Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp To Get A Paid Subscription Service

Nintendo will soon introduce a paid subscription model to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, basically cementing its failure.

Nintendo will soon be introducing a paid subscription service for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, its free-to-play take on the cult classic series. Called "Pocket Camp Club," players will be able to shell over some cash monthly for the "ability" to assign a villager as a camp caretaker and to get a warehouse for extra storage. Extra fortune cookies are also being handed out if players part with their cash.

This is similar to a model Mario Kart Tour employs. For $4.99 a month in that game, players get access to the 200 cc class, online multiplayer, and some premium skins/characters to use. It's a bit crap if we're going to be honest. Pocket Camp's model doesn't have a price yet since it won't be ready until November 21, 2019.

The news was discovered via an in-game advertisement for the feature. Players on ResetEra shared images with descriptions of the plans. It looks like there will be two separate options to get even more cash out of players. There's bound to be a double-pack, too, since it can't be a mobile game in 2019 without extra monetization on top.

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Launched in 2017, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp hasn't really done all too well. There was fervor for a few days after its release simply due to the series not yet coming to Switch. When fans had their fill in a day or two, the drop off was pretty harsh. Nintendo even reported the app fell below expectations.

The company continuously updated the app throughout 2018 and 2019, but nothing ever seemed enough. Going from a fairly harmless little time waster to a greedy, microtransaction laden experience, Pocket Camp is now one of Nintendo's more scummy mobile titles. It gives Fire Emblem Heroes a run for its money.

With this new subscription model, we're left wondering what the end goal is. Does Nintendo just want to milk the remaining players for all they are worth? Is the company possibly pushing people away from this mobile offering to get them interested in New Horizons next year? I can't imagine anyone with an honest interest in Animal Crossing will see this new service as beneficial to the brand.

Source: ResetEra

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