Animal Crossing's Tom Nook Wants You To Spend Your Tax Return On A Nintendo Switch

Animal Crossing's Tom Nook took to Twitter in order to suggest to fans that they should be spending their tax returns on a Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch's lineup for 2019 has been filled out over the past few months thanks to a Nintendo Direct that revealed several new titles and the announcement of Pokémon Sword & Shield for the end of the year.

The one big outlier of the Nintendo Switch's 2019 lineup is the new Animal Crossing game, which we know almost nothing about except for a name and the console that it will be appearing on, as well as a tentative release date of 2019.

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It seems that Nintendo loves to needle its fans by getting their hopes up on Twitter, only to pull the rug out from under their feet and reveal that the message is just another plug for its latest system. The official Twitter page for Nintendo of America uploaded a picture of Tom Nook holding a bag of bells, along with a message suggesting what you can spend your tax return on -- a Nintendo Switch.

The fans of Animal Crossing are perturbed about Tom Nook's image being used on an official Nintendo Twitter account when it's not accompanied by any new information about the next game. There are some fans who are having fun with Tom Nook's suggestion about how they should spend your tax refund, especially as it ties into a popular meme about Yoshi committing tax fraud, even though he is a dinosaur and presumably doesn't make any money (unless the IRS of the Mushroom Kingdom takes payment in eggs?)

The idea of the world of Animal Crossing having an income tax law is an odd joke for Nintendo to make, but it does fit with the character of Tom Nook. It's just a shame that the joke was made when fans are eager to learn more about the new Animal Crossing game.

If Nintendo really wants people to spend their tax return on the Nintendo Switch, then how about dropping a release date for the new Animal Crossing game?

Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch is due to be released sometime in 2019.

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