The Best Way To Promote Your Game At PAX West: Exclusive D&D Dice

Upcoming Xbox, PC, and mobile game Alluris is running a booth at PAX West 2019, where attendees can get exclusive Dungeons & Dragons dice.

Alluris is one of the many games being shown at this year's PAX West. Being at the show must be both crazy exciting and immensely nerve-wracking for the developers. On one hand, they're showing off their creation to a huge crowd of potential players. On the other, they have a lot of competition. Finding a way to stand out is key, and that usually involves some kind of swag. Pins are popular, as they're a Penny Arcade staple. T-shirts are also a solid choice. But the Alluris devs might be topping everybody by offering a set of metal Dungeons & Dragons dice.

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Alluris is a self-proclaimed "swipe-your-own adventure game" coming to Xbox One, PC, and iOS... soon. The announcement trailer claimed the release would be "Summer 2019" but we're running out of summer in 2019. Whenever Alluris releases, it will bring the choice-based adventures of Dungeons & Dragons and the random replayability of rogue-likes together. You adventure through a fantasy land that's rendered mostly through cards. By swiping left or right, you decide how to interact with the situation at hand, and that forms the path for your adventure.

The game wears its D&D influence proudly. One of the top tags on its Steam page is Dungeons & Dragons. Its PAX West 2019 booth is a tavern. Players can enter into a roofed area and demo the game. There's also a man dressed as an NPC who will give you a quest. It's there, in the tavern, where you can get the special dice set.

The dice are a nice yellow-and-gold color scheme, meant to echo the Alluris logo. The logo itself can also be seen replacing the 20 on the d20. They come in a metal padded case that has the game's name printed on top. Something this high-quality won't be just given away, however. The team makes note of the dice being for sale, but don't say for how much. Still, it's one of the better convention exclusives we've seen. Dice collectors love their limited-edition pieces, and this set won't disappoint. If it happens to also bring D&D fans into the world of Alluris, then it'll be a very successful PAX for the game.

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