Animal Crossing: The 10 Cutest Villagers, Ranked

The characters in Animal Crossing are definitely adorable. We're ranking the cutest villagers in the popular game. Get ready to say "awwww."

One of the best parts of Animal Crossing is the many different villagers that can end up in your town. In fact, in the most recent Animal Crossing installment (New Leaf), there were 333 different animal villagers. While some of them are weird or wacky, others are ridiculously cute, and that's the kind of villager that we're looking at today. While many of the series' most adorable villagers debuted alongside the first game in the series, others made their inaugural appearance in New Leaf. No matter where they came from, what species they are, or how long they've been a part of the franchise, we're excited to say "aww" as we look through these animals.

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Get ready for adorable overload. Here is a ranking of the cutest villagers in all of Animal Crossing.

10 Rosie


Rosie is a peppy cat that has appeared in every single Animal Crossing installment to date. She has giant eyes, blue fur, and a sweet smile. She also refers to everyone as "silly" and is super kind and excitable.

Rosie's New Leaf house is almost as bright as her personality, containing a mix of Lovely and Polka-Dot series furniture. We can't wait to see her spread a little more joy to New Horizons.

9 June


While June first appeared as an islander in Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+, she was later added to New Leaf as part of the Welcome Amibbo update. By scanning in amibbo cards, players can run into her at the Campground and invite her to their towns. June has a normal personality and calls her friends "rainbow." Her big blue eyes and the pretty flower in her hair makes her extra huggable.

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June's New Leaf house is modeled after a hospital waiting room, but she eventually brightens it up a bit by adding a stereo.

8 Lolly


Lolly is a cute grey cat with a normal personality. She refers to all her friends as "bonbon" and is definitely as sweet as candy. Lolly's face is based on the way quotation marks look in certain fonts. This has led many to believe that her name is also a reference to the text phrase "lol."

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In City Folk, Molly's home is filled with fruit-themed items. However, it gets a total overhaul in New Leaf and instead mixed items from the Alpine series and Modern Wood series.

7 Cookie

Cookie is a peppy pink dog who has appeared in nearly every Animal Crossing game (we're sorry you missed out, Wild World). She calls everyone "arfer" (based on the dog sound, "arf") and is known to constantly be wearing her plaid sky blue shirt.

Although Cookie's home has gone through some variations, it has always featured furniture from the Ranch series. That being said, she eventually trades out the country wood flooring for the much cuter Round Carpet.

6 Poppy


Poppy is a squirrel with a normal personality. Her cute eyes, little red nose, and triangle-shaped mouth give her a heartwarming appearance. This maroon squirrel first appeared in City Folk and made a welcome return in New Leaf. She at first nicknames everyone "nutty" based on her species' food of choice, and being that she is a normal villager, she tends to get along with everyone she meets.

Poppy's home primarily consists of items from the Classic series but also incorporates the Exotic Lamp and Regal Armoire.

5 Chevre


Is any goat cuter? Chevre has big sparkly eyes, pushed back ears, and a sprinkling of freckles across her nose. This for sure makes her the most adorable goat in the series. She also happens to be the only goat to appear in every installment of Animal Crossing to date.

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Chevre calls everyone "la baa" upon first meeting them and has a normal personality. She's very kind, and if her European house scheme hints at anything, it's that she's also refined.

4 Fauna

Fauna and her "dearie" nickname debuted in New Leaf. Being that she has also returned in Happy Home Designer and Pocket Camp, we're hopeful that she'll be showing up in New Horizons towns soon. Fauna has giant pink ears, long bottom eyelashes, and rosy cheeks. We're also a fan of her fuzzy vest.

Her house is also fittingly comfortable, filled with various pieces of furniture including items from the Alpine series. Though her personality is normal, word has it that she's super competitive.

3 Maple


This little cub will happily call you "Honey" the first time you meet her. It's all part of her endearing nature. With big eyes, sweeping bangs, and a cute smile, she's definitely one of the more adorable villagers.

Maple has a normal personality and has appeared in every single Animal Crossing game to date. Though her house is filled with toy bears in early installments, she additionally adds items from the Classic series into her New Leaf home.

2 Flurry

Flurry is a normal hamster that made her debut in New Leaf. She is named after her snow-colored fur and additionally has icy eyebrows, hands, and feet.

This normal personality villager has a home that is cozy, containing items from the Regal and Minimalist series. She refers to her friends as "powderpuff" and will become your friend even more quickly than you become hers.

1 Molly

Topping off this list of the cutest characters in the popular video game Animal Crossing is the adorable Molly. This duck made her debut in New Leaf and constantly refers to everyone as "quackidee." This Mallard has oval eyes, a large orange beak, and rosy cheeks. We also think her yellow Canary Shirt is very fitting.

Molly has a normal personality and a house filled with items from the Classic series. She is known to be calm and collected but can spring into action when need be.

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