Which Amiibos Work With Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Amiibo support has become an obligatory feature in first-party and Nintendo-exclusive games, but what they do and how to use them isn't always clear. Sometimes the benefits are fairly mediocre, but other times, as is the case with Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the reward is such a treat that amiibo collectors are sure to get a validating boost of energy from having them.

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There are 149 amiibo that have been released by Nintendo thus far, and of those 149, 12 of them are Fire Emblem characters. Most of these figures were released as part of the Super Smash Bros series, while four others - Chrom, Celica, Alm, and Tiki - were released as general Fire Emblem series figures. All 12 Fire Emblem characters, and in fact the total collection of 149 amiibos, can be used to earn awesome prizes in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

How To Use Amiibos In Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The amiibo feature is slightly hidden in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, though luckily, it is available pretty early on in the game. You'll have to have gained access to the Monastery, the hub world in Three Houses where you can spend time between chapters building relationships between characters and managing the RPG elements of the game.

Just north of entrance hall in a garden right in the middle of the Monastery, you will find an outdoor recreational structure with what is probably the best name of any outdoor recreational structure ever conceived: the "Amiibo Gazebo." Interact with the Amiibo Gazebo by walking up to it and pressing A. A series of on-screen prompts will guide you through connecting your amiibos to the game.

Which Amiibos Work With Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

The short answer: every single one of the 149 amiibos works with Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The caveat, of course, is that not all amiibos are created equal. All non-Fire Emblem amiibos, that is, amiibos NOT draped in flowy capes, will all have the same basic function, whereas Fire Emblem franchise characters will each give a special reward when scanned into the game.

For all the non-Fire Emblem amiibos, scanning them will provide you with a random item. These amiibos can only be scanned once every in-game month. However, consistently scanning one every time you visit the Monastery can actually offer a pretty consistent way to farm valuable items for crafting, cooking, battle, etc.

Fire Emblem amiibo, on the other hand, provide the real prize. Tapping one of the 12 Fire Emblem amiibos will reward you with a music track directly from the game that the character is featured in. These 12 songs represent seven different games throughout the history of the franchise and can be used during any auxiliary battle. Here is a list of the characters and what song they unlock:

  • Marth - "Time to Act"
  • Tiki - "The World Tree"
  • Alm - "March to Deliverance"
  • Celica - "With Mila's Divine Protection"
  • Ike - "Eternal Bond"
  • Robin - "Id~Purpose"
  • Chrom - "Destiny (Ablaze)"
  • Lucina - "Conquest (Ablaze)"
  • Corrin (Male) - "Alight (Storm)"
  • Corrin (Female) - "A Dark Fall (Fire)"
  • Roy - "Beneath a New Light (Roy's Courage)"

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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