Another Potential Bully 2 Screenshot Has Leaked

It's about time Rockstar began working on their next big project, of which most speculation has been aimed at a potential Bully sequel.

With their legend of the west now fulfilled, it's about time Rockstar began working on their next big project, of which most speculation has been aimed at a potential Bully sequel.

Being the hub of speculation and theories galore, Reddit has provided a flurry of Bully 2 details (just check out the Bully 2 subreddit for more). There, initially posted by user zuke2000, a map for the supposed Bully 2 has been leaked, but many fans remain skeptical. With Rockstar, anything is possible and, though silent as they may be, it's clear they're up to something, especially with Bully 2 easter eggs found in GTA's casino update.

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The leaked map showcases a far larger playable area than that of the original game. It's also slightly different from previous leaks, as others haven't been quite as detailed. Classes and locations are depicted, along with an active waypoint, which may be reason to believe this is from an older build of the game. Previous leaks have been full representations of the map, whereas this one, like most of the recent games made by Rockstar, depicts a map that gradually grows fuller the more you navigate the world at large.

According to zuke2000, the leak was sent to them and was initially discovered on Discord, though it's anyone's guess if this is true or not. Various fans, from Reddit to Twitter, have been mostly downplaying past leaks, but it's clear this new one has given rise to all-new forms of anticipation and theory. The potential of the map size being as large as GTA V's, as speculated from prior leaks, is one of the foundations for fan hype, but various questions still remain.

Rockstar, as always, has remained suspiciously quiet on the whole ordeal. As the internet explodes with theories, leaks, and speculation, it's important to note where this may all be coming from. Many seem to miss the fact that Rockstar itself loves to toy with fans, and all of it could be one silly joke. No matter the case, there's definitely something being cooked up behind the scenes; whether it's Midnight Club, Bully II, or GTA VI remains to be seen.

With PAX West only 2 days away, maybe Rockstar has something planned for debut there, though that's highly unlikely judging by the scheduled lineup. There's also the little known fact that Rockstar simply doesn't make appearances, and if they do it's sure to be out of the blue rather than well-known and anticipated. Keep your tin hats on and the rulebooks far, far away, because Bully 2 may very well be on the horizon, but with so little information, it's hard to tell what's fact or fiction.

Until acceptance day, take all the notes necessary and ensure your homework's done, because Bullworth Academy awaits.

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