Animal Crossing: The 10 Best Special Characters, Ranked

Special characters add a lot of personality and charm to Animal Crossing. These are the best in the series.

The beloved Animal Crossing series is getting a new installment for the Nintendo Switch. While we'll have to wait until March 20 next year to play it, we can look at everything that makes the franchise so great now.

One of our favorite things about the series is the incredible special characters who are present throughout it. They put a lot of personality and pep into the games, and without them, Animal Crossing would not be the same. With that said, we thought it was worth looking at which of these characters are better than the rest.

In this ranking, we will only be considering special NPCs, not villagers. Additionally, as much as we love Zipper T. Bunny and Jingle, we will only be looking at main special characters that can be found around town and not characters associated with holidays or events.

With that said, here are how Animal Crossings' special characters stack up.

10 Celeste

First appearing in Wild World, Celeste is an owl that works at the Museum alongside her brother, Blathers. While Blathers is fine and all, Celeste is way cute and gets really excited about the night sky. We love an owl with passion!

Though it's yet to be revealed whether or not Celeste will be making an appearance in the latest Animal Crossing installment, New Horizons, we are hopeful.

9 Kicks

Kicks is the shoe-shining skunk who was first introduced in City Folk. In this game, he can be found in the city when the weather is fair. For a small price of 500 bells, he will polish up players' shoes into a spiffy new design.

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In New Leaf, Kicks upgrades from working on some doorsteps to owning his own store. Players can construct the location by spending 8,000 bells at the Able Sisters', and if doing so means you get to interact with the cool, laid back shoe-shiner some more, we think it's a good idea.

8 Mabel

Mabel is one of the few Animal Crossing characters to have appeared since the beginning. She is a sweet hedgehog who is always very friendly and welcoming toward players throughout the series. Players can visit Mabel and her sister Sable (and in New Leaf, Labelle) at any time by stopping by their tailor shop.

Though Mabel doesn't talk about herself very much, Sable does after she is befriended. It is revealed that their parents died in a car crash and that little Mabel was too young to remember it.

7 Tortimer

Tortimer is the kind, old tortoise who, in the original game, mayors the town. He continues this role into City Folk, however, in New Leaf it is revealed that he has retired.

The player instead takes on the role of mayor, whereas Tortimer enjoys retirement on his own personal island. There, he conducts minigames that players can compete in.

Tortimer also has... well, appears to have an alter ego named Cornimer, who only appeared during the Acorn Festival event in Wild World. It is strongly hinted that this acorn-headed tortoise is really just Tortimer wearing a mask.

6 Resetti

Mr. Resetti is super cranky and annoying, but the Animal Crossing series wouldn't be the same without him. He is a mole whose main purpose is to make sure players don't reset their game and lose all their progress. He is especially a pain in the original Animal Crossing and Wild World when he fake-resets players games to teach them a lesson. In the first of the two, he even makes players repeat phrases to him including "I'm sorry" and "I like you."

In New Leaf, Resetti's existence actually becomes optional, as after an initial appearance, he only visits players once the Resetti Surveillance Center has been built. It's been revealed that Resetti has a new role in New Horizons, and we're excited to see what it is.

5 Kapp'n

Ah, Kapp'n. You're such a character.

This sailor sea turtle first appears in the Game Cube Animal Crossing, taking players to Animal Island after they connect their Game Boy Advance to the console. He sings some interesting songs about sea life and women as he journeys guests there.

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Kapp'n upgrades from a ferry operator to a taxi driver in Wild World, and in City Folk, he gets a whole bus. However, Kapp'n returns to his roots in New Leaf and brings players to the island via a motorized boat. He continues to sing a whole lot.

4 Rover

This cat is the first special character players meet throughout the series. He helps players set up their game by setting the time and date, naming their town, and selecting their gender. He does these things in all the Animal Crossing games except for Wild World, where Kapp'n instead takes on the introductory role.

Rover is friendly and social and is known to enjoy traveling. We appreciate his hospitaly!

3 Isabelle

Isabelle is ridiculously cute, and we're kind of obsessed.

She is a dog who debuts in New Leaf and helps the player take on the role of town mayor. She's a little bit scatter-brained, super outgoing, and a hard worker, so she makes for one entertaining star-assistant.

While we're waiting to see New Horizons game footage containing Isabelle, it has been revealed that she will be working for Nook Inc. and will encounter players based on their progress.

2 Tom Nook

Love him or hate him, he's basically the lifeblood of Animal Crossing. After all, who would you pay your never-ending debt to if he didn't exist?

This sneaky raccoon has dabbled in all sorts of work. While at first he runs a variety of stores in addition to collecting players' mortgage money, he eventually leaves his shop to his nephews Timmy and Tommy and instead goes into real estate full-time.

New Horizons will have Nook managing Nook Inc. and running Resident Services. He will newly teach players how to craft items.

1 K.K. Slider

This cool, easy-going musician is first met in the Game Cube's Animal Crossing, where he performs songs for players on Saturday nights outside the train station. In Wild World and City Folk, he moves his performances to The Roost and lets players request songs.

Finally, in New Leaf, the dog takes over Club LOL. Additionally, from Sunday to Friday, he performs as DJ K.K.

We love K.K. for so many things, including his laid-back persona, boppin' music, and his overall groovy vibes. It's always exciting to hear him live and then pop his latest records into our sound systems back home.

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