Amouranth Has Been Banned From Twitch

Popular Twitch ASMR streamer and adult-themed cosplay enthusiast Amouranth is facing a Twitch ban following an NSFW wardrobe issue.

Update: Amouranth has been unbanned.

Popular Twitch ASMR streamer and adult-themed cosplay enthusiast Amouranth is facing a Twitch ban following an NSFW wardrobe issue — or, more accurately, a lack of wardrobe issue — that resulted in a major violation of Twitch's Terms of Service.

NSFW video of the incident shows Amouranth petting and scratching her dog, encouraging it to move closer to a microphone in what appears to be an effort to produce unique sounds for an ASMR stream.

via: Reddit.com/u/Hoesmad_WideHardo

However, as she sits up to motion her dog toward her, her baggy shorts slip to show the area between her legs, revealing that she's wearing nothing underneath.

Though no longer available on Twitch, the clip rapidly made its way to Reddit.

At present, Amouranth's Twitch channel is inactive, indicating a Twitch ban.

Twitch's Terms of Service specifically prohibit content that is "obscene," "pornographic" or "otherwise objectionable." The company reenforces this in its Twitch Community Guidelines, with further explanation indicating that it prohibits such content "due to the diversity in age and cultural backgrounds" of the streaming platform's "global community."

Because Twitch infractions are subject to case-by-case review, it's unclear how long the ban will last. Most infractions result in a temporary ban of one to 30 days, assigning the Twitch user a "strike" against their account. On the third strike, a streamer is subject to an indefinite suspension. However, severe violations may warrant indefinite suspensions regardless of whether the streamer has any previous strikes.

Twitch briefly banned Amouranth's account in 2018 after she broadcast from a gym without permission and lied to an employee about what she was doing. However, she faced no repercussions for a similar incident in which she lied to an employee as to whether she was filming in a store.

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Prior to that, she faced at least two additional Twitch bans for promoting her Patreon while on stream. In a video related to those incidents, she claims that it's because her "lewds are too good." Twitch doesn't prevent streamers from promoting their Patreon accounts, but it was the subject of the content, which she mentioned on the stream, that triggered the ban.

Amouranth's Patreon supports her adult cosplay. Fans can elect to donate to her Patreon in exchange for access to adult content that would be expressly prohibited on Twitch. Otherwise, her Twitch content is generally permissible within the platform's Terms of Service.

The streamer, who has yet to publicly comment on the most recent incident, is one of Twitch's biggest names. She has more than a million followers on the platform.

Viewers frequently tune in for her ASMR streams, in which she creates soothing sounds using a variety of methods. Most ASMR enthusiasts agree that ASMR content is not inherently sexual in nature as many people use the audio and visual sensations to help them sleep or relax. However, some report feelings of arousal from ASMR.

Twitch has recently come under fire for its inconsistent approach to streamer punishments. A streamer that appeared to throw her cat faced no public repercussions, while the platform took down videos of a streamer breastfeeding her child before deciding they were not a violation of the site's Terms of Service.

Source: DotEsports.com

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