10 Hilarious Animal Crossing Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

There are so many weird little things in the Animal Crossing series, and these 10 memes prove just how quirky and strange the series can be.

Animal Crossing has the kind of devoted following you might only expect to see for one of Nintendo's big-name franchises. But people go hog wild for the chill friendship-and-town-management. The announcement of New Horizons for the Switch was long-awaited.

No matter how much you love the series, however, you have to admit the premise is kind of weird. You're the lone human in a community of cutesy animals, immediately given a home loan by a raccoon, and are occasionally just given control of the entire town. Pair that with the kooky personalities of the town's residents and you have a franchise that is ripe for hilarious memes.

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10 Is Caffeine Good For Dogs?

Isabelle has a lot of work to do to maintain the town. It might be the mayor who makes the decisions, but it's Isabelle's job to make sure they're enacted properly. Not to mention she has to be available constantly, in case you need to make any late-night changes to your policies.

The poor thing definitely needs a break. But Isabelle never complains. She's happy to help, always. Even if she only got one hour of sleep. Maybe she has a secret coffee addiction. Oh no, now we're worried about her too.

9 No One Messes With My Clique

There are always those villagers you click with more than others. Sometimes, it even seems like the game knows it. Sure, their dialogue and gifts to the player are random, but sometimes... it almost seems like the game has a sense of humor.

Haven't you ever had a weirdly well-timed comment from one of your residents? Well, in any case, there are probably worse groups to join than the bunny gang. They mostly just hang around eating carrots all day.

8 Sinister Plans

The Villager is an enigma. Sure, they're supposedly you and you have the best interests of your town at heart (don't you?). But there's a bit of a look in their eye sometimes, almost as if they know something you don't.

They're not as helpless as they appear. Maybe your cute little town isn't as sweet and innocent as it first seems? Maybe there's an undercurrent of dread seething beneath the smiles of your animal friends? Well, anything is possible. But the Villager is probably just planting an apple.

7 Relatable

Your Animal Crossing town is a peaceful, happy place. A lot of players use their little village as a place to relax and unwind from the stress of adulthood. You might responsibilities in the game, like your ever-present mortgage, but what there aren't any consequences for not fulfilling them.

No interest on your loans, no job to work, maybe a few wilted flowers to dig up. Otherwise, it's like an endless summer vacation. So it's a little jarring to see your in-game avatar learn a bitter new emotion. You don't want to learn sadness! Sadness is what you're here to escape!

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6 The Only Good Music

There's a special place in all our hearts for K. K. Slider's songs. He's a master of many different genres of music and is always happy to take requests. Plus he's just cool.

He's a free spirit, traveling around playing his guitar and occasionally gracing us with his presence. He explicitly resists people who try to put a price on his songs because good old K. K. Slider doesn't want to sell out to The Man. No one puts a collar on creative expression!

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5 Heartbroken

We've all been there. Minding our own business in our happy little town, secure in the knowledge that our town only accepts the best of the best. Sometimes, you already have a favorite villager and luck out when they put up a house. Sometimes, a brand new villager worms their way into your affections.

However, it happens, we all end up with favorites, and the things you love hurt you worst of all. Nothing's harder than seeing your favorites move on to greener pastures. But maybe whoever moves in next will win your heart.

4 And Breaking Hearts

On the other hand... sometimes you have a villager you just cannot stand. Maybe their personality grates on you. Maybe they gave you some obnoxious item in a trade. Maybe you just don't like the look of them.

Honestly, it's always a little awkward because they clearly think you're still friends, despite you occasionally standing outside their house with an ax. When they come to tell you goodbye, they're certainly expecting you to beg them to stay. It must be a nasty shock for them when you're only too ready to see them off.

3 I Have To Do Everything Myself

No matter how close you might be with your villagers, they never seem willing to cough up any money for your civil projects. Not only do you have a home loan to pay off, but if you want anything done in the town, you'll almost certainly be paying 95% of the cost.

Bridges don't build themselves, everybody! Couldn't they spare just a few bells, instead of running you ragged fishing at all hours of the day? It looks like New Horizons is giving a new tool to hop over rivers. Let's see how the rest of them like it when you don't want to beautify their town anymore.

2 Do You See What I See

One of Animal Crossing's little quirks is that most items are made to look like leaves unless they're equipped or set out in your house. It's probably just easier for the game developers, instead of having to make scaled-down sprites of every single piece of furniture and decoration you can potentially have.

Still, that doesn't make it any less funny when someone hands you some yard waste and calls it a lantern, and it still doesn't explain why you can shake a tree and have a whole couch fall out.

1 Perhaps Too Much Power

Ah, time-traveling. A time-honored tradition of fans to skip ahead to favorite seasons or holidays. No matter what your opinion is on how much power you wield as mayor, there's no doubting your godlike control over the state of the world.

That said, why does Isabelle just believe you when you tell her it's twenty years in the future? Does she think she has amnesia? Is she just very trusting? Or maybe it's that lack of sleep making her delusional.

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