Another Day, Another Mod: Turn Resident Evil 2's Zombies Into Deadly Tofu With The Latest Mod

There are some survival games on the market that offer a vegetarian option for players who don’t want to eat the flesh of an animal in a fictional world. It will soon be possible for Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy to chow down on their enemies while also keeping to their vegetarian beliefs, as a new mod for the remake of Resident Evil 2 replaces all of the zombies with people made of tofu.

It's possible to play as a block of Tofu in both Resident Evil 2 and its recent remake. Tofu was originally a white block that was used as a character model in order to test the hit detection in the game, but the developers took a shine to it and created a separate mode where you played as a character named Tofu, which was based on HUNK's scenario, except that Tofu only had a knife and some healing items and had to run past all of the enemies.

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Tofu returned in his own mode in the remake of Resident Evil 2, which means that his character model can be used in new ways in the PC version of the game through modding. A Nexus Mods user named Snipzu has created a mod for the PC port of Resident Evil 2 that replaces all of the zombies in the game with Tofu, which means that Claire and Leon will have to face an army of ravenous bean curds.

The idea of an army of Tofu monsters attacking Raccoon City might seem novel, but it has already been done, as Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles had a secret mode which replaced all of the zombies with Tofu men, which the creator of the mod acknowledges was the inspiration for the Tofu Zombies mod.

The Tofu monsters won't break apart when shot in the same satisfying way that the zombies in the base game do, but there is something equally as terrifying about an army of faceless creatures that pursue you through the game which would make the mod worth playing on its own.

The players who wish to see Raccoon City overrun by a horde of monstrous vegetarian snacks can download the Tofu Zombies mod from Nexus Mods. 

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