Animal Crossing: The 10 Creepiest Villager Quotes Ever, Ranked

In just a few more months we'll finally be granted with a brand new Animal Crossing game for Nintendo Switch after waiting for ages. Fans have been rejoicing for ages now over the arrival of a new game.

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But in the mean time, we can always go back and play older versions of the game such as for Nintendo 3DS and the Wii. We're looking at some of the creepier moments from the series. Sometimes the villagers just say the darndest things! Here are the top 10 creepiest quotes from villagers.

9 Whitney knows how to manipulate people

If you happen to have Whitney the wolf living in your town you might want to be careful. In her own words, she believes that "Building strong friendships is the key... to taking advantage of everyone!" It's a little more mean and vicious than it is creepy but it also makes you think a little bit.

What has your friendship with Whitney been all about! Has she been taking advantage of you this whole time without you even realizing it? Is this entire thing just a mind game?!

8 Peanut may or may not be a stalker

Peanut is talking to the player in the image above and it appears she's in the middle of telling story since she mentions, "I was all, like, 'Where is SHE from,' so I kinda followed her to the bus."

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We don't get to see how this conversation ended but somehow I wouldn't be surprised if Peanut admitted she followed the mysterious stranger onto a bus. Although it is decidedly creepy. Who was Peanut talking about? Was she stalking her ex's new beau? We might never know.

7 Pierce wants to own a skeleton

There are a lot of items, furniture, and clothing you can buy in the Animal Crossing world. Apparently, Pierce's dream is get his hands on a skeleton. Not only is that weird but it's kind of predatory. Of course, in game the items these animals ask for are likely randomized but if you truly think about what they're asking for, it comes with all kinds of disturbing implications.

After all, the only way to get a skeleton is to kill someone. And he's a bird too, maybe he wants the skeleton of a rabbit or rodent and considering who the townsfolk are, well...

6 Isabelle gets super intense

Isabelle is the adorable little puppy that helps you find your way around town by introducing you to how things are run. Isabelle is your assistant as mayor but don't get on her bad side!

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If you want to, you can report on animals in town who you don't like. Sometimes they'll even move if you do it. It looks like in this case, the player reported Pierce and Isabelle wasn't messing around.

5 Kapp'n smells people's hair

Kapp'n may be your go-to in order to travel to and from the islands in Animal Crossing but i's undeniable that the dude can be pretty terrifying. He's super creepy with you sometimes.

In this case, he mentions how the player's hair makes them "smell like an angel." It's just kind of weird to have an animal flirting with you. It's not exactly like you can get romantic with someone who isn't even the same species as you!

4 Elvis makes a strange comment about the sun

This comment might be more funny than it is creepy but it depends on how you think about it. Sometimes the animals in the games are prone to making random deep observations and remarks about their natural surroundings.

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They like to walk around town quite a bit so it's not surprising they might notice something strange around them and feel the need to comment on it. In this instance, Elvis has realized that leap year is a thing and it's actually kind of weird that it happens. His comment that it's "not comforting," is pretty accurate.

Chow is a wild-eyed panda who happens to be one of the creepiest villagers in the game. He can't help it exactly due to most of it stemming from the way his face looks, but Chow is probably the last person you want to hear saying something like "Ohh, come to daddy..."

That's like, nightmare material. Panda bears are usually super cute but in Chow's case he looks more like something you might see in a horror movie about killer dolls.

3 Dotty wants to be twins

This quote might be infinitely less creepy if it was coming out of a bunny that has glowing red eyes. Unfortunately, that's just how Dotty was made.

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Still, when they start going on about buying "two of everything so we can be twins forever," you can't help but get the shivers. It's one thing if Dotty just wanted to match shirts with you but two of everything, forever? That's a big statement to make Dotty and those eyes are suddenly made even scarier.

2 Kapp'n asks about your dating status

Kapp'n strikes yet again. In fact, Kapp'n is just a creep in general. He's like that guy you run into at a bar that just can't take a hint. And if you want to get even creepier, you're stuck on a boat with this guy in the middle of the ocean!

He takes his chance at having you captive in his boat to try and find out if you're single. That's like if you get a lecherous cab driver and have nowhere to go. Where is Copper when you need him?

1 Anabelle breaks the fourth wall

Anabelle starts to catch on that she may, in fact, be living inside of a video game when she describes her weird dream "where a giant, disembodied hand keeps poking me with a stylus." Anyone else look around a little guiltily when they saw this exchange or read this one?

It does make you wonder what might be going through the mind of some of these animals. This isn't the only interaction where the animals make references to the fact they exist inside a video game either.

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