Animal Crossing: The 10 Saddest Villager Quotes Ever, Ranked

Animal Crossing is an extremely popular franchise that involves you getting to customize your own character and town while befriending various critters that will move in and populate your town over time!

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One of the best parts of being in the Animal Crossing community is all the memes birthed by the game. The animals give us tons of different quotes ranging from sad to happy to hilarious! We're looking at some of the saddest quotes we've seen.

10 Poppy gives us the brutal truth about relationships

Despite what we want to believe about how a solid friendship is the best foundation for a relationship, it's not always true. Just because two people are best friends, it doesn't mean that same chemistry would carry over into a healthy romantic pairing!

Poppy's quote might be sad to some who always believed their close friends would make a good partner. But at the end of the day, it is pretty truthful. It takes a lot more than being amicable to make you fall in love.

9 Phyllis fights off her fans

This quote might not be that sad from Phyllis's perspective since the ornery pelican is known for being short-tempered, but for the player it is a little disheartening. If you're a Phyllis fan, you might hope that by talking to her regularly you can eventually strike up a friendship.

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Her shutting you down by showing visible disgust over you potentially sitting next to her at the museum coffee shop is quite the burn. Unfortunately, Phyllis is just too cool for school and not looking for any new friends.

8 Pascal pontificates on love

Pascal is a traveling otter who often has something philosophical to say whenever you encounter him. In this instance, he is talking about love! It is incredibly complicated. Everyone has their own interpretation of love.

But Pascal's admission that everyone who "understands" love is "always sad" is kind of dark for an Animal Crossing game in a way. It's depressing to think that an emotion that is supposed to be fulfilling and bursting with happiness is actually coupled with deep sorrow.

7 Pascal talks about fake smiles

This quote isn't super sad but the circumstances being described are. Like we mentioned above, Pascal is an otter who likes to theorize and talk philosophy. He's kind of like a walking fortune cookie whenever he surfaces from the ocean. In this case he's mentioning that sometimes people do fake smiles.

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But you shouldn't be mad at them for it. If someone isn't in the mood to smile, they can't help it. At least if they're faking one they're doing something. They're making an attempt to feel better and offering a smile is better than them not trying at all. Sometimes all you can do is one small thing to prove you're putting in the effort.

6 Pango has a case of the chills

Occasionally when you're playing Animal Crossing you'll come across one of your animal neighbors who is sick. It'll be your job to go buy some medicine from Tom Nook to make them feel better. It's kind of sad when you stumble on someone whose sick, like poor Pango pictured above.

In this case, we can all relate to how Pango is feeling. Getting sick is not fun. Fevers make you hot then cold and everything in between. It's not fun seeing a tiny animal sick, even if they are able to talk and shop! Hopefully the player in this case was able to get Pango the medicine she needed.

5 Merry has trouble focusing

Depending on how you read Merry's comments it might seem like she's admitting to some form of attention deficit disorder or depression. It could also be that she's just joking around but either way, the quote is a little sad (and relatable).

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Sometimes your attention span just turns out to not be what it used to be. You start to have trouble focusing on things in your life and suddenly you just can't bring yourself to put in the right amount of energy to anything you're doing.

4 Lobo is lonely

Lobo is a classic villager from the Animal Crossing franchise. He's been around since the earliest versions of the game. He's a classic grump who prefers to do things on his own and often comes across as rather gruff when you talk to him.

That said, deep down Lobo is just a lone wolf who doesn't want to be alone anymore! It's cute that he decided to disclose his feelings to the main player of this game. Hopefully they became more friendly with him.

3 Kiki has a sinking heart

It's unclear what Kiki was sad about in this moment, perhaps the player wasn't able to get her the item she wanted. But her quote about her heart sinking into a well of sorrow is pretty dramatic and even Shakespearean in form.

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It's kind of amusing how poetic some of the animals can be, particularly when they're talking about something that bothers them. Perhaps her night improved if she caught a few cool bugs?

2 A crying Dotty

This image shows a player talking to a bunny named Dotty. It appears Dotty is either moving into a new house or moving out. If they're moving out, it might make sense why Dotty was suddenly overcome with crying.

Perhaps they were "happy" at first about a new offer in another town but then realized they would have to leave the town they'd been living in! They could also be crying because the player tried to convince them to stay a while longer.

1 Maple feels like everyone leaves her

Do you ever feel like the people you meet always wind up walking out of your life? Well Maple does. She is clearly distressed about how people always leave us behind!

In this photo, again, it appears like Maple might be moving out of town. She could even be referencing herself in her speech since she might be planning to leave town and abandon the friends she's made there.

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