Amouranth Is Already Unbanned And Dancing On Twitch

There is justice in the world after all... just not on Twitch. Popular ASMR streamer and Patreon lewd provider Amouranth is back on the platform after what appears to be a three-day ban. She kicked off her return as if nothing happened, with a Just Dance stream and a juicy 1/2-off subscription offer complete with risqué Snapchat access. Some Twitch viewers are, of course, not impressed with the platform's decision.

It's possible you missed the beginning of this tale, since it was only three short days ago. TheGamer reported that Amouranth was banned on Sept. 9, although the action seemed to take effect on the 8th. According to that report, Amouranth was playing with her dog on stream, rolling around on the floor and petting it. She then sat up, allowing her baggy shorts to fall a certain way. That was when viewers learned that she doesn't wear underwear. Twitch banned her account for a clear violation of its Terms of Service, specifically that it doesn't allow content that's "obscene," "pornographic" or "otherwise objectionable."

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via: Reddit.com/u/Hoesmad_WideHardo

We won't show the video here, and it was quickly removed from Twitch. The Reddit community Livestream Fail spread it around along with celebration over the ban. They weren't at it for long before Amouranth returned on September 11.

Amouranth has proven to be a villain of sorts to the community because of her history of towing the line when it comes to appropriate content and mostly getting away with it. Last year she received a brief ban for streaming in a gym. She wasn't really working out, just "stretching" for her audience's enjoyment. When employees confronted her about their policy of no live video in the gym, she lied and argued. When she was eventually forced out, she said it was because she's white. Aside from that incident, she was punished at least twice for promoting her NSFW Patreon on stream.

Twitch has a "three strike" policy that is supposed to result in an indefinite suspension upon the third strike. This would be Amouranth's fourth strike, at least. And yet here she is, back after three days. Other streamers, meanwhile, have been banned longer for the same or less. We've talked about Twitch's maddening inconsistency when it comes to punishing its more famous streamers before, and this is just another example.

Twitch itself has not commented on Amouranth's recent ban or fast return, and likely won't. Amouranth herself is back to business as usual, dancing for her viewers' entertainment. Some Twitch viewers will protest, calling out the inconsistency. But time will pass, and Amouranth will continue to bring in subs and views. And really, isn't Twitch all about the views?

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