With A 60 On Metacritic, Anthem Is BioWare's Worst Reviewed Game


As of today, Anthem is BioWare’s worst reviewed game on Metacritic.

This is bad news for BioWare. Their latest and greatest game to date, Anthem, has debuted to some pretty lackluster review scores. Metacritic reports a 60 aggregate score based on 52 reviews, which is the worst score of any BioWare game to date.

The next worst BioWare game, Mass Effect: Andromeda, scored a 72.

Most of the review scores are in the mid-to-low 60s, with one 80 and several 40s bringing the overall score to 60. Compare that with some of BioWare’s other games, such as Mass Effect 2 (94) and Dragon Age: Origins (91), and Anthem seems to have really missed the mark.

Critical complaints of Anthem run the gamut from boring and repetitive missions to a poorly balanced end-game difficulty. The loot system also takes a severe hit for being overly shallow despite being designed for a “looter shooter” game.

But technical issues are by far the worst complaint that Anthem receives. PC Gamer reports loading times of around 50 seconds despite being played on a modern system with a solid state hard drive. There are also numerous bugs that cause certain mission events to fail to trigger, requiring the player to abandon the mission and try again with the hope that the same bug won’t come up.


User review scores are also fairly unforgiving, with a user score of just 4.3. Some players praise the game’s gorgeous graphics and generally enjoyable concept, but most lambast Anthem’s bugs, poor end-game, and general lack of polish.

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However, BioWare isn’t giving up on Anthem just because a few early review scores are less than favorable. A recently released roadmap assures Anthem players that quality of life and technical improvements will be made throughout the year, as well as numerous weekly, monthly, and even daily challenges to keep things fresh.

Specific monthly events will reward players with in-game currency, cosmetics, and additional lore to shore up Anthem’s storyline (you’ll see most of those under the “Cortex Locked” categories).

It seems like Anthem was rushed out the door with development to continue on live servers, which is never a recipe for success. The real question is how quickly BioWare can turn Anthem’s fortunes around--or even if they can.


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