That Amazon Alexa Skyrim Joke Is Real And You Can Play It Now And We Have No Idea Why

Skyrim fans are hardly limited for choice when it comes to platforms to play their beloved game on. Over the years, the faithful have double, triple and perhaps even quadruple dipped, but this is a whole new level of out there: Skyrim for Amazon Alexa.

Needless to say, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has a special place in players’ hearts. It’s one of those games that has just transcended its franchise, to become a legend in its own right. Not to mention a meme. You can’t move around the fandom for all the took an arrow to the knee and you can play Skyrim on everything jokes.

As far as the latter goes, Bethesda themselves are getting the last snarky laugh. At their E3 2018 conference, the team dropped this fantastic little slice of fun: a mock trailer for a Skyrim: Very Special Edition. Which sees Keegan-Michael Key playing the game via Amazon Echo. At one point, Alexa doesn’t understand his FUS-ROH-DAHS, so he fakes it by sweeping everything off the coffee table. It’s a magical, magical sight to behold.

Now, this all sounds like a bizarre April Fools. A self-deprecating joke by Bethesda. As though the company is gradually becoming self-aware, and will soon stage a machine uprising that only a pantless Arnold Schwarzenegger can beam in and save us from.

It’s a real thing, though. A real, genuine thing. If you care to hop on over to Amazon right now (in the US only, sadly), you’ll see the Skyrim Very Special Edition nestled snuggly among the other Smart Home-related items, ready for you to enable and play. What a dang time to be alive.

Via: Grouvy Gaming

Alexa users will know what a fascinating little device this is. It’s an organisational tool, it’s a neat music system, and it’s far more capable games-wise than you might expect.

From simple experiences like Bingo, Tic Tack Toe and the infamous Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock from The Big Bang Theory to more complex experiences, Alexa’s got you covered (check out CNet’s roundup of some of the best games you can play with your Echo). But Skyrim? That’s a new one on us.

Of course, tongues are firmly in cheeks all around here, but this is actually quite impressive. As Destructoid reports, you don’t even need an Echo to play, as the game runs through the Amazon Shopping App. There’s no knowing how long this will be available, but one thing’s certain: you just know somebody’s going to try and see it through to the end.

Interested Alexa-less parties can check out Polygon’s guide to getting the ‘game’ to run on any Android device or iPhone (if, again, you’re using the US store).

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