25 “All Grown Up” Versions Of Cartoon Movie Characters

Disney, Pixar, and Studio Ghibli... we've gotten all kinds of amazing animated films from these companies and similar studios over the years, each one leaving an impact. Whether it was a fairy tale brought to life or a tale of adventure and monsters, we've all had a list of animated films we loved as a kid, and heck, we still have a list we love from today! There's just something about animated works and how creative one can get with them that tickles the imagination.

But like any other kind of story, it's the characters that really help it work. In the world of animated movies, especially those made by studios like Disney and Dreamworks, there are a lot of interesting characters that have been dished out. When you think about it, a lot of those characters were either young adults or kids, who through their fantastical (and at times terrifying) adventures, matured and learned.

Now, what's more fun than watching these characters and their films? Why, checking out the things that fandoms come up with after the story, of course! As the more famous animated characters are kids, it's not really a surprise that certain artists would want to get into the "grown up" style of art. While it may be something that a number of artists are doing, there are those who not only create creative works, but also make something that hits the heart and brings a smile.

25 Like Mother, Like Daughter

via: hyzenthlay89.deviantart.com

Melody was the first-ever confirmed child of a Disney princess, and there was quite the mixed response to both her and her story. Still, it wasn't too bad, in my opinion, and at least the film had continuity to it. In the end, it was clearly shown that Melody was happy to be a human, as she and her family from both land and sea were finally able to be reunited. Still, you can't help but imagine what it would be like if she had decided to take to the sea like her mother did to land, no? Hyzenthlay89 is the one to commend for bringing that idea to life with this lovely piece, as they maintained Melody’s pink tail and gave her some slight changes to show her maturity.

24 Looks Like She's A Full Time Adventurer Now

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While Sofia the First is technically a TV series, it did start off as a movie. In the beginning, the most that was known about Sofia was that she was less than confident in being a princess, yet had the best qualities of one, and can even gain magic abilities when she does certain good deeds. As the series progressed, it was shown that more than being kind and learning to see past appearances, she's also an idealist and a pragmatist, with her own worries over the responsibilities given to her. With how much she's faced as a young girl, just imagine her when she's an adventuring young adult! JessimiG’s design shows not only Sofia's signature purple look, but with a bit of an update. There's also little details to show that she is more than just a simple princess, whether it be the book, the design, or even the cloak.

23 He's A Spirit You Can't Tame

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Jim Hawkins was one of the rare and unique male teen characters to have been dished out by Disney. He was a free-spirit and cared for his mother, but was an angry teen to say the least because of his father leaving him and his mother… yeah, this was a character that really got the worst of the backstories in the Disney line-up. While it was made clear that he became an official officer at the end, it was also shown that he will have that part of him who would take to the never-ending skies if he could. It is with that concept that we get this near-accurate looking image done by adrians-angel. From the way he still keeps his little tuft of hair and turned it into a braid instead of a ponytail to that navy jacket he’s sporting, he’s all grown up, but that doesn’t mean he’s completely changed who he is.

22 A Stylish Update

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Whoever thought of the idea of villains not being completely bad and having a goofy and good side to them, bringing in a new animated type of villain, is amazing. From Dr. Doofenshmirtz to Gru, both brought different things to the comedy and villain genre. Agnes, Margo and Edith, on the other hand, were a group of kids that really brought in the heart of the film with their personalities and stories. Courtesy of viria13, we get a look into a possible future for the girls as teens, and from the looks of it, they gave an update to their general outfits. Just the way that they were designed by the artist gives them a rather stylish feel to them, but at the same time it keeps to their characters, as shown by Agnes’ unicorn doll.

21 He's Official Now

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There have been all kinds of vampire films over the years, but the way that Hotel Transylvania gave a family theme mixed in with a “forbidden love” story and comedic moments? It gave something a bit new and fun to the subculture of supernatural films, especially animated ones. As Jonathan is pretty much the secondary hero and the only human, he’s the one that is able to grow up from a teen. As the others are pretty much immortal, however, it’s pretty understandable that no one would want to see the guy turn into some old man. So rather than “growing up”, Nightliight presents a more of “growing into” imagery of the teen developing into the role of vampire. It’s a simple thing, but he does look settled, at least.

20 It's A Family Picture, What Else Can Be Said?

Who here still has the song stuck in their head? No matter how long it has been since this film has been released, Frozen has left quite the impressive mark for Disney. It had female empowerment, magic, and it had the catchiest songs to ever be released... what little girl didn’t love the movie? Since the two princesses are young adults, it would be rather easy to imagine them as fully-grown adults and with a family, given that Anna has Kristoff. Just look at this artwork done by NightLiight; just the way that they are gathered together and the three main characters all have signs of having matured and looking so happy with the children... it makes for a most lovely family portrait.

19 Can We Have This Become Real?

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Anyone here fond of stories with knights and kings? Well, Sword in the Stone was one of the top films that Disney has dished out that dealt with the medieval theme. Like many classic films at the time, it had magic, adventure, and good characters to tie the story together. Arthur is one of the rare young male lead characters in the Disney universe, and they made him rather enjoyable. As the film ends with him entering into his role as king, you can’t help but wonder what it would be like if he was older and got settled. Umidelmare gives a solid idea to that scenario with her art piece, presenting Arthur in a more regal outfit and having Excalibur at his side, it’s a near-accurate image for a sequel film.

18 They're Still Weird, But In A Good Way

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live a life where you got everything you wanted? Coraline brought that idea to life and gave it a horror twist that left quite the impact in the stop motion animation world. In the film, one of the fun aspects to watch was the interaction between Coraline and Wybie and how their friendship had developed. With this image shared by one Dragon Queen, we get a fun little look on how it would be like if they grew up in one way, and from the look of it, they’re still rather quirky kids. Even if Coraline moved onto a more rebellious-looking style and Wybie simply updated his look, you can still see a reflection of them as kids too.

17 It's Not Easy Being A Supernatural Teen

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Paranorman was a supernatural film that actually tackled on some pretty interesting issues that’s not often seen in animated films. It had horror elements, but it also managed to mix in emotional moments that worked in more ways than one. However, being a kid that is able to see the dead wherever he goes would be a rather inconvenient thing the older you get, if you think about it. Can you just imagine him being a teen and having to not only deal with all the changes going on with his body but all the ghosts butting in at the wrong times? This work shared by one Morgan Manuel gives a rather realistic idea. It wouldn’t be a surprise that as he gets older, he would get tattoos for some reason or other, and gets into the goth/punk style... but just the way the he looks so exasperated with the spirits surrounding him is on point.

16 You Can Already Smell The Sequel

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Vanellope was a fun and quirky kid who brought most of the heart and fun to Wreck it Ralph. She was basically a cute kid who got the short end of the stick, but ended with a pretty sweet ending. Now, as a character in a young girly-themed game, she can’t technically “grow up” so to speak. That doesn’t mean that the developers of the game couldn’t create a sequel of the game with them as older characters to appeal to new audiences, though. Already, a possible promo picture for the new game has been made by MabyMin. From the font of her name to how she’s rocking a new hairstyle and working that pose, all it needs is the title and a release date and this might just get legit!

15 Even New Heroes Need Good PR

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Now, before anyone starts up any flames for the fact that two of the characters are wearing capes, hear me out… well, technically read me out, but still. Anyone who knows about The Incredibles will of course know about Edna Mode and her feelings about costumes with capes. But there is also the chance that this rather well-detailed work done by MabyMin is some sort of promotional poster work for the trio; it sure looks like one! And, putting aside the capes, you have to admit that they look incredible, no pun intended. You can clearly tell that all three of them have settled into their powers and had grown into rather confident kids who are following in their parents' footsteps. What’s more, you can see how little details on the costumes work in tune to their powers.

14 She's Become A Real Warrior Queen

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Merida is the first princess to truly step out of the general norm of the Disney princess and not get a prince. She’s a free spirit who wants to go her own way, and her story of growth and reconciliation with her mother made for a lovely fairy tale-like film. Okay, yes, there's Rapunzel and Anna and Elsa, but again, Merida didn’t have a male lead with her, nor did she have any special abilities. With the way that she has developed as a princess, she can only do better as a queen. Eolewyn1010 presents the perfect image for that with Merida not only growing up to be this archery-skilled queen, but from the looks of her cloak she may as well gain the title of “Bear Queen,” as the artist stated for the concept.

13 This Is How It Could/Should Have Gone

via: freakdearts.deviantart.com

Secret of Kells was a film that made a combination of art and fantasy and came out a work of wonder, drama and emotion. For many who are fans of the film, Aisling and Brendon were a cute pair of friends who would have made a lovely couple if given the chance, but then the dark moments of the film kicks in and we all get our hearts punched into pieces with what happens to Aisling. But here’s an idea from artist freakdearts: what if the Northmen hadn’t come? This lovely image brings a possible image to that scenario. Combining a realistic aspect and the art of the film, the idea of the two growing older together and figuring things out together is a truly sweet thought.

12 They're True Believers

via: zerochan.net

Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians was a character who struck many when he was introduced. Whether it was his fun-seeking personality, roguish looks, or his tragic beginning, fans all over have gone gaga over him. Since he is an immortal spirit, he can’t technically “grow up,” but then we can’t forget Jamie. Who else’s heartstrings got tugged when he first saw Jack and he realized he could be seen? Now, courtesy of night_kitty55, we have a new scene that would tug at heartstrings if it ever come to life. This scene just seems so playful and sweet in many ways, from the way Jack’s face seems to say, “Don’t I know you?” and the two are so happy to see him... Just think, even as they grew they always believed. Let’s pause and try and handle the feels here.

11 They Look Like They're In Their Prime

via: phobs.deviantart.com

Dragons, vikings, and friendship... these are just a few points that made How to Train your Dragon good. Many will always remember those sweet and funny moments between Hiccup and Toothless as their friendship developed. Sure, we get sequel where we see him as a 20-something and even a series that explored his growth, but what about taking things just a few years further with him reaching his prime? Just look at this piece done Phobs; while the changes are slight, the way that the two look so content and how the picture looks like an actual portrait from the film is enough to make any fan smile. But while the two look content, it also shows that they had their fair share of adventures too and had grown in different ways from them.

10 He's So At Peace

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There have been different stop-motion films that have tackled the fantasy genre and different kinds of lore, like Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, and Corpse Bride. Each one tackled on the different concepts of creatures and fantasy intermingling with humans. Kubo and the Two Strings, though? We need more animated films like this! It also helps that Kubo is a real young hero to appreciate, and with the ending having him be at peace, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine him growing up and still doing what he loves, as shown with this rather legit piece done by ALASXE. From the way he still keeps part of his style, to how at peace he seems just performing for his female audience, does anyone else sense a potential ship with this picture?

9 He's Learned From The Best

via: deviantart.com

For fans of the Disney animated musical Oliver & Company, here's a great one! You might remember "Why Should I Worry," which was performed by Dodger and was a piece to remember as he showed his vast knowledge about the streets of New York, while helping Oliver steal some hot dogs, all with a little swagger. The carefree and charismatic dog was super snazzy throughout the movie. The way that Oliver tried to catch up to him and fit himself into the crew was adorable. Now, just imagine if their roles got switched as Oliver grew older. Artist Duces-Wild gives the perfect image to that scenario. Just look at the two: Dodger looks like a proud old dad, and Oliver looks all grown and seems rather cheeky too.

8 Get Ready For Some Ladies Swooning Here

via: tumblr.com

Many will remember The Iron Giant for the story, the comedy, and the beautiful friendship between Hogarth and the Iron Giant. Overall, the film was just a wonderful adventure between a boy and his robot. Then there was that ending that got people starting to root for a sequel, and with the creativity of the fandom, we've seen all kinds of fan work done for this movie. Still, as amazing as some of these fan creations of the titular Iron Giant are, it'd be nice to see more about Hogarth, our main boy from the movie. Not only does it look like a more cleaned up version of the original art, but it also brings up some new possibilities for the character, like maybe wanting to be a pilot. Artist christee-expressions did a great job!

7 He's All Grown But Still A Dreamer

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Pinocchio was a true cautionary tale for many kids, from the shady villains to Pinocchio himself turning into a half-donkey because he didn't listen to his conscience. It was a film that toed the line quite a bit, and yet it still made quite the adventure all the same. Like any fairy tale film from Disney, Pinocchio did get his happy ending and became a real boy. But what happens after? That’s a question that has been asked for all kinds of fairy tale films and for this one, Madame-Kikue gives an answer with her own teen concept of the character. In her description, she described this grown-up Pinocchio as a dreamer and an artist but with a maturity and wisdom to him... sounds fitting, doesn’t it?

6 She's A Fully Grown Princess Now

via: melaniedelon.deviantart.com

It may not be the most popular movie on this list, but Black Cauldron did present an actual fantasy film with some rather dark elements. Though the story does take focus on the hero Taran and his journey towards defeating the villain, one mustn’t forget that the Princess Eilonwy took part of the adventure too. She is witty, kind, and is the able-to-save-herself type of princess. She even has her very own magic bauble and deserved more appreciation, especially if you know how she is in the books. Now, just imagine if she not only grew up but was given a slight realistic touch. This is the beautiful result done by artist melaniedelon, looking at it you would think it was an actual medieval painting.

5 It Looks Like Any Other Day For Them

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While action, adventure and fantasy make up a lot of good points for the majority of Studio Ghibli, there are some of them that take the tone and bring a more slice of life perspective, such as Kiki’s Delivery Service. It had witches and flying, sure, but the main thing that made it what it is is Kiki’s development on the island that she had chosen to live in. Here we have a more grown look to the characters, done by an artist by the name of Punziella. By the look of their design, it seems as Kiki has found her own place and has developed her own style outside of her traditional black dress. Then we see how comfortable she looks just walking with Tonbo, and you can't help but smile.

4 I Think We're Looking At Concept Art

via: pinterest.com

Studio Ghibli has been known to dish out all kinds of fantasy works that have left a mark on both the anime and animated movie worlds. With this film, we have not only a have a cute story between two kids in a twist of The Little Mermaid, but we also get this epic sort of adventure involving the ocean, all set in one small town. But like any other work that has kids as heroes, you can’t help but think on what they would be like if they were older. Courtesy of a Pinterest shared by one Maryam Rezanassab, we get a rather accurate looking idea, with just a slight shift in their style. Ponyo and Sousuke ended up looking like a true and developed couple to join the Studio Ghibli line up.

3 They All Matured In Different Ways

via: milady666.deviantart.com

It had robots, it had friendship, and it had a cute cuddly character that made the perfect plush toy and action figure. Big Hero 6 was a fun sci-fi story that had great characters and a good story. Throughout the film, we follow through Hiro’s journey as he and his friends turn into superheroes. Seeing as he is 14 or so in the film and we have seen the interaction between him and his brother, it is not too hard to imagine him and the group as a few years older, and taking a bit after his brother, as shown by artist Milady666. And since the piece sets itself 5-6 years later, it is no surprise that there have been changes placed for the other characters as well. Whether it be the cut hair or grown beard, it works.

2 It's Everyone's Wish Made Into Possibility

via: viria13.deviantart.com

Spirited Away is known by many as one of the greatest animated films to have ever been released during the 2000s. Whether you love its art, story, or characters, the film was a truly amazing fantasy adventure film set in a beautiful yet frightening world. When you enter into the film, you can’t help but find yourself drawn into Chihiro’s journey and how relatable she is as a character. Then you see the ending, and you can’t tell whether you’re satisfied or feel like you’re drowning in tears. There have been many who have come up with their own versions of the reunion between Chihiro and Haku, but this piece done by viria13 just takes the cake. And the fact that the art looks almost like an updated version of the original… anyone else need a tissue?

1 Are Any Words Needed?

via: orangecurl.deviantart.com

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this art piece done by artist OrangeCurl is a prime example of that. Many have remembered Up for that first 10 minutes that made multiple audiences tear up. But more than that, it gave us a beautiful story of adventure, friendship, and accepting the loss of loved one. While the story, art, and adventure gave a wonderful impact of drama and fun, it is the characters that truly tied the film together, especially the friendship between Russell and Mr. Frederickson. Really, just one look at this art piece and you can already feel its story tugging at your heartstrings.

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