25 "All Grown Up" Versions of Your Favorite Disney Characters

Here at TheGamer, we definitely focus on the video games everyone is talking about and that is great, but I think what I am doing in this article is even greater. Gaming may not be a thing everyone is into, but Disney... oh everyone loves that stuff. If you say a Disney film or show has not influenced you in some way, you, my dear sir or madame, are straight up lying! Disney touches our hearts and connects with our souls, but yet it can still get better than that.

It is a shame that these characters from these stories we love enter our lives for 2 hours or a few seasons of T.V. and then are just gone. However, fan art keeps their lives and their stories and the feelings they evoke alive. That guy from that show that hasn't aired since early 2000s has a career now, the Disney kids you learned from as a kid are now adults themselves. And today, we take a look at where their stories have taken them?

Ever wonder where Penny Proud is at in life? Have thought about how Boo has grown up after the events of Monsters Inc.? Has it ever even crossed your mind what Lilo looks like on this very day? Well, I just so happen to have all of those answers and even more as we take a look at the future, grown-up versions of our favorite Disney characters.

25 Life's A Jungle... Book

via: deviantart.com

After the events of Disney’s The Jungle Book, Mowgli’s life continued on. And according to this artist’s vision, he and Shanti got together and never looked back. I can imagine the wedding scene. It was a jungle wedding obviously, perhaps it took place at the foot of that there waterfall, and of course we had Baloo as the best man and then as expected, we got Bagheera officiating the thing. All in all, it is nice to see that even after being raised in the jungle that Mowgli still learned the right way to treat a lady. The flowers are a nice touch. This older Mowgli has an Aladdin kind of look going for him, while still retaining his Mowgli look, so I approve of this one. It Baloo me away. Check out AgiVera on DeviantArt for more.

24 I Wish She Was My Boo

via: deviantart.com

While being named Boo, there is not much scary about this one. Other than that it is scary good. This fan art of a teenaged Boo gives us our first look at her since Monster Inc., when she was two years old. She is still sporting those bangs and pigtails and still holds Sulley and Mike Wasowski close to her heart. The fan art that gets pumped out from the internet astonishes me consistently. Even without her signature clothing, it would not be hard to tell it was Boo. The facial details are not too drastically different to where you cannot tell who it is. The artist’s detail and subtlety in aging her up has made her easily recognizable, while still aging her. BoFeng gives us this futuristic rendition of Boo from DeviantArt.

23 Yassss King

via: deviantart.com

For every sword from stone pulling kid, there is a goofy, confused looking grown up king rendering to supplement. It is to great benefit to the kingdom that their king has grown up, because let’s face it, having a child rule the kingdom is seldom a good thing. I mean, look at how Game of Thrones turns out… The Sword in the Stone is a Disney classic from 1963, which due to its release year is one of the lesser-seen Disney movies. It tells the tale of Arthur Pendragon’s birthright of greatness and is the precursor to the stories of the Knights of the Round Table. Though it is a classic to some and unheard of for others, I think we can all agree that this grown up version of Arthur from Lokotei is both apt and simple.

22 He's The American Dragon

via: instagram.com

American Dragon: Jake Long had a pretty short stint in 2005 for about two years, but I do believe it was popular enough for many readers to see this and go, “OHHHH!” This drawing by Instagram user Tasia.M.S captures the essence of the characters so well while simultaneously creating an entirely new and more mature look for Jake and friends. Rose looks like the classic, modern hipster chick in your AP class, Spud looks like that dude from your high school that’s going to try and make it as a rapper, and Trixie looks like a bad ass skater chick. Then of course we have Jake looking crisp as ever with the dragon patch on his jacket, still with his skateboard in reach. It’s so refreshing to see such a contemporary version of this ten-year-old show, especially one drawn so remarkably.

21 Mrs. & Mr. Possible

via: instagram.com

Let's be honest for a second here. We all knew Kim wore the pants in this relationship, so yes, Ron took her last name. Werk! It seems that in between saving the world, Kim and Ron got hitched and got busy. Their daughter has her father's eyes and freckles and her mother's hair and smile. This picture was posted on the Instagram account disneyshows and I cannot see this picture without wondering where Rufus is? A quick Google search revealed to me that naked mole rats do indeed live in excess of 30 years, and thus I arrive at the delighted conclusion that Rufus is still kicking it and is probably in Ron's suit pocket as we speak. I'm not sure I would want to see a grown up version of Rufus. He's probably all wrinkly and looks like a giant wad of chewed gum.

20 Building A Rocket Or Fighting A Mummy Or Having A Kid!

via: deviantart.com

It appears that Phineas did not out grow the cranial malformation that makes his head like a Dorito, but it seems he’s happy and it is not affecting him too much. On the bright side, he did not pass on this mutation to his daughter that he fathers with Isabella, his childhood sweetheart. I would say high school sweetheart, but they were never actually in school… that was kind of the whole premise. This quite likely future is the creation of DeviantArt user Star-Charm. If you can get past how weird it looks to have an adult body with a tortilla chip for a head, then you can really appreciate this piece and the story it tells. It tells the story of young love that made it all the way. Now THAT’S some grown up type stuff…

19 Maximum Goof

via: instagram.com

After An Extremely Goofy Movie, aka one of the best Disney movies ever, Max Goof graduated and apparently became one of those dudes on social media that posts pictures with their cat. More power to you Max, you are looking good and apparently skipped over the awkward "Hyuck, garsh!" stage that your dad is perpetually in. As you can see now, this Instagram pic of Max has him rocking a bit of a handlebar 'stache with a nice looking beard, flexing on Insta with that Socrates-esque, fingers-under-chin thinking pose to make all the ladies swoon. We hope the only girl he's trying to make swoon is Roxanne, though. They are the day one ship that none of us want to sink. That is unless you are truly heartless and this picture evokes zero sense of nostalgia.

18 School's Out

via isaiahstephens.deviantart.com

I maintain to this day that Recess is one of the most underrated shows of all time. As a massive fan of this group growing up, it pleases me immensely to see how they turned out once they got out Ms. Finster's grasp. We see that Vince is playing pro ball for the Celtics now, Mikey is some sort of hipster that walks around with a lute, as if he were a modern day minstrel, Gretchen seems to a teacher of some sort now, Gus got stuck with the army motif and appears to be a soldier now, Spinelli still has the same old style, but seems much happier now, and T.J. still refuses to turn that hat around straight. This wonderfully nostalgic piece is brought to us by Just-AO on DeviantArt.com. But I wonder what Randall is like now...? He's probably still a snitch.

17 Left The Lying Life Behind

via: deviantart.com

I would like to start this by saying that this picture is extremely unsettling for me to look at because Pinocchio's nose is actually normal! I am serious. I am typing this paragraph with the picture completely scrolled up, out of sight because it is so weird to me. I saw Pinocchio from a very young age, so I have no recollection of what he looked like as a real boy with a normal nose, so when I saw this, I was, and still am, a bit shook. Hyung86's DeviantArt rendition shows how this real boy became a real man, "Cut Your Strings" t-shirt and all. Maybe he should have ditched the fedora look, considering the connotation that carries nowadays, but he still looks fly.

16 Looks Like Never Finally Came

via: deviantart.com

I realize that imagining Peter Pan, or in this case drawing him, as grown up is inherently blasphemous in the Pandom (Peter Pan fandom, the name of which I kind of just made up now, but the pun has probably been used hundreds of times before). However, that is almost just why I had to include it. Aside from the movie Hook, we do not really get a reimagining of Peter as a boring ol' because he is in Neverland never growing old and stuff. This version of Peter is brought to us by CrystallizedTwilight on DeviantArt, who still imagines grown Peter with his boyish look and youthful face. Perhaps even if Peter does grow up, he has some residual Neverland magic on him that still makes him a child in appearance, but with an adult's stature.

15  The Proud Crowd

via: deviantart.com

This one is amazing for a couple of reasons. Mad props to PayLe of DeviantArt for creating this very real masterpiece. I love this one because it is so real. I mean, these are people I know, they don't look like they started as cartoons, these look like they were modeled after actual people that were then animated, yet at the same time, they are still recognizable as their characters. Also, PayLe includes small stories about what the gang is up to four years after graduating high school. Penny is about to start graduate school, Sticky is producing tracks, and LaCienega has started modeling. All the stories are seriously so fitting, you have to go check it out, this is such a high quality rendition.

14 The Quack Pack

via: deviantart.com

Huey, Dewey, Louie and Gosalyn are all grown up. Well, kind of. They look to be about teenagers here, but this is certainly a light we have not seen them in. Huey looks like the dude that will 100% steal your girl with a single glance. Dewey looks a little out of it, I'm gonna be honest. I bet he's not even playing with a yo-yo and that its just a ball attached to a string, but it doesn't matter because anything is entertaining when you're as gone as Dewey. Louie is eyeing Gosalyn real hard, so I don't know if there's a little somethin' somethin' there. I'm not one to comment on duck mating rituals, so I'll just leave that to the experts. All credit to DeviantArt user DisneyFan-01 for this one.

13 C. Robin: International Super Spy?

via: deviantart.com

I actually really like this one because there is more to it than meets the eye. This art work shows a grown up Christopher Robin scheming with Winnie the Pooh. In the background you can see a holo-display that has a mysterious blonde man with the word "target" across his face. This is where it gets good. DeviantArt user Kizer180 envisions a future where grown up Christopher Robin has some serious beef with Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes (notice Calvin on the holo-display and the Hobbes sketch right above Pooh's head). The two dyads clash in Kizer180's art series title Parting Shot: Grown Up Calvin and Hobbes vs. Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh. It even includes the background story about how this feud started. Definitely check this one out.

12 Gotta Lotta Hamada

via: pinterest.com

It's okay to cry on this one. Hiro and Tadashi Hamada may have never got to have this moment, but that's the best part about being a fan of an animated movie. It can always be drawn the way you want. Granted that if Tadashi lives, Big Hero 6 does not really have a precipitating event, but that moment was just far too sad to not want to erase forever and ever. Well, if it is only in the world of online art, I am glad that Hiro finally gets a chance to outgrow Tadashi. They grew up just as we would have expected. They clearly resemble their selves of yesterday, but are still noticeably aged. The artist that posted this to Pinterest really made it easy to recognize them. I have had minimal exposure to this movie, yet immediately knew who it was depicting.

11 Doug The Thug

via: deviantart.com

Check this realistic take on Disney's early 1990s cartoon, Doug. When Doug takes place, all these kids are in elementary school, but look at them now. All grown up, but this time in a hilariously large leap in animation quality. The whole gang is here. We of course have the titular character, Doug Funnie, and his sister Judy along with their outgoing dog Porkchop. Then naturally, there is also his arch-nemesis Roger Klotz and his cat, Stinky, on the far right. What a terrible name for a pet... anyway, we got Patty Mayonnaise in there too (what a terrible name for a human) and Doug's homie, Skeeter. Seeing the modernized styles of what these kids wore on the show shows some serious creativity. Mad props to DeviantArt user IsaiahStephens for this dope rendition.

10 Hey Girl, Heihei

via: deviantart.com

The sea agrees with grown up Moana. After some years, it seems she has acquired quite the affinity for controlling the water. It seems ever since returning the heart of Te Fiti, things have been looking up. I am very glad to see both of her animal companions are still kicking it. I kind of figured Pua would still be around, but I am a bit shocked that the accident prone Heihei has not drowned himself, walked into a fire or gotten himself crushed by a falling coconut. What is future Moana doing? Is she leading her people or is the call of the ocean too strong? Either way, DeviantArt user RamzyKamen absolutely hit it out of the park with this grown-up Moana.

9 My Tears Short-Circuited My Laptop

via: deviantart.com

*Fighting back tears* WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO THIS TO ME? WHY??? I haven't cried this much since watching The Notebook. This very dehydrating and touching piece was created by Kristal Babich. If you want to see more of Kristal's work, then head over to pixiepunch.com. While you are there, you can also file a grievance for making you feel these feels. I mean, Russell still has the grape soda pin! After all this time, he still has it. He's gotta be almost 30 in this piece! And do NOT get me started on Dug being in heaven with Ellie and Carl. That is SO not cool. Dogs are so pure and should live forever! And few dogs are as pure as my boy Dug. Such a good boy.

8 The Not-So-Little Mermaid

via: blogspot.com

This one is special because unlike most of the others it looks like it may have been hand-painted. Somehow, without even changing her look, DeviantArt use Kazeki made Ariel look so much more mature. And she looks awesome! This painting is insanely beautiful with the deep blue of the ocean clashing with Ariel's relentlessly red mane. She still has that youthful glow, but then again, I do imagine it's easy to keep your skin hydrated if you live submerged in water. It seems she has made friends with the jellyfish now, which is a worrisome thought for the fate of Sebastian the crab, who very well could be being made into an exquisite bún riêu cua as we speak. Let's hope it hasn't come to that, but also I think we should be realistic here.

7 Newest Detective Film(ore!)

via: deviantart.com

So I was making a list of Disney characters that I should show the grown-up versions of and I did not quite have enough. So, I thought to myself... "this list needs to be filled more." Filled more. Fill. More. Fillmore. And so, through an absolutely ridiculous epiphany, I bring you this awesome noir art of X Middle School's favorite safety patrol pair Ingrid Third and Cornelius Fillmore. DeviantArt user TheArtrix shows us what would happen if Ingrid and Cornelius kept going and pursued a future as detectives. This straight up looks like a poster for a detective movie or television series. A perfect integration of the grit that Fillmore! had parodied during its run on Disney Channel, but this time they're catching much more than the tartar sauce smuggler...

6 We're All Grown Here

via: deviantart.com

Alice has certainly grown up since her last visit to Wonderland. Little Alice Liddell is now back, made up, tatted all over, and clearly very matured. Her overall look is very Las Vegas-y, if that makes any sense, ya know? Her outfit gives off that French maid vibe, which is not too far a cry from her iconic dress, so that integration is a nice touch. I would also like to point out the absolutely bewildered look on the White Rabbit's face as if he has never seen knees before. And the cat in the tea cup? That has to violate at least five different health codes! Thanks to Toxentra from DeviantArt for this pin up version of Alice, but I have one question... WHY HAS THE RABBIT NEVER SEEN KNEES???

5 They've Seen Things No Toy Should See...

via: pinterest.com

I actually could not find the name of the artist who made this anywhere. It's a shame. Not only because I want to give them credit, but I simply must ask what sort ultra realistic, dystopian Toy Story nightmare this came out of. Buzz looks like a mix of a helmetless Darth Vader and Mr. Freeze, whereas Woody is equal parts Jesse McCree and Chuck Norris. I cannot help but think this might be StarCraft inspired. It makes sense. We have a spaceman. A cowboy. StarCraft is about space cowboys... yeah, mind blown, right? I cannot imagine the horrors that befell Buzz and Woody after Andy left for college, but all I can say now is... looks like the toys are back in town.

4 Way Better Than Parr For The Course

via: deviantart.com

I had a hard time tracking down the artist for this one, but from the signature on the picture, it seems maybe their name is Aby Chan. If anyone knows who penned this, let me know. If there was anyone among us that thought the Parr kids could look this cool, let them come forward, because I certainly would not have expected this. Dash looks ripped as heck and looks to possibly be paying homage to Kid Flash. Then there's Violet, who has what appears to be a dope waist-down cape, which could only mean one thing... either the Parr kids are disloyal to the family costume designer, or Edna Mode has changed her opinion on capes. Then we have Jack-Jack, last seen going absolutely ballistic, who now has a very fitting devil costume going for him. This makes me want The Incredibles 2 more than ever. Pixar... HURRY UP!

3 That's One Bad Glitch

via: deviantart.com

It seems the only glitch in history anyone has ever liked did not have a bug in her code preventing her from glowin' up, because there she is, Princess Vanelope Von Schweetz, just being herself the only way she can... by being an awesome glitch. Now, I ain't no sucker, but if I was, I would want to be the one in her hand right here. Thank you, thank you, I will accept my Nobel Prize for candy wordplay now. She has the balance of bad and sweet down to a T. Complete with peppermint stockings, hair sprinkles (with a singular gummy bear) and that licorice ribbon, she is the girl that could get you to do anything and NOT just because she is the princess of Sugar Rush. Shout out to DeviantArt user Irving-zero for this one.

2 Be Careful Who You Call Ugly In Hula Class

via: deviantart.com

The age old adage goes, "Be careful who you call ugly in middle school." However, 'twas in hula class where that red headed mean girl, Myrtle (nice name, by the way, it sounds like turtle, who are known for being slow... like YOU) came stepping to the wrong girl. Our girl Lilo is still chilling with Stitch, because you know ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind. It makes me smile to think Lilo is out there right now on her board feeding Pudge the fish some peanut butter, because you know... Pudge controls the weather. This painting was done by DeviantArt user Amylou2107 and was inspired by a sketch done by DeviantArt user JasmineAlexandra. Stellar job to them both for bringing us this beautiful look into the future of Lilo and Stitch.

1 That's A Lot Of Pixie Dust

via: pinterest.com

I could not find the name of the artist who created our last piece, but boy did they do an awesome job at growing Tink up. She really seems to have come into her own here, and looks like she's ready to take anything on. For Tinker Bell, like Peter Pan, it seems growing up is completely taboo and is something they would both rather get their hand eaten by a crocodile before doing. However, if this picture is anything to go off of, (and let's be honest, with ourselves... it totally is) then it is safe to say that Peter, Tink, and the like should embrace growing up. Because let's face it, it worked out pretty darn well for Tinker Bell here.

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