Alternate Link's Awakening Cover Art Pays Tribute To The Real Hero

You may have heard about the legend of the hero. A lad so brave that he took on impossible odds to find and rescue the fair and wise princess of the magical land. Time has seen him take on many incarnations, but his signature look makes him iconic. We speak, of course, of the Legend of Zorldo. And the hero of this tale is none other than Lonk from Pennsylvania.

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Yet despite the fact that Lonk has brought so much joy to the Miis of the world, people seem to get him confused with some kid called Link. Fortunately, some fans honor the true tale of the green-clad hero. Fans like Reddit user Pearlgirl007, who frequents the subreddit NintendoSwitchBoxArt. Seeing that Nintendo quality control somehow let a new Zorldo game come out with the incorrect title of Link's Awakening, Peargirl007 took it upon herself to redesign the game's cover. Now we can bask in the glory of The Legend of Zorldo: Lonk's Awakening.

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This amazing custom box art puts Lonk where he belongs by swapping his face in where the pretender Link's once lay. Lonk is also given the proper facial expressions to react to the various scenarios on the game's cover. The totally-legit rating of L for Lonk is applied. And of course, a Lonk amiibo is advertised. Get on that, Nintendo.

Lonk from Pennsylvania's legend began to spread long ago, in a time called 2013. Know Your Meme credits a FunnyJunk post with making us aware of Lonk. The first image comes from the Nintendo 3DS Mii Plaza. If the 3DS is turned on, players' Miis will travel to other people's 3DS systems when they pass one another. The FunnyJunk user shared their discovery of a Mii named Lonk in their Mii Plaza, and the Pennsylvania-born hero moved to social media from there.

Since then, Lonk has resurfaced wherever Miis are available. He's even had a chance to cross swords with his doppelgängers in Super Smash Bros. Even so, Nintendo has yet to give Link his own game. Come on guys. If a Piranha Plant can be an official Smash Bro, Lonk certainly deserves to see his legend realized.

Sources: Reddit, Know Your Meme

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