alongside his TV work.

11 No Need For Love Potions Anymore

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Anna Shaffer is also among those blink and you miss actors in the Harry Potter series. Her character’s role was relatively larger in the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince novel but on film, she is remembered for blowing a kiss at Harry and sending him love potion-laced chocolates.

She wouldn’t be relegated to the back judging by how she looks today.

Shaffer showed her diverse acting abilities in the TV series Hollyoaks where she played an extremely unlikable character. She eventually left that show, although remains memorable to fans, and was most recently seen in the Doctor Who spinoff Class. Considering she is still only in her mid-twenties and taking into account her good looks, Shaffer shouldn’t be worried about procuring work in the future.

10 Ron Won

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No one could make being in the friendzone as funny as Rupert Grint did in his performance as Ronald Weasley. Rupert was by no means a bad looking kid but he expertly created facial expressions that made us see him as nothing more than the plucky best friend who desires a girl he may never have. At the end of the series Ron had Hermione and a happy ending to boot.

Rupert would play another loser type character in an Ed Sheeran song Lego House where he was seen as an obsessive stalker. This penchant for playing down and out characters almost outshined Grint’s good looks as he is by no means one to ignore. Out of the golden trio, he was the tallest and much broader in frame compared to Daniel Radcliffe. He has kept a low profile recently but has retained millions of fans worldwide.

9 Once A Veela, Always A Veela

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Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Why should be included here when she was always a looker? After all, she was cast in the role of Fleur Delacour to fit in an actress who could match Delacour’s vibrant good looks. Fleur was a Veela, who was the most gorgeous of creatures in the Harry Potter universe and she certainly looked the part.

Her inclusion is here as Poésy is no longer a young girl as was seen in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and her beautiful features have evolved as her age has progressed. As far as acting is concerned she has been busy in her home country and has recently become a mother. She is also the poster girl for several brands.

8 Not A Geek Anymore

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The character of Colin Creevey was a blend of childish enthusiasm and extreme annoyance. Young Colin flanked Harry all over the castle seeking to take pictures of the boy who lived, contributing to the comic relief portion of the film. Thus, the actor portraying the character needed to look the part and the studio decided upon Hugh Mitchell. He had the appearance of a typical geeky boy and added in some jumpy mannerisms to make him even more so.

Today Mitchell has left his giddy days behind and has gone through several phases of his life where at one point he resembled a punk rocker. In recent times he has cleaned up his appearance. It’s hard to believe he had ever played a geek.

7 Forever Young

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Beating out over 3,000 girls who auditioned for the role, Katie Leung entered the world of Harry Potter in Goblet of Fire. The character of Cho Chang was never meant to be the most gorgeous of girls, but was pretty enough to capture Harry’s interest. Katie Leung had the face for it but it was her delicate portrayal that made her the right choice for the role.

It’s amazing to consider she’s already in her thirties!

Leung has retained the girl next door looks that had gotten her the part and has developed further into a more mature woman whose features have a youthful energy. She hasn’t been prominent recently, owing to her interest in photography in comparison to acting. But was seen in The Foreigner as Jackie Chan’s daughter.

6 Pretty All Along

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Don’t let her cartoonist image fool you into believing Jessie Cave is not an eye-catcher. The actress first stirred minor controversy when she was cast as Lavender Brown in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Lavender’s character was believed to be African-English by the majority of Harry Potter readers and Cave’s casting was perceived as whitewashing. She did a superb job playing an overly attached girlfriend to Ron Weasley and her final appearance was appropriately tragic that saw Lavender’s end.

Jessie has a dual look of sorts in that her career as a cartoonist has motivated her to adopt a look likened to nerdy girls while she is anything but when she chooses to appear in her normal visage. It’s hard to believe she is the mother of two already.

5 The Boy Who Lived

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In recent times Daniel Radcliffe has become as unlike Harry Potter as one might have thought to consider. The actor hardly resembles the wiry kid with untamed hair and glasses and has changed his appearance based on the demands of his film roles. Out of all the actors of the series he has been the most active in the industry. He has ventured to the stage, on TV and of course in film as well.

When sporting a beard and uncut hair, Daniel is a hunk to behold. He can even pull off other types of looks such as clean-shaven buzz cut he had in Imperium or the mop he grew for Victor Frankenstein. What remained common in all his different appearances was his movie star good looks.

4 He's A Keeper For Sure

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Cormac Mclaggen was meant to be more of an oafish character in the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince novel version, but in the film, he was played by Freddie Stroma who was admittedly a much more handsome person than was required. The actor played Cormac well though as his obnoxiousness put off most of the people who saw him.

Freddie Stroma, though, has quite the range when it comes to acting.

He has been seen in a war film such as 13 Hours and in dramatic roles along the likes of UnReal and Game of Thrones. As can be seen in the picture, he retains his handsome features despite putting on a different get up for his roles. It must come naturally to him.

3 The Heartthrob

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Who would have ever thought the boy who played Cedric Diggory would become the biggest heartthrob for teenagers? The role of Cedric demanded a good looking lad with a boy next door personality and Robert Pattinson played him with a touch of patience that gave Cedric a more laid back personality.

A few years after that he would be the ideal man for girls worldwide.

Bagging the lead role in Twilight, Pattinson switched his image from a nice guy to a total hunk. His physique contributing to millions of girls fainting in awe. Pattinson is a talented actor who has again undergone a change from the apple of girls’ eye to taking more gaunt and gritty roles such as his turn in The Lost City of Z.

2 Big D

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Despite it being well over a decade since Melling was seen in full as Dudley Dursley in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, he is still regarded as a brutish person in stature. That is all far from the truth, however, as Harry has lost the weight he is associated with for years now. In fact, he had to be cosmetically prepared to look like the overweight Dudley in deleted scenes from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1.

Harry was glad to be done with the character and start over.

He wasn’t seen in future roles since his Dudley days until he appeared in the film The Lost City of Z, still seeming handsome and allowing viewers to finally see him on screen in his reduced weight.

1 The Beauty

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Emma Watson was never a girl unfancied. Even back when Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone came out in 2001, boys her age were left open-jawed. However, for people a little older, the sight of a bookworm with bushy hair would indicate she was destined to play nerd girl types in the future.

Emma would shatter those misgivings and emerge as an all-out beauty.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire gave us the first glimpse of Emma Watson as a girl to be taken seriously when her famous Yule Ball scene was shown in trailers. There has been no looking back and Watson was hounded by modeling agencies for shoots. She acquiesced and became an ambassador for a number of products and is still very much active in the film industry.

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