10 Hilarious Anime Memes That'll Leave You Crying With Laughter

Anime fans are the rulers of making internet memes about their favorites, and this is a compilation of the most hilarious of them all!

If you're an anime fan, then it’s also likely that you enjoy memes. That is just the nature of things since anime fans are more likely to be internet savvy due to hunting down anime streaming websites and finding online communities to talk to about anime. The internet is an anime and meme hub.


Anime memes are particularly common. They're like a big inside joke among fandoms. With a lot of anime, there are a ton of memes. So here are some that are particularly funny and others that are very popular and well-known. Big thanks to Know Your Meme for helping with the research on the background for some of these memes.

10 Is This A Pigeon?

This widely used meme us often spread around and edited to express confusion or ignorance on a topic.

As for the background, this meme originated from a 1990s anime called The Brave Fighter and Sun Fighbird. This particular still shot used for the meme is from episode three. The reason behind the utterly ridiculous quote is that the main character, Yutaro Katori, is a human android. Obviously, since no adult man in his right mind can mistake a butterfly for a pigeon.

9 Cartoons Versus Anime

There are various anime images used for this meme, but it always has the old man from Disney’s The Aristocrats at the top. In this particular one, we have Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto from Bleach.

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There are a lot of buff old men in anime though and not so much in regular cartoons. Why is this? Is this a character trope that is born out of culture difference? Maybe the closest regular cartoons have gotten to a physically tough old man is Gruncle Stan from Gravity Falls.

8 Choking Sasuke

This meme is a big one this year. The original image is Sasuke getting choked by Itachi. The image is from the 85 episode. However, the meme was born from that image by replacing the image of Itachi with anyone else. People have replaced Itachi with a cat, with Shrek, with famous celebrities, everything.

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Some even include text. For example, with Shrek, he says, “It’s ogre for you.” Or if it’s with Gordon Ramsay, it’s with the text line, “Not enough seasoning.”

7 You Are Already Dead

“Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru” means “You are already dead” in Japanese. It’s from the anime and manga franchise, Fist of the North Star. The phrase and image of the main character, Kenshiro, pointing at the viewer has been widely used as a reaction image for a reaction image in debates and discussions.


The line, “You are already dead” would be said by Kenshiro when he performed a particular martial art move: Hokuto Shinken along with Hokuto Hyakuretsu-ken. As he said his line, his victim’s bodies would explode from the inside due to him attacking certain pressure points on their body.

6 Not Daijoubu

Translated from Japanese to English, “Daijoubu” means “its okay.” With that in mind, this image is not just a meme but a mood. It’s showing a calm and okay face on the outside but on the inside, the person is screaming. What’s not to love about that? Everyone can connect with this meme. A major source of humor for anime memes is also having subtitles in English with just one Japanese word.

The image is from Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii, otherwise known as Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku. It’s a romantic comedy about, you guessed it, two otaku who seem perfect for each other but, you guessed it again, “Love is Hard for Otaku.”

5 Keikaku

Sometimes fansubs of anime are a gift. This image is from a fansub of the 24th episode of Death Note where Light says, “Just as planned,” except the fansubber decided to keep the word planned as the Japanese word for it, “keikaku.”


It’s hilarious because why keep that word Japanese if you are going to have to add a translators note at the top? This image as made many parodies about how some fansubs use Japanese words over English ones. Now just the word “Keikaku” is used as a joking synonym for plan among anime fans.

4 Manga, Anime, Netflix Adaptation

Since Netflix has been creating live-action adaptations of popular anime, this meme has been on the rise. Fans of anime mock Netflix for it poorly changing character designs and plot. They show the manga picture, the anime picture, and then either poorly edit a live-action image or find a cosplay for the Netflix example.

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Some of these memes have not even been just for anime. There are images of Spiderman and even real people like PewDiePie’s fiancé, Marzia Bisognin. Some even work backwards like with Bojack Horseman to show a horrifying anime and manga adaptation version of it.

3 Yamcha’s Death Pose

To some, they just see Yamcha on the ground after receiving a fatal wound against Saibaman. However, this image became a hub of memes, as anime fans began recreating the picture with other anime characters lying inside the crater.


Saibaman is a weak villain character, causing a lot of fans to make fun of Yamcha for being weak. So edits were done for other characters to show weakness or failure. People have put everything in that crater from other anime characters to company logos after they go bankrupt.

2 Saitama’s “Ok” Face

One-Punch Man is self-aware that it’s funny and likely expected memes to come out of its content.

This image comes from the Alien Conquerors arc where Saitama goes against Lord Boros. Saitama punches and Boros’ heavy armor breaks apart. Lord Boros then says, “the armor I used to seal all my too powerful strength is now broken.” Saitama just says, “Okay” with hilariously blunt indifference.

This became a meme as people have edited and drawn other characters with a similar style with the unimpressed “Okay” line. It’s so popular in fact that you can buy shirts, pillows, and art with this image.

1 Top 10 Anime List Parodies

Here is when things get real since this is a parody of top ten lists within a list of ten. These images typically make fun of videos though. The meme is a still image example of a clickbait video list like “Top 10 Brutal Anime Death Scenes” but the image is a gorilla ripping SpongeBob in half. Or “Top 10 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time” and it’s a picture of a chicken wearing shoes.


This meme also combines with another known as “Marge Krumping.”

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