American's McGhee's Alice Is Returning In Alice: Asylum

American's McGhee's Alice is looking to return in Alice: Asylum, the third game in the series. Or at least, that is the tentative plan. Game designer and CEO and Founder of Mysterious LLC, American James McGee, has posted recently his plans to continue the series, which include a number of steps before that becomes a reality.

Here is where it gets a bit tricky, as nothing has been formally approved. McGee states that his current goal is to build a production and design plan for the sequel, then have that plan approved by EA, as they are the license holders to the characters, and finally, raise funding for a new game.

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Via: patreon.com (americanmcgee)

If this were some amateur or inexperienced developer looking to create a game, the steps might be problematic because it describes the entire process of transitioning a game from vision to finished product. However, American's McGhee is no stranger to the industry, having previously worked on classics such as DOOM, and recently in the creation of a twisted fairy tale project called Out of the Woods, through tabletop card games, illustrated books, and art prints.

The hardest part of this proposal may be convincing EA to grant American McGhee the license to make the sequel without adding their own brand of interference. We immediately conjure thoughts of the EA we know today, demanding that loot boxes and microtransactions be added to Alice: Asylum to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment. At least our characters would already be in a world of madness, so that might fit thematically.

Via: patreon.com (americanmcgee)

Funding, meanwhile, would likely be relatively easy to secure. Traditional means of investor funding seems plausible because the series is well-known and not likely to represent much risk compared to new ventures. Crowdfunding would likely also be successful through Kickstarter, as American McGhee seems to have a healthy number of supporters on their Patreon page, and it would not be difficult to raise the funds there to get a long-awaited sequel created by the many fans that exist.

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As for the game itself, no details have been made available, which is to be expected considering the early stage of development. Right now, the game is little more than a vision that one day may become a reality.

Via: patreon.com (americanmcgee)

In keeping with the previous themes in the series, the setting is a macabre imagining of Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland. The place has become corrupt with madness, and Alice seeks to save it, and herself. It is not entirely clear how much of the events are happening in reality, or in the broken mind off our main character, Alice.

Either way, seeing a third installment in the series would be a welcome addition. We need more oddities in our video games, and the Alice series would provide that in abundance.

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