10 Amazing PS4 Games That Didn’t Meet Sales Expectations

Let’s go through a couple of things before getting started. First of all, it’s kind of hard to get an accurate count on how many copies a PS4 game has sold unless video game companies announce something. Most of the time, websites like VGChartz can only get data on physical copies sold. In an increasing age of digital market places, it’s strange that this information is so well-hidden.

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The point is the numbers from that site, which is what this list is based on, may not be 100% accurate, but they are presumably within the ballpark. Secondly, the other data comes from Metacritic. A positively reviewed game on their system can range from a 75 to a 100. This list does not dip below that number. Also, on the sales front, this list tried to stick to games sold under a million copies. With that boring stuff out of the way, let’s crunch some data!

10 Nioh

Nioh did pretty okay for itself with it being a Dark Souls clone and all. On PS4 it hit 1.03 million units sold, which is better than others on here, but it also had an 88 on Metacritic. Knowing that it should have been more popular. That’s a near-perfect game!

When it comes to clones, though, diehard fans of the original property can be kind of uppity and unwilling to try new things out. Despite this lower number, it was enough for Koei Tecmo to greenlight a sequel. Hopefully, it will do better.

9 Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

According to VGChartz, Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom sold less than a million units across all three main regions. To be specific, it charted at 0.89 million. This is disastrous compared to its Metacritic of 84.

Also of note, there is a PC version, so in total it has sold over a million, but altogether it still isn’t great compared to how much the game was almost universally enjoyed. After the first game sold close to that, it was a surprise this sequel even came to be.

8 Disney Infinity 3.0

This was the best-reviewed game, on PS4, in the series and yet sales did not exceed a million. It sold 0.85 million units, but it launched on almost every platform.

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Presumably, it sold at least four times that number, but considering the series was canceled before support was done, well, maybe it didn’t sell as well as Disney had hoped. Oh right, and the Metacritic on this game was a solid 80.

7 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a fantastic reboot for the franchise. It was well worth the wait and while the sequel didn’t bring much new to the tackle, it was still good. Overall, it had an 84 on Metacritic.

Unfortunately, it sold only 0.72 million units on PS4. It was such a lukewarm reaction that Square Enix even came out in 2017 to spell out the future of the series, which doesn’t look great. As of now, the studio is working on Marvel’s Avengers. So maybe after that, it can return?

6 Yakuza 6

The Yakuza series is one that, despite sales, no matter what they are, Sega keeps supporting their releases. They mean a lot more in their home country of Japan, but they still do okay overseas.

Selling 0.69 million units on PS4 may not sound great globally, especially for an 83 on Metacritic, but again, sales don’t mean much to this niche, but ultimately fantastic series. It was a beautiful send-off for the Dragon of Dojima.

5 World Of Final Fantasy

Now this, this is pure injustice. World of Final Fantasy is an albeit weird title, but it is one of the best spinoffs in the series. The reviews coming in at 77 aren’t terrible, as it does have issues, but the sales numbers are completely baffling. It only sold 0.62 million units.

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Thankfully, it has since been ported to Xbox One and Switch, which should pad out the numbers. Hopefully enough for Square Enix to approve a sequel to this bizarre Pokémon clone.

4 Everybody's Golf

Golf games are not what they used to be. They were never as popular as other EA brands like Madden NFL, but we’re still well-regarded when Tiger Woods’ name graced the packages. Now it’s all but dried up.

However, for those wanting a goofier take on golf, Everybody's Golf is here. It scored a 78 on Metacritic and sold 0.56 million units. This is a PS4 exclusive, so that’s probably all this game will sell. Maybe, in the long run, it will eventually hit a million after it continues to go on sale.

3 Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

NIS is another company that, like Sega, never sells a lot of its hardcore niche Japanese titles overseas. And yet they’re still booming in business. That’s because they know exactly who their market is for and budget their outreach accordingly.

So while 0.35 million units sold for the PS4 version of Disgaea 5 might seem low for a Metacritic of 80, it by no means spells the end for this franchise. It hasn’t been announced yet, but it's guaranteed there will be a sixth game.

2 Gravity Rush 2

Funnily enough, Gravity Rush 2 received the same review score and sold the same number of units as Disgaea 5. This once exclusive PS Vita series jumped to the big screen and was an overall better game for it.

The Vita was great for RPGs, but when it came to action games, it wasn’t the best. And yet even with all of the improvements, it still didn’t light a fire in the West. As a fun note, the series is called Gravity Daze in Japan.

1 Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is the cutoff on this list for many reasons. First of all, it received a 75 on Metacritic, which is the last possible green ranking on their system. And next to Pokémon, Digimon has never had a strong video game scene. There have been a lot of titles, but they've all pretty much fallen short. That is, until this came around.

It only sold 0.11 million units, which is criminal considering it may be the best Digimon game ever created. Thankfully, Switch owners will get to give this a second chance later this year.

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