Animal Crossing New Leaf: The Ultimate Hair Guide

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a great game where you, the player, are able to live out your wildest fantasies. This can be owning a house, making friends with talking animals, and earning money by shaking the fruit off of trees and selling it to a tycoon raccoon. It's pretty much exactly like real life.

One of the best parts about the game is being able to customize your look so that you can perfectly represent yourself through virtual style. New Leaf is great for this since there are even more clothes and accessories to choose from than before. You can even import designs other people have made using QR codes!

While getting your perfect outfit may be easier than ever, there are other parts of your look that may be more difficult to perfect right off the bat, like your character's hair. Face and hair are predetermined at the beginning of the game based off of some questions you answered on the way over to your new town. If you don't like your initial hairstyle, it's best to buy a hat and wait until the salon comes into town.

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7 First, Unlock Shampoodle

Unfortunately, the town does not come equipped with a salon, which is kind of wild considering that every other resident of the town is not human. Most of them are quite furry actually. Practicality aside, you're going to have to put in some work to be able to get a haircuttery built.

Before even thinking about a hair salon, you have to open Kicks' shoe store. To do that, spend 8,000 Bells at the Able Sisters establishment. Then, you have to spend at least 10,000 Bells in between both stores and wait seven days after the shoe store was constructed. Meeting all of these requirements, you'll see some workers starting to construct an extension to the store.

6 Make Sure To Answer The Right Questions

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After the salon is unlocked, it's now time to change your hair! This should be easy enough since you already put in so much work to build it. But, there's still a catch — you won't be able to choose your hairstyle willy-nilly! Just like your appearance was determined by a few questions at the beginning of the game, your hairstyle and hair color will also be determined by answering a few questions. This may seem tedious, but the stylist, Harriet, is just trying to fit the best look for your mood.

5 To Get An Extremely Casual Look

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Once you get into the chair, there will be a slider with "Casual" at the top and "Formal" on the bottom. To get one of the casual hairstyles, keep the slider at the top. For both girls and boys, there are four options for extremely casual looks. Let's start with the extremely casual girl hairstyles. For shoulder length with a little curl at the end, you want to answer "loose and wavy" and then "laid-back." To get a short and wavy look instead, reply with "floaty-fairy" to question number two. If you want short and straight, answer with "stylish" and "role model." If you answer question number two with "I like being left alone," your hair will be a shaggy pixie cut.

For boys, the styles look a bit different. Responding with "loose and wavy" and "laid-back" will give you messy hair. Saying that you would like to be "confident" in the second question will give you a poofy hairstyle. To get spiky hair, say that you're "stylish" and a "role model." Say that you like being alone and you'll be given a buzz on the sides with hair on the top.

4 For Regular-Casual Hair

If you want something casual but not straight-up messy, then put the slider near the middle (closer to the casual side). After that, girls who want pigtails should answer "messy" and "I wish I could clean it." Respond with "it's on purpose" and you'll get an interesting three-ponytail look. For a high ponytail, you need to say that your room is clean and that you like to style your hair. Answer question number two with "natural is best" and you'll get a flicked hairstyle.

With boy hairstyles, if you want a little faux-hawk, answer with "messy" and "I wish I could clean it." Saying that "it's on purpose" in the second question will give you spiky hair in the front and back. Hair with a flick at the front will require you to have a clean room and enjoy styling hair. If you have a clean room but prefer natural hair, Harriet will give you a '90s side part.

3 To Get A Semi-Formal Cut

Now we're getting on the fancier side, but only partly fancy. For the girly mayors, if you answer "I'm very serious!" and also "fight and overcome," you'll get short hair with side fringe. Answering the second question with "grin and bear it" will result in medium hair down. Calling yourself a troublemaker and saying you'll settle down will result in a low ponytail. Changing the second question to "rebel for life" will give you a pixie cut.

For the fellas, if you say "I'm very serious!" and follow up by saying "fight and overcome" then you'll be given pointy bangs. Say "grin and bear it" instead and you'll get straight bangs. If you say that you're a troublemaker and answer the second question with "I'll settle down," then your hair will have little hair flicks on the ends. Saying that you're a rebel for life will make you get a buzz count.

2 For A Formal Hairstyle

Here's where we get to the super formal hairstyles for all the fancy folk out there. Girls who answer with "business" and "fresh" will have shoulder-length hair with bangs. If you choose to answer with "vintage" then your bangs will be pinned back. Choose to respond with "private" and "party" and you'll be given a bun. If you answer question number two with "date" then you'll have some low pigtails.

We're almost done! The fancy fellas who answer with "business" and "fresh" will be given swoopy bangs. Those who respond with "business" and "vintage" will have slicked side bangs. People who answer "private" and "party," however, will be given the nice boy, smooth look. People who say "private" and "date" will have a fresh looking 'do.

1 Now For Color!

While this whole guide is here to help pick out a specific hairstyle, there's also the option to just let Harriet pick whatever random hairstyle she wants. After changing hairstyles 15 times, you'll be able to swap gendered haircuts. There's a lot to think about with these hairstyles, but we're not finished yet! Now you have to choose the color you want!

There are three different types of colors: natural, intense, and bright. Natural is easy since you just pick the color you want on a slider that goes from black to blonde. The intense options go like this: "burning love" is red, "forest" is green, "deep sea" is blue, and "moody" is light purple. For bright hues: "sweet love" is pink, "clear sky" is sky blue, "new leaves" is light green, and "angel's wings" is white.

It may just be hair, but there are so many options to choose from. Feel free to play around with the hairstyles offered at Shampoodle — just remember that you're only allowed one visit to the salon a day!

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