10 Most Annoying Enemies in Borderlands 3

Borderlands games have always had a variety of unique enemies. Borderlands 3 is the same, yet there are some enemies that are frustrating.

Borderlands 3 is a game filled with things to shoot at. With a billion guns, there should be plenty of ways to test out your new toys. As with any game, however, the game doesn’t want to make things too easy for you. Every now and then Borderlands 3 will throw an enemy at you that it knows will cause you to take a step back and rethink your current strategy.

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The enemy types in Borderlands 3 are pretty varied throughout, requiring the player to constantly change up their arsenal for the situation. Sometimes this can be really fun, as the guns are just so much fun to use. Other times, though, it can be downright annoying. After you’ve defeated a frustrating enemy that first time, you’ll most likely see it later down the road. You’ll then roll your eyes and say, “These guys again?” It will get to a point where it’s no longer enjoyable. Here are the ten most annoying enemies in Borderlands 3.

10 Shock And Badass Rakk

These Rakks are actually quite rare throughout the game. You generally only encounter them in the Cistern Of Slaughter, which is the creature version of Torque’s Circle Of Slaughter. Overall, the enemies in this wave-based mode are manageable, until you get to the Rakks, specifically Badass and Shock variations of them.

What makes them so annoying is the fact they fly around (a common theme in this list). Regular Rakks are easy to take down, but the Badass and Shock versions of them have so much health. It doesn’t seem to be a test of skill, but rather one of patience.

9 Jet Trooper

Killing Jet Troopers is satisfying as they fall to the ground, but the frustration beforehand may not be worth it. Like Rakks, Jet Troopers fly around the area. Unlike Rakks, though, they are accurate marksmen that shoot from above.

You’ll need to constantly be on your toes, as well as having some pretty accurate weapons. Jet Troopers love to just fly around and dodge every one of your bullets. They may not have a lot of health or shield, but their quick and fast movements put them on this list.

8 Militant

Militants themselves aren’t super dangerous to the player, and they generally don’t have that much health. What puts them on this list is their impenetrable shield in their hands. In just about any game, it is never fun to take on enemies with shields, especially a shooter.

The AI has been improved in Borderlands 3, so this means the Militants will be very vigilant by hiding behind their shield whenever possible. Trying to flank them can be exhausting as well since they’ll constantly be facing you. The best strategy is to have a companion like FL4K’s pet or Zane’s clone to draw their aggro.

7 Goliaths

On the surface, Goliaths aren’t all that scary. With some good fire weapons, they can easily be taken down, unless you happen to shoot their helmet off. Goliaths were a unique enemy that returned from Borderlands 2. Their catch is that if you shoot their helmet off, they may end up receiving a buff, which grants them all their health back. If they continue to kill other enemies around them, they get even more buffs. Goliaths can sometimes be entertaining, but it soon becomes frustrating as they get even more health and damage.

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6 Badass Varkid

Varkids return in Borderlands 3 and are aggressive as ever. When it comes to regular Varkids, they tend to go down pretty easily. If you’re not careful enough, you could potentially have it mutate into a Badass Varkid. One Badass Varkid is doable, but Varkids generally tend to mob up on you.

Due to this, you may end up missing a few Badass pods, and thus, you end up having multiple Badass Varkids flying around the area. They tend to have a good amount of armor, which makes it more annoying.

5 NOGs

Here’s the situation. You’re taking on a tough enemy such as Heavy. You’ve gotten their shield down and their health is at about 25% down, but then you quickly need to reload. As soon as you start firing again, that Heavy’s shield is back! You have those little Nogs to thank for that.

Their worst offense, however, is that they can also throw up an orb that protects a certain enemy from any damage. These Nogs are sneaky bastards who move quickly and in packs. They end up making the fight last much longer than originally anticipated.

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4 Hardened Tink Tonk

Generally, Tinks are fun to fight against. With their large heads, it makes for easy critical hits. This is not the case with the Hardened Tink Tonks. The aggravating part about them is that they have three bars; shield, armor, and health.

Since they are hardened, those bars are quite spongy and require a lot of firepower. Worst yet, you’ll pretty much need both a corrosive and shock weapon to take down those bars quickly. You’ll also want to take them down as fast as you can since their explosive weapons are relentless.

3 Badass/Powerhouse Heavy

Early on in the game, the Heavys enemies will be a few minibosses in Promethea. As you progress, you’ll be powerful enough to take on basic versions of them with little to no issues. Then comes to the Badass and Powerhouse variants.

These large enemies have a spongy shield and health bar that takes multiple magazines if you don’t have the right gun. Luckily, shooting at their elemental tank on their backs can prove efficient. The only problem is that they persistently shoot elemental orbs and pools around you. One at a time, they’re not that bad, but they usually come in squads of three or four.

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2 Ramtourus

Whenever you’re playing a first-person shooter, one of the most infuriating moments is when something/someone is ramming into your character, causing your screen to constantly jerk around. This is exactly what the Ramtourus does. As its name suggests, it likes to ram into the player with its heavy head.

These enemies tend to spot up the most during the Cistern of Slaughter. Since there are tons of creatures all around you, the Ramtourus creature will be running after you as you make your way through the arena. You may have a perfect shot lined up for one creature, then the Ramtourus runs and screws it all up.

1 Anointed Enemies

These things might just be the most annoying enemy type in any Borderlands game, which is saying a lot. The Anointed versions of certain enemies are difficult for a number of reasons. Not only do they pack quite a punch in their attacks, but they have so many immunities and a ton of health.

Even on Normal Mode, these guys are responsible for a broken controller or two. To make things worse, they constantly teleport around you, delaying the fight even longer. We can only dread what other enemy types Gearbox plans to make Anointed in future DLCs.

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