25 Amazing Disney Girls Reimagined As New Moms

If Disney knows how to do one thing, it’s how to make a "Happily Ever After" ending. That moment when all is well, the villain is defeated, and everyone can go off happily into the sunset. But while the “Happily Ever After” moment might be a great place to end a story, it’s not the place where life ends. You can say that they lived happily for the rest of their lives, but life is complicated and throws unexpected challenges at you. One can assume our favorite Disney girls had to deal with several of life’s challenges, including having their own new babies.

Some Disney girls were confirmed to be mothers in sequels, but even then, they tactfully glossed over the sleepless nights and loud cries that come with a new baby.

I’m not implying having a baby is all terrible; in fact, I’m sure most Disney girls would make very good mothers. They’ve all been through something tragic that would motivate them to make a better future for their little ones. Plus, as most of them are princesses, they can probably afford a nanny to deal with all the crying, leaving them the peaceful, beautiful moments of joy.

It’s amazing when fans of a film show their appreciation with their artwork, and these reimagining’s of Disney girls as new parents show how much people care about these films, even decades after they came out. It’s how we see most of our favorites actually living their “Happily Ever After.” Fun and cuteness ahead!

25 Modern Melody

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Judging by the style of Ariel’s clothing, I’m assuming that this is a modern reimagining of classic Disney Princess Ariel and her canonical daughter Melody.

While our world doesn’t contain mermaids (as far as I know), there are also no evil sea witches.

So, Ariel and Melody can enjoy land and sea together without any risk of curses! Perhaps both mother and daughter can love the sea in this world, without having to live in it, which doesn’t sound as great as Sebastian was making it out to be.

Artwork by Kristen Reeves.

24 The Next Adventure

via ithelpstodream.tumblr.com

It really annoys me when people complain about Merida not finding her prince in Brave. It was a lovely film about family and adventure, but more importantly, she’s sixteen! Maybe she’ll find her prince when she is older, more mature and ready to get married.

This is probably a really unfortunate way to find out that triplets run in your family. It’s good that Merida has plenty of practice dealing with triplets from looking after her brothers, but those three girls are going to be a handful! Especially if they are as wild as she is.

Artwork by It Helps to Dream.

23 Little Miss Possible

via m-angela.deviantart.com

Even ten years after its original run ended, I still regard Kim Possible as the most notable Disney girl to come out of Disney Channel. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m excited about the live-action remake. Far from saving the world, however, this artwork is just a sweet family moment.

If your mother is Kim Possible, she’s going to have some exciting bedtime stories.

Even if she’s tidied them up a little bit to make them more kid-friendly. Perhaps she wouldn’t tell her child right away about her past. Maybe when she is a teenager and going into spy-training herself!

Artwork by M-Angela.

22 Heir Of Agrabah

via darkmatternova.deviantart.com

When I saw this, I pictured a very peaceful starry night. It’s very cool, with a gentle breeze coming in through the window as mother and baby lay in bed. Whether she has a girl or boy, I don’t think Jasmine would let her child go through what she went through, even though she did end up marrying someone she cared about. Her child will marry when they want and be safe with her.

I just hope that child doesn’t wake up screaming, vomiting and ruining this peaceful moment.

Artwork by DarkmatterNova.

21 Two Worlds

via ramij5.deviantart.com

This one feels very official! Pocahontas’ dress, for example, is very formal and probably not the most comfortable attire for a new mother. Accurate for England of the time perhaps, but not Pocahontas.

Disney’s romanticizing of Pocahontas’ real story is rather strange, given how tragic is all really was. Perhaps it was a way to give memory to a brave person, even if the story was remembered wrong. Despite Pocahontas’ tragic end, for Disney’s story, this is a sweet portrait of an extended family, with love, comfort, and support between them.

Artwork by RamiJ5.

20 Demi-Demi God

via giocondablu.deviantart.com

Perhaps this is me making snap judgments based on Hercules’ beard and slight lines under his eyes, but I like that these guys seem a bit older than they do in the film. Raising a baby is tough.

And it’s cute to think that at least someone in the Disney universe took some time to focus on themselves and their relationship before taking on a child.

Especially if that child is part god and can lift their mother up in the palm of their hand! It’s very cute how casually Meg looks about it all. “Yeah, this is what I signed up for.”

Artwork by Giocondablu.

19 New Light

via jackdawsonsgrl.deviantart.com

Before I mention the baby, I wanted to point out how great Rapunzel’s hair looks. I never understood why everyone, including Disney, draws Rapunzel with the same frayed locks from when Flynn cut them off with the sword. Yes, they won’t grow anymore, but she could surely go to a stylist and get it tidied up a bit.

I also like that they both look very different for the same reason as Hercules, I can’t imagine that these two would be in a hurry to have kids. Even though they would make patient and understanding parents, given their own childhoods.

Artwork by Jackdawsonsgrl.

18 Different Kind Of Warrior

via ithelpstodream.tumblr.com

I’m not going to lie, I do find it questionable when parents wrap their children in stereotypically gendered clothing from the moment they are born, wrapping their girls in pink, princesses, and sparkles. Their child hasn’t expressed any interests of their own, you’re just assuming what they would be.

I’d love to see this from the other way around. A non-conformist like Mulan watching her daughter express interest in fairies and princesses, even though she’s never pushed them on her. Of course, Mulan wouldn’t understand it, but she’d love her kid all the same.

Artwork by It Helps to Dream.

17 Additional Beauty

via nikkibelle18.deviantart.com

I’m not sure what it is, but something about this couple makes them look really perfect in a modern setting. They just slip into it really interesting. Perhaps the true relationship test for Aurora and Philip would be them having a meet-cute and building a relationship over time with hard work, rather than being set up by their parents at a young age.

There is something about seeing a family in a park that makes having kids look worth it. Or a sunny day when everyone is happy and having fun, the family unit looks appealing. But I’m sure under that smile Aurora wishes she could sleep for one hundred years!

Artwork by Nikkibelle18.

16 Modern Mothers

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What’s better than one Disney Princess mothering in a modern setting? Multiple princesses!

I love the way this is drawn. It looks like some cute sixties cartoon about mothering. The outfits are also much more appropriate for looking after young children than what the Disney Princesses usually wear.

But Ariel might want to rethink those earrings after Melody starts grabbing.

Maybe I’m looking too much into things, but I’m enjoying how close Cinderella and Snow White look. It’s a fun pairing and they’d be the best moms together.

Artwork by Skilakiki.

15 Wild Things

via ashren.deviantart.com

Jane must really have loved Tarzan to agree to live in a jungle with him! I’m sure it’s beautiful, with lots of interesting animals and natural beauty. But it’s also dangerous, scary, and would do terrible things to your hair. I’m sure Jane is braver and less vain that I am, but I’m not sure moving there was the most rational decision. At least she loves him.

Raising your kids in the jungle would be pretty dangerous, with plenty of things to eat or poison them. But I suppose if your dad is Tarzan things seem less scary.

Artwork by Ashren.

14 Little Belle

via simonpovey.deviantart.com

I love that even after the live-action version of this film came out, people still prefer the cartoon Belle to live-action Emma Watson Belle. The live-action Disney films look pretty amazing, but the cartoon classics are the ones people will always remember.

It’s amazing to think that after the ending of Beauty and the Beast, the couple now has that entire house to throw parties in and raise a family.

I’m sure that kid will grow up exploring and running around the vast palace.

On the downside, they have to refurbish the whole thing!

Artwork by SimonPovey.

13 A New Friend

via thelastunicorn1985.deviantart.com

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of the most bizarre Disney films. It has very little correlation with its inspiring source material, the novel by Victor Hugo. But unlike most of Disney’s fairy tales, it’s still pretty dark and twisted. I guess there is a happy ending, but it was still a creepy journey.

I also like that Quasi doesn’t “get the girl.” Not because of his looks, but because it was a bit more original. We don’t always get what we want. But Esmerelda will always keep Quasi in her life as a friend to her son. (Which, if the second film is anything to go by, will look nothing like her!)

Artwork by TheLastUnicorn1985.

12 Land Brat

via boredpanda.com

You may be able to run and jump with the people now Ariel, but let’s be honest.

If you were still under the sea that would have been less gross.

Sometimes being a mother is cradling your new baby, singing her a beautiful song and showing her the world which, she comes from, along with her mermaid aunts and grandfather. Sometimes being a mom is getting gross stuff all over your face and a little brat laughing because they don’t understand what’s going on.

Don’t worry, Ariel. Just call a babysitter and go for a swim.

Artwork by Isaiah Stephens.

11 The Perfect Litter

via chloemonster.deviantart.com

I remember when I first saw the Disney cartoon version of Robin Hood. Most specifically, I remember when Robin proposes to Marian during the tournament and they begin planning their lives together. Robin suggests they have six children and Marian replies “a dozen at least!” Even as a nine-year-old I remember thinking that was a bit excessive. Who needs that many kids?

Well, if this artwork is anything to go by, these classic foxes are well on their way! Lady Cluck certainly has her work cut out for her.

Artwork by ChloeMonster.

10 Little Heroes

via darkmatternova.deviantart.com

It’s nice to see that after the rocky path this couple went through in Mulan II, they’ve managed to stick together and make their marriage happy. It’s interesting that in Mulan II they get engaged after they’ve known each other a month... but that's ages in Disney terms!

Still, it looks like everything worked out and they are now happily raising their kids together. I’m sure if you showed this to someone who had never heard of Mulan they’d still think it was a peaceful moment and could see the love between the characters.

Artwork by DarkmatterNova.

9 Deities Of Rest

via adquatt.deviantart.com

Even the almighty need a rest every now and then. Particularly when raising a child.

Meg’s face in this is just so perfectly her.

She’s a really underrated Disney girl and deserves to be in the spotlight a little more. She’s certainly a better role model that a lot of the Princesses. I’m sure she has lots of advice to give her daughter about the real world, how to be prepared, but also how you can learn to trust again.

The Phil plushie is an amazing touch!

Artwork by ADQuatt.

8 Life After Rescue

via selenaede.deviantart.com

Both The Rescuers films need to be remembered by future audiences. They’re sweet, adorable films about mice who rescue children. What’s not to love!

I’m not sure how these two met given that Penny lives in New York and Cody in the Australian outback. Perhaps there was some sort of reunion for those who remembered being saved by mice when they were children. There these two bonded over being saved by Bianca and Bernard, which eventually lead to something more.

While they’ll have great stories to tell, I’m sure their child will never need the Rescue Aid Society.

Artwork by SelenaEde.

7 A Bigger Family

via miyeong.deviantart.com

I’m going to be honest here and point out that if you’ve committed to keeping one hundred and one dalmatians, you’ve pretty much written off ever having kids. I’m sure Roger’s song became very popular, but dogs are expensive to keep and train. Besides, you should raise an infant in a house that full of dogs!

Even so, I’m sure if anyone can make it work, it’s this cartoon family. It’s not like Disney families have too many real problems, plus puppies are cute! I’m sure the kid will grow up with lots of cuddles.

Artwork by Miyeong.

6 Future Of Arendelle

via nightliight.deviantart.com

I’m rather looking forward to seeing how Disney progresses with this relationship in Frozen 2. The film has a lot of expectations to live up to and this pairing is honestly quite sweet. I doubt they’ll have gotten this far by the time the sequel comes along, but I’m sure they’ll keep this future a possibility.

Kristoff would be a fun adventurous dad and Anna would be a very silly mother.

Now that she has a child, she’ll never have a build a snowman by herself ever again. (Plus, Aunt Elsa can babysit and entertain them with her ice powers.)

Artwork by NightLiight.

5 Love In The Jungle

via ashren.deviantart.com

Tarzan can be responsible for taking their children to explore the jungle, teaching them about the wildlife and how to climb trees or swing on vines. Jane can be responsible for their education, teaching her children the names of all the creatures and plants, along with reading to them and getting them interested in books.

I wonder what sort of books were left in that old tree house. Or ones that Jane brought with her. Probably not many children’s books, but Jane can make do.

Artwork by Ashren.

4 Work And Kids

via ithelpstodream.tumblr.com

I love that Tiana still opened her restaurant even after she became a princess. The film was about her dreams, not just her finding a man to rescue her. Since becoming a princess doesn’t affect her career or what she wants to do with her life, I can’t see how it would affect her becoming a mother.

She’d still dress the way she wants to, cook for her children, and serve them food. Taking care of them herself and her way! Perhaps telling them the stories of how she was once a frog.

Artwork by It Helps to Dream.

3 A New Princess

via street-angel.deviantart.com

Sometimes going through hardship just makes us better people, and in the case of Snow White, better parents. All those years she was cruelly treated by her stepmother she can make sure her own children are loved and safe.

Although she might have to change into something a little less fancy; that dress can’t be practical for carrying a child like that.

It probably also makes parenting easier when you have seven babysitters on call whenever you need them.

Artwork by Street-Angel.

2 Mini Mice

via selenaede.deviantart.com

How could we finish this list without a mention to the oldest and most memorable Disney girl? When they’re not playing in the clubhouse, Minnie and Mickey are at home tucking their little ones into bed and telling them all about their adventures.

After all their years in the spotlight, one would think these two would prefer to settle down and spend time with their children. But one of the advantages of being a Disney character is that there is time for everything, including your little ones. Perhaps one day these little mice will take center stage.

Artwork by SelenaEde.

1 Beasts In The Snow

via pinterest.com

I can’t remember, but after the curse was lifted did it stop being winter forever? I’m sure playing in the snow and throwing snowballs at your siblings is fun when it is winter, but I don’t think it would remain fun all year round.

Still, at least you get to dress them up in these cute fluffy winter coats.

I hope this family grows together with many years of happiness. So long as the kids don’t ask how their parents met! They made up in the end but that was no a good beginning.

Artwork by Amy Paulson.

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