Anthem: The 10 Best Guns In The Game

Anthem started life as a novel concept for a video game. Anthem presents players with an open-world, role-playing game, complete with character classes and different weapons they can upgrade. Its RPG roots have been embellished with a multiplayer twist to the gameplay. While there have been video games that are extremely similar to it, Anthem stands out thanks to the customization players can bring to their Javelins. Javelins are exosuits a player's character must don, and these suits come complete with a variety of weapons, some of which only your class of Javelin can handle. Read on if you want to take a look at some of Anthem's best guns.

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10 Divine Vengeance

Divine Vengeance is an upgraded Warden assault rifle. Normally, a run-of-the-mill assault rifle is something gamers go out of their way to avoid. Divine Vengeance changes that mindset with a... vengeance. Every third hit against an enemy's weak point causes fire explosions. These fire explosions are not simply small spurts that putter out upon impact.

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These explosions light up your opponent, damaging them to the extreme. Divine Vengeance fires in four-shot bursts, and when used against those weak points, it just shreds enemy health and shields. This Masterwork assault rifle should not be ignored, even if it is a "lowly" assault rifle.

9 Siege Breaker

This Masterwork sniper rifle is a powerful piece of work. This upgraded Whirlwind is a boon to any player for its rapid-fire rate alone, but once its Special is activated, the real benefit of having a Siege Breaker can be seen. On a hit-streak, a shot from the Siege Breaker will freeze a target. The damage from each shot is massive, but the breathing room a frozen opponent affords you is the real prize. With the Siege Breaker, your Freelancer can make foes halt in their tracks with some quick and easy shots. And, since it is a sniper rifle, the range at which you can freeze enemies is huge. While on a team of three, you can be the one to provide some cover.

8 Avenging Herald

A trusty handgun is a staple of any action, third-person shooter. The Blastback in Anthem is that kind of reliable handgun. It is best used in close quarters. It packs a huge punch for such a small weapon; its damage is incredible. However, this is before the Blastback is upgraded to the Masterwork weapon, the Avenging Herald. Once you have an Avenging Herald in your hand, you won't want for another heavy pistol for the rest of the game. The perk the Herald gives you is a 200%  increase in damage while hovering. That increase is on top of the already hefty damage your average Blastback provides. Get yourself an Avenging Herald and never stop hovering.

7 Rolling Carnage

A shotgun in any video game is going to be a gun that deals a lot of damage. Shotguns are also beneficial in their stopping power. With a name like Rolling Carnage, you just know that this Anthem Masterwork shotgun is going to be a gamer's delight. This particular shotgun favors the speedy Freelancer. Its special attribute gives the weapon a temporary increase in damage after a dash. As can probably be surmised, this perk favors the get-in-and-get-out approach. The damage is increased by 50% for twenty seconds after the initial dash. Those twenty seconds are your window for dealing as much damage possible to those pesky Scars.

6 Light Of The Legion

Unfortunately for players that did not get the Legion of Dawn pre-order bonus, this Legendary marksman rifle is not just handed out freely. The Light of the Legion does not deal extra damage or distribute a unique kind of damage. Rather, its special attribute is one of understated brilliance. Every time a player empties the magazine of this weapon, their shields become recharged. This attribute comes as a blessing when your character is under heavy fire. In essence, it is a second chance at in-game life. As it is a marksman rifle, it has a fairly decent range. As such, try not to bum-rush enemies thinking that the Light of the Legion's Special attribute will save you.

5 Fist Of Stral

Autocannons are an exclusive weapon for the Javelin class of Colossus. They are a heavy arms weapon only worthy to be held by the tank of the Javelins. The Fist of Stral is an upgraded Cloudburst autocannon. Aside from having a memorable name, the Fist of Stral gives your Freelancer a boost in damage. As the Fist of Stral is fired, every hit on an enemy increases the damage that the gun gives.

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So if your Colossus keeps on firing that Masterwork autocannon, it will keep increasing that damage. The damage dealt and the time for which the damage increase lasts all depends on how long you can stack those connecting hits.

4 Retaliation Of Garretus

The Trajector has a greater range than most machine pistols in Anthem. The upgraded Trajector gives players a gun known as the Retaliation of Garretus. This pistol can be a lifesaver when the going gets tough. When the health of your Javelin begins to decline, the Retaliation of Garretus gains a 125% increase in damage for ten seconds. Those ten seconds are all the time you'll need to mow down the opponents who brought your suit's health so low. Though the "Garretus" portion of this pistol's name remains a mystery, the "Retaliation" part makes perfect sense. The Retaliation of Garretus pays back the amount of damage your suit takes in the form of bullets.

3 Sentinel's Vengeance

Grenade launchers are handy tools for group elimination and map control. Some might say that the average grenade is the best weapon for the job, but others know that a sticky grenade is where the magic is at. Sentinel's Vengeance is a Masterwork grenade launcher that shoots out sticky grenades. The best aspect of a sticky grenade is the forced proximity with the explosion an enemy takes on a successful hit. Sentinel's Vengeance adds to this benefit with its Special attribute. On a hit, the sticky grenade will release an acid effect that spreads damage to a wider area. Pardon the weapon pun, but the Sentinel's Vengeance definitely gives you more bang for your buck.

2 Artinia's Gambit

If Anthem delivered on a single aspect of the third-person shooter genre, it would have to be weapon design. The typical assault rifles and light machine guns function in a manner that does not make them utterly useless. Getting the upgraded Relentless light machine gun, Artinia's Gambit, is a worthwhile endeavor. Initially, its Special attribute might not reveal its usefulness to you until you're surrounded by enemies. Every time you reload Artinia's Gambit, a Combo explosion is detonated in the vicinity around your Javelin. Not only does this Masterwork weapon include this perk, it also handles extremely well in a rapid firefight.

1 Papa Pump

Without a doubt, Papa Pump is the most delightfully named weapon in Anthem's arsenal. As can be guessed from its name, this Masterwork weapon is a shotgun. Not only is it a thrill to shout out "Papa Pump" every time you hit an opponent, but the special attribute for Papa Pump also is not too bad. Reloading Papa Pump gives your next shots with it added force and a 100% increase in damage for fifteen seconds. When the simple action of reloading confers such a dramatic bonus to your weapon, you know you're holding onto something special. Give Papa Pump a chance.

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