20 Amazing Nintendo Comics That Are Too Hilarious For Words

The community loves Nintendo enough to mercilessly make fun of it. Check out these 20 Amazing Nintendo Comics That Are Too Hilarious For Words!

Nintendo has been a huge force in the world of video games for the better part of 3 decades now. From the original Nintendo all the way to the Nintendo Switch, the world has always considered this company to be the Don of all other video game organizations. Sony and Microsoft are doing very well these days, but there is one thing Nintendo will always have over them.

Nintendo has the biggest video game characters ever. Think about this. When you talk about exclusive products, Nintendo had everyone beat from the beginning. While Sega did have Sonic the Hedgehog, they would work out a deal to give rights to games for him to Nintendo...their biggest rival in the 90s. While Sony and Microsoft do have exclusive games and characters for themselves, the legendary status still goes to Nintendo.

Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, etc, all are owned by this company. They are so far ahead in terms of legendary characters that it isn't even funny anymore to assume someone could get close. What might be funny, however, is what people have done with these legendary characters. Comic strips have been written out and illustrated by fans, and they are absolutely hilarious.

The idea behind the comic strips are to pay homage to the great Nintendo characters, while also putting them in interesting situations. They also expose some hilarious things about the characters we're all thinking. Due to so many hilarious ones being out there, we decided to bring the best we could find to you to enjoy. Sit back, and try not to spit out your drink.

20 It's For His Own Good

In the Mario games, especially the ones made for Nintendo 64 and on, there are various things the characters fall into. One is lava, and this is usually involving the dragon/turtle-like characters. Of course, it also involves Mario's big bad, Bowser, as well. The lava stuff can suck, but it seems one certain individual did not know the feeling of falling in. This made Bowser feel he needed to teach the guy a lesson. HE NEEDED TO LEARN!!!

19 Sometimes Things Are A Little TOO Convenient

This is not the case in the Zelda franchise, where a lot is there. Almost everything you need is in the right place at the right time. This comic pretty much shows that in hilarious fashion, when light arrows are used to beat an enemy. Yet it isn't like Link had to go searching for miles to find this. They were in his castle. The very thing that could defeat him was right there the entire time? There's luck and then there's just stupidity. Come on big bads, you're better than this!

18 Sometimes The Old Guy Is Right

Universally, however, we all seem to hate DLC stuff. The reason has to do with the fact that the companies seldom give away this content, but rather, make you pay for it. Instead of paying $65 for a game, you're paying over $100 in the end for all the content that comes with it.

17 Well, They Are "SUPER"

In this comic strip, we get the inside stuff on how Mario was able to secure such a job. And how the Mario Bros. were able to be a unit that went from toilet cleaning to Princess saving (as well as go-cart enthusiasts).

16 Donkey Kong Doesn't Like Little Squirts

In this strip, we see Ash battling against Donkey Kong Smash-style. He calls out Squirtle to defeat the ape. Fortunately, Donkey Kong is smart enough to understand that Ash is the source when it comes to these adorable little Pokémon. After setting Squirtle aside, he delivers some justice to the cocky trainer.

15 Bowser Is One Comment From A Harassment Lawsuit

Bowser is clearly a bad guy, but with so many people working for him, he has to be somewhat of a good boss for them to stay and be so loyal. What if he snapped one day after Peach turned him down? He put her up in a castle and never would let her go. Now we have to send someone after her and he fights back. If he cannot have her, no one can.

14 Diddy Is A Barrel Of Laughs

This is where he and his uncle would do crazy things, such as kill animals and other enemies of his uncle. All while he remained in a barrel until he was needed. Also, who could really hate bananas anyway? Donkey Kong is a big ape, clearly he needs some good fruit to get through his day. Plus, they are a good source of potassium. Diddy really needs to be careful with what he says about his uncle. He might just put him in a locked barrel next

13 Plant Monsters Have Feelings Too!

The piranha plants spend most of their time popping in and out of pipes. When they do attack, perhaps that is due to Mario getting all up in their grill. Did anyone ever consider the fact that Mario, while going in to do a good deed, is somehow a crazy plumber who's on some chemicals he used and kills for the fun of it? This comic strip shows the evil Mario at work. Plant monsters cannot even dream anymore without Mario popping out like that. Shame on him!

12 Peach Isn't A Damsel In Distress

She took down Bowser and Mario arrived too late to get any of the action. Here we see Peach asking Mario what took him so long to get there. All while she eats a mushroom. Is it poisonous? Is it magic? Is it going to put her under the influence? Peach clearly doesn't even care. This is not feminism, but it is showing Peach is a great Princess who can take care of herself. Mario better recognize.

11 The Struggle Of The Bitcoin

The Town Shoppe is clearly run by a nerd. After he breaks pots in there, the comic strip shows Link suggesting the bitcoin would pay for the damage. Link apparently had a plan all along, so he could send a message to the Shoppe. Destruction of property is a crime, Link. You're a criminal. But dang it, you do save princesses well.

10 Mario Believes Too Much In Penguins

Penguins are frequently seen, and thus, Mario can move them from place to place. So every gamer at one time or another would throw a penguin off of the cliff. Do not deny it, as we all did it at least once for the heck of it. Plus, many of us were kids playing the game and did not think about the fact that we were making Mario into a penguin killer. We had sick, crazy minds as children. That twitch is dying down now though, for some of us...

9 Kirby Cannot Handle The End

The man who is robotic and unable to know emotion? What about the guy who is too blunt about it? Perhaps the young lady who would tell him softly, but would not be able to tell him properly? It does end up being Kirby who tells himself, sort of. Kirby then freaks out, but to be fair here, he has no one to blame for it but himself. Shame on him for making himself upset!

8 Mario Now Has A Problem With Heroes In A Half-Shell

In any case, we can see how the turtle informant is meeting with the Ninja Turtles below. Mario is, of course, walking down the road, fearing nothing, and proves it by smoking a cigarette along the way. That is until he sees the Ninja Turtles waiting for him and ready to take him down a peg. In this universe, Mario is never going to bother another turtle ever again. This is what true heroes look like, Mario!

7 Mario Meets The Tails Of Death

Of course, Mario, being the big jerk that he is, decides to jump into that fresh pile of leaves. Mario realizes his blunder very quickly when the power-ups begin to activate. Mario then dies over his own cause. What a way to go, but what a story Luigi can tell his grandchildren, right?

6 No One Is Driving For Miss Daisy!

Jan does all she can to stand out while Marsha is gorgeous and just gets attention for living. Bowser represents this in the comic above, in how he yells hello to Miss Daisy while going after Peach. Why couldn't Daisy get picked to be trapped in a castle until a plumber came to save her? Perhaps she is racist. Bowser was barely there and she was already asking for help. You know, not all Koopas are bad people, Daisy!

5 Luigi Has A Missing Link

In this comic, he decides to let his frustrations out in a talk with Link. We all know Link isn't exactly the most helpful guy, but he does look good to the ladies. The question he has to answer for himself is how Link does it. Link then admits it must be his hair. Since Luigi is also a detective on the side of his plumbing business, he asks Link about what he does to prepare his hair for the ladies. Link claimed he was kidding, but Luigi is surely onto him.

4 Ash Is A Pokémon Criminal

He needs one badge before he goes into the world of using certain Pokémon moves out of battle. There is a need to do this, as the law was made to protect citizens. Ash does not care about this and planned to go out and cut trees. The police officers arrived just in time to catch Ash in the act of his possible vandalism. The laws are tougher in Japan, Ash. You brought this on yourself!

3 Donkey Kong Has A Tough Life!

Donkey Kong among other games had these types of things, but we never stopped to consider how DK felt about this. He's having to get beaten up a lot and do it over and over again as we play away.

2 Fastest Man Alive

Sonic then found a new home with Nintendo, but hardcore gamers did not always care for the Wii, sadly. This comic plays to the injustice in Mario Vs. Sonic at the Olympic Games. You can't seriously expect us to believe the portly plumber could beat Sonic in a race?


To be honest, it seems Mario cannot win. He either stomps on a life or he puts others through pain to create it. Was Peach right to remove Mario from the situation in this comic? Perhaps she was. At least we had a nurse to calm Mario a bit, saying this was kind of common. I wonder if Luigi would have any luck getting into the room...

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