Animal Crossing: The 10 Funniest Villager Quotes Ever, Ranked

The villagers and their sometimes genius babble are part of what makes Animal Crossing so great - here are 10 classic quotes from townsfolk.

Fans of the Animal Crossing franchise know that one of the best parts of the game is interacting with the villagers. Each one has a unique personality, style, and catchphrase. Some are upbeat and friendly, while others are more crabby, but they're all part of what makes the game so endearing. The creators of the game spent a huge amount of time crafting every part of the world players are immersed in. That includes the dialogue that can be had with the villagers. New Leaf, in particular, has some memorable quotes that are too hilarious to forget.

10 No Thanks

What makes this quote so funny? The fact that Resetti describes his 6-hour diatribe as only needing a "few minutes". It's not clear if he simply lacks self-awareness or maybe after living underground for so long he experiences time at the same rate that a hummingbird does. Either way, Resetti seems to have no idea how much he talks. We may never know. No one wants to be on the receiving end of a Resetti lecture.  Seeing this dialogue is the Animal Crossing equivalent of accidentally answering the phone to a telemarketer.

9 Um...What?

This quote evokes a lot of questions. It's a little bit odd that Roscoe likes to wear women's shoes but it's not exactly shocking. But wearing his mom's shoes? Sure every baby likes to walk around in mama's crocs but Roscoe is a grown horse.

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What really gets the mind going is the manipulation involved in this scenario. What exactly does Roscoe have to do to be considered "good"? Why does his mom make him earn the right to wear her shoes? This quote is so bizarre it's hilarious. Just let Roscoe wear the shoes. He's a good guy.

8 Same

Eating a cookie is a simple pleasure of life. No one wants to live through the disappointment of biting into a delicious sugar cookie only to be met with the cardboard taste of sugar substitutes. The only thing worse is finding a surprise raisin when you're expecting chocolate chips. Life is too short for disappointing cookies. We feel you on this one Queenie. If you're going to enjoy a sweet treat just go for the real deal.

7 Quipster

Wolfgang seems to be just a little bit out of touch here. First and foremost, Animal Crossing is a sweet, wholesome game that's great for kids. Be that as it may, it's mostly hipsters in their 30s who get their nostalgia fix by firing up the game.

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You'd be hard-pressed to find a hipster who'd never ironically belted out a cheesy 80s ballad now and then. We'd try to explain real-life hipsters to Wolfgang but he's probably never heard of them.

6 Leap of Faith

It's easy to feel good about yourself in a world where even the sun makes mistakes. Elvis has put the player in an impossible position here. Is it impolite to try to explain it? The sun is doing a fantastic job. It's the limitations of the human-created calendar that cause hiccups. This adorable mistake is too cute to correct. Just let it be. Animal Crossing is played in real-time so the game experiences leap yer along with us. It's apparently just more confusing for the villagers.

5 Everyone's A Critic

New Leaf allows players the thrilling experience of being mayor to a town full of anthropomorphic animals. Isabelle is the mayor's tireless assistant. Judging by this quote it seems she may have ambitions to take the boss' job. It's understandable. The mayor disappears for days or weeks at a time and does little more than check yes or no boxes while in the office. This leaves Isabelle to do a lot of the heavy lifting. Maybe she should be the mayor after all. Let's be honest, she's already doing most of the work anyway.

4 Is He Serious?

Tom Nook. Where to even start. This loaded raccoon is completely out of touch with the average working bear, or horse, or gazelle. Those 10,000 Bells take an eternity to rustle up. In the early stages of the game, before you can travel to Tortimer Island, there are very few economic opportunities.

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For some reason, mayors work on a volunteer basis in New Leaf. Unless you're netting some sweet, sweet beetles bells take a lot of time and tedious work to acquire. It's hard not to laugh out loud at this delusional statement. Just who does he think he is anyway?

3 How Considerate

Animal Crossing offers an incredible array of villagers. Every species imaginable seems to be represented. Even a few fantasy creatures make appearances. It's one of the many charming features of the game. It's fun getting to know each villager's style and personality. It sees Lopez runs a tight ship where nothing is overlooked. Take out containers for every species are available. What a classy move. If you're a lover of the games this quote warms your heart like a fancy bowl of ramen.

2 Overshare

Kappin has said his share of problematic things so this gassy overshare is kind of a relief. It may be a little too much information but at least it's harmless. Cucumbers are delicious and they can cause some intestinal distress but this doesn't really seem like casual conversation material.

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Let's not forget that Kappin is a professional seafarer and players pay him well for his services. The least you'd expect is some appropriate small talk. If the awkward songs about flatulence didn't make the cruise uncomfortable enough there's the added surprise of one of his classic flirty comments to look forward to at the end.

1 Big Mood

We all know this feeling. You finish every possible moment in the latest release of one of your favorite games. Then the impossible wait begins. For fans of the franchise, it can feel like a lifetime between releases of Animal Crossing games. This meta-comment is so relatable to fans that it makes New Leaf even more close to our hearts. Why can't the next game come out sooner? It's probably because it takes an entire team of professionals and a ton of work to create such a fantastic game.

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