Angry Birds Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary (With Scooters?)

The perfect way for an iconic mobile game to celebrate its first decade of existence is by creating a scooter.

Angry Birds is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and as everyone knows, the perfect way for an iconic mobile game to celebrate its first decade of existence is by creating a scooter. Yes, an actual, real-life scooter that they've dubbed the "Rage Rider."

Oh, and you have to scream to make it go. It's powered by anger, you see.


The rather ridiculous scooter was announced on Tuesday on the Angry Birds YouTube channel, giving simple instructions about how to use the device.

"Just yell, or scream, about whatever makes you angry, and the rage rider turns it into POWER," the video claims, later stating that "The louder you yell, the faster it goes!"

If that sounds... unlikely, well, chances are you'll never find out how, or if, the scooter actually works. Rovio announced that they only made 100 of the scooters, and a grand total of zero of them will be put up for sale. Rather, the company states that they've given them "to people that probably aren’t you."

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With that twist of the knife, the video encourages us to visit angrybirds.com/bring-the-anger for more information. While the website has occasionally been unresponsive, it turns out Rovio is using their strange publicity stunt with the hopes of channeling people's rage into something useful. This "useful" action involves playing Angry Birds 2, since Rovio has pledged to donate $100,000 to UNICEF Finland, which will be working to help keep kids educated in conflict zones across the world.  But Rovio will only make the donation after players kill 10 billion pigs in-game.

That's, you know, a lot of pigs, but it's less than a tenth of the pints of blood spilled in the first six months of Mortal Kombat 11's release, so it's not like it's difficult for gamers to perform absurd amounts of violence in short periods of time. There's a "global pig pop" meter in-game that will track the pig popping, and it'll likely fill up in short order.

Source: TouchArcade

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