Animal Crossing Release Date For Nintendo Switch May Have Leaked Online

Animal Crossing is the big mystery game of the Nintendo Switch's 2019 lineup. It was announced in 2018 with a brief trailer that only stated that it was coming in 2019, and no new information has been given about the game since. It seemed as if Nintendo was banking on the eighth generation of Pokémon games and Animal Crossing for the Switch in 2019, without revealing anything about them. The mystery Pokémon titles were finally revealed to be Pokémon Sword & Shielddue to be released in 2019, but there has still been no word on Animal Crossing. 

However, the silence on Animal Crossing may soon be broken, as sources have revealed to The Loot Gaming that the game will be heavily featured at E3 2019, with a release window of September 2019.

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It makes sense for Animal Crossing to be Nintendo's featured game at E3 2019, considering the Switch's lineup for the year. There will likely be a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character announcement, alongside some new game reveals, but the number of games that will appear on the show floor might not be as exciting.

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The Nintendo Switch's 2019 lineup isn't as impressive as the ones seen in 2017 and 2018, which means that a lot of fans are expecting Animal Crossing to be the big game of the year. However, the fact that we have seen so little of the game means that a delay to 2020 can't be ruled out, which has some fans worried.

The lack of any Animal Crossing content at E3 2018 (along with an over-emphasis on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) actually caused Nintendo's stock price to drop last year, as there wasn't much to excite people in 2018 who weren't fans of the Smash Bros. series.  It would make sense for Nintendo to make Animal Crossing the centerpiece of their next E3 show, but history has proven that they can't rely on a single game to carry them through the conference.

If the leaked release date is true, then it's surprising that Animal Crossing isn't one of the big holiday titles for the Nintendo Switch. The 2018 holiday season had both the Pokémon Let's Go games and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with the 2019 holiday season most likely being the release window for Pokémon Sword & Shield. If Animal Crossing is released in September, then does that mean that Nintendo has another huge game planned for the end of 2019 to release alongside Pokémon Sword & Shield? 

Animal Crossing is due to be released on the Nintendo Switch in 2019.

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