A Galaxy Far, Far Away: 27 Amazing Star Wars Cosplays That Are Better Than The Movies

Star Wars has inspired ages and ages of children and adults to create and explore new worlds. It's been like this since the series came out; generations of kids have been inspired by these movies. Some of these kids grow up to be creative minds in their own right, and show their love of the franchise in different ways. One of the major ways that fans of the series pay homage is through cosplays, whether done professionally or at a convention. It's always amazing to see how creative people can get when making cosplays based off Star Wars, as it's inarguable the biggest science fiction franchise of our time. It's got a following so vast and passionate that the mere mention of Jar Jar Binks is enough to get some fans screaming about how the prequels weren't real Star Wars movies, or how George Lucas is a sell-out. It's also enough to get people gushing for hours about how much they love the series.

These talented cosplayers that we've gathered together show some of the best there is out there in terms of Star Wars-related cosplaying. They've turned these cosplays from something on a screen or in their minds to actual, tangible costumes. It's impressive, yes, but it also shows that there's nothing a fan can't do when they put their minds to it.

To get you pumped for The Last Jedi, here's some of the best Star Wars cosplay that the internet has to offer!

27 "As You Wish"

via: bobafettfanclub.com

Boba Fett?! This is Boba Fett?? LeeAnna Vamp gives us an attractive but somehow still threatening version of a character that was already known for being one of the biggest tough guys in the Star Wars universe. Boba's signature armor has never looked so... non-effective as actual armor! Boba spent most of the original Star Wars trilogy hunting down the smuggler, Han Solo. While I might not be able to do the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, I would love to be pursued by this awesome Bounty Hunter. LeeAnna represents the legacy that Boba left with his limited (but strangely impactful) appearance in the series.

26 Oh Man, Solo Looks So Good

via: facebook.com/GenevieveMarieCosplay

Speaking of Han Solo: Genevieve adds some heat to the heartthrob character that made us all feel a burning sensation in our chest... or was that Kylo Ren's lightsaber? Too soon? With the recent reveal of the standalone Han Solo movie (named Solo... did you see that coming? I did) the hype for Captain Solo of the Millennium Falcon has never been bigger. Much like the heat required to burn a Kylo Ren lightsaber-sized hole in a beloved icon's chest. Still too soon? Regardless, Genevieve puts the old man to shame with a stunning and jaw-dropping cosplay that I guarantee we don't wanna see on Harrison Ford.

25 Anakin's Got Style

via: jonhmartinezsky.deviantart.com

This Anakin looks so real, we almost can't believe it's not him! This cosplay, done by JonhMartinezSky on DeviantArt, is inspired by Anakin's look in Episode III. His face still has a bit of Anakin's charm and boyishness, but there's just something about his gaze that tells us that something dark is brewing there. The lightsaber here looks fantastic, and though this photo seems to have been taken at some kind of Comic Con (due to the ceiling visible at the top), this would seem right at place in one of the Star Wars movies. Great work from a talented cosplayer.

24 If Padme Took Yoga Classes

via: saraunderwood.me

Unlike her husband, Padme doesn't "hate sand". She doesn't care if it's coarse, rough, and gets everywhere. In her Attack of the Clones coliseum outfit, Padme (and cosplayer Sara) have no problem keeping their cool in the heat of battle. While the prequels will always be hotly debated on their quality and place within the Star Wars community, the one thing that we can all agree on is how cute Padme looked while blasting Droids with her Jedi and Clone Army for support. This cosplay is by Sara Underwood, who's also known as a model and TV presenter.

23 Rebel Pilot

via: tumblr.com

X-Wing pilots are the elite of the rebellion, and this rebel (while not as Scruffy as her username makes it seem) looks like one of the best around. While she may not be bullseye-ing Womprats in her T-16 back home, I'm sure Scruffy Rebel is one of best pilots around. This is one of the cooler outfits in original trilogy, with the iconic orange jumpsuit clashing strongly with the all white Stormtroopers that patrol the galaxy. This gives a more rugged and tactical look to match the fearsome soldiers of the Empire. Hopefully that long hair doesn't get caught in her helmet, though...

22 Aren't You A Little Cute To Be A Stormtrooper

via: pinterest.com

Hopefully this cosplayer, doing Jes Gistang, has better aim than all of the Stormtroopers in the series (except for Finn, who seems to be the only Stormtrooper who can make a consistent shot). While we all know that this armor is about as effective as cardboard, that armor is not only one of the most iconic parts of the trilogy, it's one of the coolest armor sets in the galaxy. As a kid I always wanted a set of my own Stormtrooper armor, and am a proud owner of the armor now, but she looks way better than I do in that armor! She looks just as much cute as deadly. Whether it's the heavy blaster or the E-11, I would not want to be on the opposite end of that it.

21 A Boy And His Droid

via: zahnpasta.deviantart.com

This Poe Dameron cosplay by ZahnPasta on DeviantArt is amazing! Everything about this looks straight out of the movie, and this cosplayer looks at least a bit like Oscar Isaac, who played the role in the new sequel trilogy of movies. This BB-8 is especially amazing; we can't tell if the light on it is real or just an effect added to the photo, but either way, it's really cool. The cosplayer says that he made the costume and the BB-8 himself, as well as doing the photo retouching and his own makeup... he's a jack of all trades, and we're really impressed!

20 The Rule Of Two

via: facebook.com

New Republic or Old Republic, those who have been trained in the Dark Side are not to be taken lightly. Jessica Nigri is tough to keep your eyes off of normally, but she's even more stunning as a seductive dark mistress for the dark side of the Force. Her costume is original, well-made, and everything we've come to expect from the lovely Jessica Nigri. With what seems to be Lord Vader's signature lightsaber, I'm not alone in wanting to see this Sith Lord kick some butt in combat! The craftsmanship here is amazing, and you can tell that she's good at what she does.

19 Help Me Princess, You're My Only Hope

via: ivy95.deviantart.com

Is there anything more beautiful than a lady dual wielding blasters with cinnamon buns for hair? No. There isn't. Something tells me this princess isn't looking for a short Stormtrooper to save the day for her, and can handle herself with what looks like General Grievous and Han Solo's blasters. While we all miss Carrie Fisher, a heartbroken fanbase can see her immortalized not only in Ivy's cosplay, but by hundreds of Star Wars enthusiasts and cosplay veterans. Leia is one of our favorite Skywalkers. Just like the tiny chunks of Alderaan, we all have a little piece of our Princess with us always. "To me, she's Royalty."

18  Scavenger Scum

via: twitter.com/mcubedcosplay

Rey has already stolen the hearts of a generation of Star Wars fans. There's something in the Star Wars outline that requires a stunningly beautiful woman to be represented in each of the trilogies and films to come. MCubed makes us jealous of that BB-8 unit she's leaning on. While we haven't seen the Jedi Rey turns into in The Last Jedi, something tells me we are going to be seeing a lot of beautiful Rey cosplays in our future. If they look anything like this cosplay, we're all in for a treat.

17 Saving The Galaxy

via: khatmar.deviantart.com

This cosplay by khatmar shows what Luke Skywalker would look like if he took a bit of inspiration from Peter Parker in Spider-Man 3. Taking inspiration from Return of the Jedi, this cosplay just looks really cool. Everything from the clothes to the effects are awesome; Khatmar even has a facial expression that screams "I'm going to save the galaxy." The costume is made entirely from scratch, and he even made the hilt of the lightsaber himself! Not all cosplayers are this talented, especially for their first try, but Kharmar did a great job.

16 Yub Nub!

via: patreon.com/heather1337

Remember when a bunch of teddy bears took down some of the best the Empire had to offer on Endor? I remember. I also remember that my Shih Tzu looks a lot like an Ewok, which she's been for Halloween for the last two years. While my dog looks adorable, she is nowhere near as adorable as Heather is in this cosplay. It just goes to show you: if it exists, there is an attractive version of it somewhere on the internet. Not even teddy bear Ewoks are safe from beautiful women wanting to change the most innocent of characters.

15 Speeding Away With Our Hearts

via: facebook.com/LaineyCatCosplay

Is anything cooler than that noise that the speed bikes made while dashing through the trees of Endor... or that some of them made crashing into the trees? The only thing that cooler than those bikes were the Elite Scout Troopers the Empire sent on them. LaineyCosplay takes one of the cooler variations on the Stormtrooper and changes it into a seductive and classically fierce cosplay. We're never one to complain about showing some skin, but I do think that belly-button piercing has a chance of getting caught on a branch. We're always on the lookout for cool Stormtrooper cosplays, and this one delivers!

14 I'm Making A Chewbacca Growl

via: pinterest.com

I've decided to write the rest of this article in Wookie, in honor of this cosplayer and her stunningly gorgeous cosplay. RRRRAAAAAAA. GGGGRRRRAAAAAWWWW.

All right, enough of that. This is an amazing cosplay. It's an adorable take on a beloved character, tied together with the addition of fake teeth (well, hopefully). This gives her a feral look that the Chewie we know and love has. While I don't think she'll be pulling the arms off of anyone if she loses, I'm pretty sure we'd still let this Wookie win at anything she wants. It seems to easy to add a furry joke in here, so I'm just going to leave it to those freaks to corrupt this cosplay.

13 Original Sith

via: reddit.com

Miss Sinister is everything she claims to be with that nickname, doing her own take on one of the iconic villains of the Star Wars universe: the Sith. She and Hayden Christensen seem to share those same "Sith Eyes" that Anakin randomly gets for one scene. She looks deadly, enough so to strike fear into the toughest of Jedi Masters. It's awesome to see Darth Maul's signature dual-bladed lightsaber in such... terrifying hands. Hopefully she sticks around longer than Maul did in the prequels and doesn't end up sliced in half and falling down a exhaust shaft.

12 He Shot First

via: kozekito.deviantart.com

This Han Solo cosplay, done by Kozekito, shows an iconic pose/moment of the Star Wars franchise. The outfit here looks great, and it's nice to see a classic Han done by a male cosplayer. This Swedish cosplayer made and wore this costume at a comic con in Sweden, where he competed in a costume competition. He made this costume entirely from scratch, which is really amazing to us! Even the gun was handmade; Kozekito is clearly good at what he does.

11 I Am Sith!

via: facebook.com/andyraecosplay

This cosplay by Andy Rae reminds me of Ventress from the Clone Wars series. The wrapped arms and dark makeup is reminiscent of Count Dooku's secret apprentice and one of the more feared Sith Assassins to grace the Galaxy. AndyRae looks beautifully jaw-dropping and the dark side is seen in her angry eyes. While the outfit is pseudo-Ventress style, I also enjoy that there are also the same undertones as Vader's outfit. Maybe that's just the leather talking, but I can see how Vader inspired the outfit. This cosplay and cosplayer would kick some major butt.

10 Hoth Is Getting Warmer

via: pinterest.com

Jessica Nigri making another appearance isn't exactly surprising with her quality of cosplay. The Wampa sequence on Hoth was added when Mark Hamill was in a car accident and managed to bust up his face... hence the origin of the giant Wookie-esque monster known as the Wampa. While Jessica's Wampa has grown her arm back, she's traded in her roar for an adorable purr that'll warm Hoth up a lot more than it's ever been before. Jessica Nigri remains one of the best due to her quality of work and personality within all of her photos!

9 Your Princess Is In Another Castle

via: reddit.com

This pale lady, done by Zombie Bit Me, is one to rival the best of the best cosplayers. She looks absolutely stunning in her outfit with a beautifully shot photo to represent the cosplay. It's a perfectly overexposed image to get a classic and beautiful effect for a great cosplay. I also love the DL-44 blaster that belongs to none other than Han Solo, as a touching remark to show Leia and Han's strong connection to each other. Everyone loves the story of the princess and the scruffy looking nerf herder. And I can say that, since I'm pretty scruffy lookin' myself.

8 Invading Hoth

via: knowyourmeme.com

When the Empire found the Rebel base on Hoth, the only thing that was cooler than the four legged AT-ATs deployed to dispatch the Rebels was the new variation on the Stormtroopers for the assault. Snowtroopers are awesome, and they also were almost featured in a deleted scene in Episode VII. Now, while I'm sure that the Empire was equal opportunity in their hiring of female troopers, none seem to melt the snow like this trooper. While the Snowtroopers may look more elite than the Stormtroopers from the OG New Hope, I promise this hotshot will consistently miss the same as any solider of the Empire.

7 We Wouldn't Want To Mess With Him

via: lienskullova.deviantart.com

This Sith Taskmaster, photographed by LienSkullova and cosplayed by Anton Kozlov, is, quite simply, awesome. Look at his face and the makeup job! Look at how great his costume is! A lot of people worked on this photo, according to the photographer, and it totally shows in the quality of the whole thing. The lightsaber effects are great and the post-production on the photo is cool. This is one evil dude that we wouldn't want to run into in a dark alley.

6 Imperial Officer Or...?

via: comicvine.gamespot.com

Adrianne Curry is one aggressive looking Imperial Officer. Most of the other officers are older men with no goals other than spreading hate and injustice throughout the galaxy. While I'm sure that her torture device is approved by Lord Vader himself, there's something inherently terrifying about a woman with that kind of confident stare holding something to get information out of me. Good thing I was trained in anti-torture techniques by the Tusken Raiders of Tattooine! Two suns from that planet are the only thing that can compete with Adrianne's cosplay.

5 Imperial Twi'lek Division

via: cosplayworld.com

I'm just gonna get this out of the way early: this is not the Revan we're used to seeing in Star Wars, and she may not be a Sith Lord from the Old Republic. This alien may be monochrome, which while it may seem drab or flat... I'm sure this Imperial Spy uses her complexion to be one of the stealthiest assassins the Imperials have ever seen. The attention to detail in this costume and the precision work in this cosplay is what makes it one of the coolest Star Wars cosplays I've seen. She's no Ayla Secura, but she's a Twi'Lek worth checking out.

4 Jedi Master, Blade Master

via: reddit.com

There is something inherently amazing and beautiful about a woman who knows how to handle a lightsaber. While the double-sided lightsaber didn't gain popularity in the Star Wars community until its big reveal in Episode I, we can all admit that the lightsaber was pretty much the best part of that movie. Maybe it's personal preference, but I've always loved how the dual blades looked in that lightning blue. The cosplay itself is original and well-crafted. It's always amazing to see how people can get inspired to make something their own off of the source material.

3 Boba Femme-Fatale

via: reddit.com

This Mandalorian bounty hunter is one of the most popular characters in the Star Wars universe. This variation on the classic character is not only downright jaw-dropping, but looks realistic and tactical as hell. Maybe it's the actual AR-15 she's rocking or that confident 1,000 yard stare that could strike fear in even the toughest competitor. The only idea that was more tactical than her current outfit would be some body armor to cover up those weak spots.

2 A New Trooper Appears

via: twitter.com

Something tells me this Stormtrooper, cosplayed by Ginger, is going to be able to accurately make her shots for once, without her vision obscured by that giant bucket of a Stormtrooper helmet. Maybe the reason they all miss is a terrible targeting HUD in the helmets? Maybe the Stormtrooper Training Camp needs to learn a thing or two from the U.S. Marine Corps or the Navy Seals on some precision shooting. I love seeing an original take on the soldiers of the Empire, especially something that makes that bulky armor easier to move around in. Fun fact, though: Stormtroopers masks don't filter out toxins, so she's wearing a pretty obtrusive microphone/asthma inhaler.

1 It's A Trap

via: twitter.com

I'm dying! This is the best cosplay of all time. The confusion involved in seeing a Playboy Bunny-esque figure and then looking up and staring into the cold dead eyes of... this?? I love cosplays like this where someone is able to make fun of themselves a little bit, and rather than just go for an attractive or "classic" cosplay. It's great to think outside the box and make something original. Jenny, if you're out there, you should know you've made my night, won my best cosplay award, and have managed to confuse the whole TheGamer.com audience. IT'S A TRAP.

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