Anthem Already Losing Post-Launch Viewership On Twitch, While Apex Remains On Top

Anthem garnered just over 45,000 views on Twitch, actually less than half of what it brought in the previous week during the early access period.

EA and Bioware's Anthem has gotten off to quite the rough start, after dropping last Friday. The new loot shooter game was supposed to be the biggest thing out there, given the anticipation, yet EA seems to have done themselves more harm than good with the demo and early access launch, and the poor reviews haven't been helpful either.

While there are gamers who have expressed satisfaction with the product and are less critical based on the expectations as it relates to improvements and patches, it looks like it will take a lot for this title to actually reach its potential.

Following its release last week, Anthem garnered just over 45,000 views on Twitch, actually less than half of what it brought in the previous week during the early access period and significantly less than the 300,000 it attracted with the demo last month.

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Per Twitch Metrics, Anthem isn't even in the top 10 where Twitch viewership is concerned as things stand, FIFA 19 is actually bringing in more views while its fellow EA title is 15th in the most watched category and is the 18th most popular game on Twitch.

As you might have figured by now, Apex Legends leads the way, with Fortnite in second place, although the latter is the most streamed title on Twitch.

The Titanfall-based, first-person shooter is also from EA but has done way better than the much-anticipated Anthem despite the fact that hardly anyone knew it was coming. The free-to-play title attracted over 25 million players in its first week and is still the hottest game out there at the moment.

According to reports from Australia and the UK, Anthem has already seen price cuts. New copies of the game are on sale for $55 AUD, the equivalent of $39 USD, almost half the price a new game would go for in both Australia and the US.

It's difficult to get a fix on player numbers as the game isn't on Steam but it's likely EA or Bioware will release sales figures at some point. Considering the poor reviews so far, though, it's unlikely that gamers who haven't already bought the title will rush to do so, unless prices are dropped elsewhere or fixes come fast.

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