Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s Update Brings Something New To The Table

The latest update to the Animal Crossing mobile game has added a new interior design minigame that allows players to design small rooms using furniture they've collected. The update aims to add home design elements from the series' console games that are missing in the mobile version.

The minigame will take place in a new location called the Happy Homeroom and will feature Lottie, a character first introduced to the series in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for the 3DS. Lottie fills pretty much the same role she did in Happy Home Designer, assigning design tasks for different campers that players must complete. The rooms are then scored by a panel of judges from the Happy Home Academy.

Lottie the otter first appears in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. Image via jvgs.net.

According to Polygon, Pocket Camp players will rank up with the Happy Home Academy if they pass Lottie's design assignments, but will not receive prizes unless they have particularly high scores. Those who do have high scores, however, will win crafting materials to build the rare golden furniture series.

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For most fans who enjoyed Happy Home Designer and the interior design elements of the more traditional Animal Crossing games, the Happy Homeroom will make a fun and welcome addition to the Pocket Camp experience. However, there are some aspects of the new minigame that might make it restrictive to new players, absentee players, or those unwilling to spend money on the game.

This is because the Happy Homeroom, unlike Happy Home Designer, does not provide any furniture. Instead, it requires players to make designs with the furniture they've collected. If you've ever played Pocket Camp, you know how difficult it can be to collect a wide variety of furniture, especially if you're a free player. The minigame also requires a voucher that is given out daily to play. Since Pocket Camp already relies heavily on microtransactions, it seems likely that players will have to spend money to get more daily chances.

Despite these restrictive elements, the new update will most likely add a new, fun dimension to Pocket Camp for more seasoned players, as well as draw back some players who've drifted away from the game.

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